From Dill Pickle Vodka to Tobacco-Flavored Vodka

By: Ady Floyd - May 23, 2015
Vodka brands continue to produce numerous exciting flavors of popular spirit. It is easier to infuse this alcohol opposed to rum, whiskey or cognac due to the simple and minimal taste. Vodka is a clear substance that also makes it very easy to change color. When vodka brands add a new flavor, the ease of matching the color to the flavor is a marketing bonus.

Some traditional flavors that have been sold globally are in the realm of fruits and candy. New and interesting flavors are emerging to satisfy the curious taste buds of consumers. There are now dill pickle flavored vodkas for those who crave a little tangy bite. Another great perk for flavored vodkas is that this type of alcohol is used in so many mixed drinks it can add a whole new take on traditional drinks. A classic Caesar could become even better if it was made with dill pickle vodka.

There are also some flavors that might just be novelty items like tobacco flavors and cilantro-infused vodka. As vodka brands continue to experiment with different flavors, consumers won't have time to get bored!