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Trend Hunter Toolbar

Join over 2,000 Trend Hunters who find trends faster with bookmarked access to the top 100 sites, quick links to the hottest trends and loads of customizable tools. It’s free, and doesn’t contain any spyware.

NEW: Drop down video and image menus with the videos of the day and hottest new trends
• Includes the TOP 100 sites for trend spotting in a drop down menu
• Search Trend Hunter, Google Trends, Google, eBay, News, Dictionary ++
• Includes a pop-up blocker, cookie cleaner, history cleaner, and cache cleaner
• One click access to Submit a Trend
• Up-to-date local and global weather forecasts
• Streaming radio channels
• Notication of POP3, Yahoo!, Gmail, or Hotmail accounts
• Fully customizable!

Includes Uninstaller.

Requires: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP, Internet Explorer.
Other Versions: Firefox

Trend Hunter Toolbar

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