From Seasonally Delicious Smackers to Fall Pumpkin Facial Treatments

By: Erin Fox - Published:
As the sweet scent of pumpkin cosmetics diffuses in the air, the associated idea of fall creeps into our minds. These products are using pumpkin flavors to effectively market towards fall-loving consumers. If you like pumpkin colored manicures or prefer using pumpkin and sugar facial scrubs to get squeaky clean, one can find any pumpkin-themed appendage they desire. Hybrids between pumpkin scents include using coffee, cheesecake and eggnog to update the traditional fall scent.

From hybrid holiday cosmetics to foliage-infused hand soaps, these pumpkin fall-themed treats are a great addition to any home and every bathroom. The assortment of goods are great examples of the demand for Thanksgiving and Halloween-inspired products as they make excellent, low-cost gifts. Pumpkins solidify the fall season and infusing them in cosmetics takes it one step further.