The A$#hole Brand 2012 Campaign Shows a Partying Couple

By: Ahb Brand - Feb 28, 2012
References: ahbahb & ahbahb
A$#hole Brand street wear from Thailand recently just launched its first lookbook of 2012. The concept of the campaign follows the life of a couple who parties rock-star style with tons of Pink Elephant cigarettes, booze and of course, hot clothing.

The lookbook displays the sort of flippant, youthful, care-free attitude of the brand, as communicated by its mantra, "The key look of A$#hole Brand Style. Your style should be your personality; design it yourself." This is the sort of attitude adapted by many members of today's youth market, and has resulted in clothing that is creative and has little separation from its wearer's personality.

The A$#hole Brand 2012 campaign is sure to appeal to those who can relate to the rock star lifestyle.