Hot Heels are a Necessity for New Year's

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Dec 30, 2013
Hot heels are exactly what you're looking for with the New Year slowly approaching. For the countdown, you'll want a stunning pair of shoes to match your outfit and make it pop. Some options you can consider are glitter, gold, silver, and jewel encrusted heels that will have you shining all night.

Or, you can choose subtler styles with bows or animal prints. For New Year's, the crazier the shoe the better! Eccentric shoes show you're ready to party and start the New Year off on a good foot—pun not intended. They also show your outgoing qualities.

Shoes with pompoms get the party going. The same is for spikes, heelless shoes and intricate patterns. What’s great about party shoes is they spruce up a last minute outfit in a matter of seconds.