From Charismatic Cartoon Sneakers to Brazen Print Kicks

By: Tana Makmanee - Published:
One of the best parts about having to start another school year is being able to shop for new clothes and accessories, and these hip sneakers for back-to-school are showcasing some super fly kicks for any modern youngster to wear.

While most kids might feel down and depressed about the summer ending and a new school year about to start, adding some new clothes and shoes to their back-to-school list is a great way to get them feeling more psyched and energized. Since sneakers are a widely popular shoe choice amongst athletes, young adults and teens, what better way to start off the school year with a bang than with a brand new pair of kicks?

From flowing remixed sneakers to eccentric Japanese high-tops, these hip footwear designs will definitely have kids showing up at school in style.