From Topless Faux Romances to Blue-Tinged Siren Shoots

By: Marriska Fernandes - Published:
One of the most-used, yet still popular themes in fashion photography is sensuality seen in passionate shoots. From Vogue to Harper's Bazaar, nearly every hotshot magazine has used feisty couples to grab a viewer's attention.

The glossy pages of magazines are often turned into steamy scenes straight from notoriously racy shows like 'Desperate Housewives' or 'Mad Men,' peeking into intimate moments between couples. An interesting note is that passionate shoots are not simply selling sex, but intimacy found more often in relationships. From office romance to scandalous romantic getaways, sweetly censored shots and intimate moments steal the show for glossy-paged magazines and photographers' portfolios alike.

Even campaigns have capitalized on the cuddlesome romance and wildly passionate moments of love. If you want a glimpse of the temptresses and hunks who star in these scenes, take a peek at these passionate shoots.