Disabled Artist Creates Portraits Using Only His Eyes

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Jan 26, 2013
References: teamgt & kotaku
It's hard to believe, but these gorgeous pieces of art were created using only an artist's eyeballs. There's dedication to your craft, and then there's Francis Tsai, so dedicated that when his hands failed him, he found a way to keep drawing.

Tsai is a concept artist, and has worked for EA, Rockstar and other game companies. However, in 2010 he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease, and has gradually been losing his physical capabilities ever since. When his hands went, he learned how to draw with his feet. And when he couldn't do that, he found a way to draw using his eyes. Called "eye gazing" technology, his computer now tracks the movements of his eyes, and draws based on that. He's selling prints of his creations online, with proceeds going to his medical care.

It's a touching story of true commitment, and shows that you really can find a way if you want something enough.