From Tobacco-Scented Soaps to Scandinavian Skincare Branding

By: Misel Saban - Jul 29, 2014
In an attempt to target skincare and hygiene products more towards men, brands are making an effort to step away from floral-scented body products to create soaps for men that have an exclusively masculine fragrance and profile.

These men's soap designs all center around a stripped-down packaging aesthetic coupled with woody and macho scents. Things like whiskey, tobacco and evergreen are all common fragrances popping up in male-oriented hygiene products. The idea is that if companies infused their skincare products with scents that define masculinity. This way men are encouraged to be more comfortable using skincare despite it being a traditionally women-focused industry. These soaps are free of flowers and botanical extracts and they substitute girly and frilly packaging for a more natural and stylish aesthetic.