From Web-Promoting Apparel to Encouraging Story-Telling Sweaters

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: May 28, 2014
While the term "smart fashion" typically refers to appearing well put together and formal, another definition of the phrase simply references the many brainiac-inspired fashions that have been released in recent months.

Whether we're talking about college-inspired jumpers that dub the school name with "Internet" or anatomically accurate apparels, there are a number of pieces that target the lifestyle of the smart and the scholarly.

Though not exclusive to education-enthusiasts, mainstream fashions can take a couple of cues from the new releases in the sense that mathematical equations, DNA patterns and scientific images can all be used to create distinct prints and patterns that have yet to be seen on street-style blogs abroad. Nerd culture has been popular for a while now with no hints of dying down. Capitalizing on this sartorial style is indeed a smart idea.