From Trend Hunter Interships to Literal Comic Book Tees

By: Robyn Currie - Jan 22, 2010   Updated: Aug 15 2011
Ya, so I am a little egotistical. I mean, why shouldn't I be? I think I am pretty rad, so I decided to make a cluster about myself, and anyone else who has the name Robyn/Robin (heck, why not even birds named robin?!).

Clearly, this 14 Robyn-Robin-isms cluster is the best thing you will ever read. From Trend Hunter Interships to Literal Comic Book Tees, this collection will indulge your Robyn/Robin cravings.

Implications - Businesses that create products specifically designed to reflect the characteristics and traits of their own clients will fare well in today's society. Consumers will flock to those products that have been tailored to represent them directly. Businesses that employ this strategy will likely see large returns as well as develop a loyal clientele.