Timothy Lee Taranto Creates Groan-worthy Puns of Famous Authors

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Jan 21, 2013
References: therumpus.net & laughingsquid
This series of illustrations created by artist Timothy Lee Taranto for 'The Rumpus' imagines the names of famous authors as puns, then creates a literal image of them based on it. Hemingway becomes Lemingway, Vonnegut becomes Vonnugget and so forth -- each portrait blends the author's image with the other half of the joke.

You may roll our eyes and groan at each pun, but you must admit they are quite clever. Puns were once considered high humor, and that origin is seemingly referenced here as you have to be a bit of a classic lit fan to have even heard of some of these people. Essentially, the series adds a high-brow element to a very simple form of humor.