The Autotroph 'Re-barn' Concept Updates Tobacco Sites

By: Jordy E  - Aug 8, 2012
References: autotrophdesign & gizmag
Design group Autotroph's 'Re-Barn' concept provides an effective response to Southern Maryland's decrepit tobacco farms. The states 2001 passing of the Tobacco Crop Conversion Program put around 1000 farmers out of work, resulting in the subsequent abandonment of hundreds of barns.

The run down facilities that currently line the eastern landscape have sparked a strong interest in their preservation. The National Trust for Historic Preservation's focus upon the sites as endangered property has been an essential part of the response, as is Re-Barns commitment to repurposing the structures.

Autotroph's concept blueprints will convert the abandoned tobacco hubs into family homes. The incorporation of contemporary kitchen and living room spaces will at the same time allow for farming via water treatment systems and photovoltaic panel installments.