From Patriotic Poolside Essentials to Rapper-Slang Swimwear

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Jun 6, 2014
Everyone knows the most essential item of summer is a summer swimsuit, so why not leave yourself open to some suggestions? As you know, summer swimsuits come in various shapes, styles, colors and prints ranging from one-pieces to bikinis and everything in between.

Probably the most sought after are the strappy onesies that ladies love because they accentuate and hide all the right places. One misconception that many people fall for is the idea that dieting is necessary to flaunt a summer swimsuit. While this is true in many cases, simply buying the right swimsuit for your body can bring out the most of your figure and summer personality. For instance, a one-piece that fits just right can smoothen your stomach, while a bold print can accentuate it.