From Manga Eye Warmers to Cartoon Sleep Accessories

By: Tana Makmanee - Published: Mar 15, 2013
When it comes to finding a convenient way to go to sleep at night, eye covers offer individuals a way to block out any light or disruption, and these quirky sleep masks are a great way to add some eclectic touches to your sleeping rituals.

While some people might prefer a plain old mask with no design or colors, these quirky creations offer individuals a way to have some fun with their sleeping accessories. These masks feature all sorts of wacky designs that reference such things as anime characters and 8-bit video games. These eye-catching designs are a great way to add some personal touches to items that you use on a daily basis.

From sleep masks that are inspired by the infamous Hello Kitty character to those shaped like adorable owls, these designs are a great way to add a splash of quirkiness to your bedtime accessories.