From Educational Drinking Games to Interesting Infographics

By: Jen Chae - Published:
Whether you’re going up to the cottage or staying home, the May 24 weekend is bound to involve some alcohol and games. If you want to try out a new twist to drinking games this year, give some of these infographics and even the educational drinking game a look.

With smartphones and tablets, long weekends can easily get more informative and creative. Alongside traditional drinking games and activities, pull out beer-related infographics like CollegeHumor’s 'What kind of drinker are you?' the liquor personality chart, beer battle cards or interesting beer facts for a good laugh.

The single player drinking game cup is hilarious; trying to complete an in-cup maze with alcohol involved could get sloppy. It would be funnier to gather a group of friends to see who can finish the maze fastest, while gulping out of the 12-ounce glass.