The Avarcas de Menorcas by Ria Are a Traditional Piece of Footwear

By: Michael Hemsworth - Apr 6, 2013
References: needsupply
If you've been to Spain in the summertime, then you know that the menorca reigns supreme as the sandal of choice for men, women and children. The Avarcas de Menorcas by Ria brings this classically designed piece of Spanish footwear to the west and offers laid-back comfort in a stylish design.

Featured here in bright royal blue, the Avarcas de Menorcas by Ria are an exquisitely crafted piece of footwear that you simply won't be able to take off. I have a similar pair myself and find they're the best for hitting the beach or going out for drinks. The sturdy design is made to last for several seasons and the Avarcas de Menorcas by Ria will look even better once you've worn them for a while; they'll mold to your feet and be near impossible to part with.