Put Your Lips in the Spotlight with Halloween Lipstick

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Oct 3, 2013
The eyes, skin, and outfits get all the attention during the Halloween season, what about Halloween lipstick? Try something new by implementing brightly colored lipsticks in your makeup routine this year with multi-colored shades and fades.

There are so many options and looks you could try, like kaleidoscopic lips, animal prints or even three dimensional lips. You can use cosmetic glue to stick letters, beads or jewels on your lips for a princess or queen themed costume.

You can also use cosmetic glue for glitter and sequins as well. Lips are usually adorned with fake blood and cosmetic wax for Halloween. For a change, you can make them glamorous and exuberant with different kinds of lipsticks. Get creative, witty, and challenge yourself to see what kinds of looks you can come up with!