Impress Your Special Moneymaker with These Money Gifts

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Dec 10, 2013
Make it rain for your special moneymaker with money gifts this holiday season. Gift ideas include some hilarious items like money-themed toilet paper, anti-theft wallets and piggybanks.

They can even dust their shoulders off with money-infused confetti, really allowing your special spender to live life in the fast lane this Christmas. Money-themed gifts are perfect for people who are ambitious, always seeking after luxuries and the finest things life has to offer.

Moneymaking gift ideas encourage people to work harder for what they want and are even embodied in t-shirts that say "Thug Life" or "Girls Just Want to Have Funds." Pull out the big guns with Herm├Ęs receipt sweaters and wall decals that say "Everyday I'm Hustlin."