These Architectural Paintings in Watercolors are Stunning

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Sep 11, 2013 • References: and thisiscolossal
Artist Sunga Park’s architectural paintings in watercolor are elusive and intangible floating in and out of perception. Her work is similar to Maja Works in the color schemes and vibrant depiction of gothic architecture, however Park’s work is much more light in its consistency. Park utilizes negative and positive space to convey what the brush cannot.

For example, one of Park’s images illustrates architecture only in part; we can see the top half of buildings like their roofs and the image almost hovers over and under the top half of the canvas. The bottom half is dominated by blank space resembling something out of a dream. We’re not sure if we’re coming or going and if these buildings even exist or are a figment of our imaginations. Sunga Park shows us the translucence of our environment and how this idea transcribes on paper.