From Spy-inspired Cocktail Gadgets to Swiss Army Chargers

By: Michael Hines - Apr 27, 2013
Chances are that Victorinox (makers of the Swiss Army Knife) had no idea that its utility knife would spawn all of these unique Swiss Army Knife inspirations. These items are all inspired by the now-legendary multi-tool. Not all of them, in fact the majority of them, are not designed to cut, tweeze or shear. No, these wannabe Swiss Army Knives function as everything from memory sticks to couches, showing how truly versatile the knife's design is.

A pocketknife that can function as a screwdriver and a pair of scissors is great and all, but it's nothing compared to an iPhone case that comes with 16 different tools. If you want to see all the clever ways designers have re-purposed the Swiss' Army knife, then you've got to check out all of these unique Swiss Army Knife inspirations.