From Festive Fruity Paper Decorations to DIY Paper Produce Projects

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Apr 25, 2014
Paper gets a bad wrap for being a not-so-durable material when it comes to home decors and furniture construction. What some may not realize though is it offers an extensive repertoire of DIY projects that adults and children can try.

The colorful, slender material lends itself as a beautiful lampshade, which creates an ambiance unlike any other material. You can even use paper to create your own lamps or chairsm and if you're looking to get creative, paper lends itself as an awesome material for origami dragons.

Of course there are the traditional uses for the material in the form of wallpaper, which in itself has the capability to transform an entire room. No matter how you use the product, paper proves itself as a transcending material.