Arotin Hartounian Interprets Dalai Lama as the Ultimate DJ

By: Simal Yilmaz - Published: Mar 10, 2013 • References: arotinhartounian.blogspot and visualnews
Arotin Hartounian depicts wonderous interpretations of the Dalai Lama in a contemporary turntable scratching form. In a way, this is in fact quite an appropriate interpretation.

Masses in our day of are extraordinarily influenced by DJ's and electronic music. At electronic dance music shows, the audiences are in a trance, absolutely captured by the beats and vigorously animated by every drop the DJ sees fit. I have no doubt in my mind that the Dalai Lama would be the best DJ ever lived if he was ever exposed or interested in the idea. He would completely change the scene and transform masses with unimaginable beats and melodies.

The artist's paintings are vibrant, detailed and are excellent depictions of all that would be imaginable if the Dalai Lama actually decided to become a DJ.