From Solemn Smoking Editorials to Tobacco Tot Portraits

By: Jordy E  - May 14, 2012
These pro-cigarette photoshoots have done an excellent job of glamorizing a habit that many have deemed to be unhealthy and even immoral. Environmental enthusiasts have maintained that the fumes are highly damaging to the air, and while some have no problem here, the voices of this green quota have been remarkably loud. Nonetheless, these stylish editorials have all made use of tobacco-infused products, brandishing the Camel, Belmont and Du Maurier labels.

Solemn smoking shoots and tobacco tot portraits have emphasized a certain allure commonly associated with cigarettes. While it may not make perfect sense, photographers and creative directors have preferred the clouds of smoke, echoing images of old Hollywood glamor. At the same time, these editorials are overtly rebellious, and this daring appeal is one that is frequently coveted by consumers.