From Glamorizing Smoking to Cigarette Butt Clothing

By: Brian G Randles - Nov 23, 2009   Updated: Apr 15 2011
Lately anything that has to do with tobacco is frowned upon. People respond to cigarettes, dip and cigars the way kids react to broccoli.

Tobacco-fueled products might be on their way out, but we have decided to keep the tobacco-fueled fire alive. From glamorizing smoking to cigarette butt clothing, check out the 90 tobacco-fueled features.

Implications - Though organizations continue to persist in their anti-smoking efforts, cigarettes still run rampant in today's society. Ultimately, cigarettes still represent glamor despite the widespread knowledge of health risks. Whether the appeal is in the ability to control fire or is based solely on a nicotine addiction is up for debate, but regardless, cigarettes prevail as a symbol of rebellion and sexiness.