Bathys Revealed its Atomic Watches for Purchase

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Oct 4, 2013 • References: bathyswatch and cloud.feedly
The Bathys atomic watches are one of the first of its kind, able to keep up with time down to the second every thousand years. They're called the ‘Cesium 133’ and the company is a small business located in Hawaii. This watch uses a Symmetricon SA.45s CASC, which is an atomic clock on a chip. The chip is slapped into a milled metal case, adding to it a face and a strap. The company is now working to produce this timepiece for the consumer market.

This atomic watch looks futuristic with a square metal plate and clock located on the left side. It looks scientific and as long as the battery doesn’t run out, will be able to keep scientifically accurate time, which is rare in other wrist watches. This clock may not be optimal in the style books, but definitely puts into perspective the progression of science.