Naked's Skin-Mimicking Packaging Blushes When It's Touched

By: Cadhla Gray - Dec 19, 2015
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In an effort to truly differentiate its product from the rest, 'Naked Skincare' employed Russian designer Stas Neretin to create an innovative reactive packaging like no other. The bottles of body cream, facial cleanser and lotion are designed to mimic the human body, more specifically and appropriately, human skin. The nude bottles are heat-sensitive, covered in thermochromatic paint that changes color when touched. In this way, the lovely pink bottles essentially blush when held, squeezed and pinched.

The active packaging makes this skincare line that much more appealing, with an interactive component that sparks intrigue and curiosity in consumers. Since skincare products rely heavily on their packaging designs to differentiate one brand from another, these humanized bottles are an ingenious marketing strategy to both spark media attention as well as consumer interest in the products.