From DIY Healthy Gummy Bears to Spicy Gummy Candies

By: Tana Makmanee - Aug 28, 2013
There's something very nostalgic about eating gummy candies and chewy treats as an adult, and these innovative gummy bear snacks are showcasing some clever ways that these classic childhood treats have been modified and revamped in this modern age.

Gummy Bears often featured that classic miniature bear-shaped mold and that iconic chewy texture that kids just love, but in this modern age, gummy bears have been modified and revamped into all sorts of different molds and dishes. If you enjoy the consistency of these gelatinous treats, then these innovative gummy bear snacks will definitely catch your attention. From monstrous slithering snacks that resemble huge snakes to gummy candies that feature super hot spices in them, these inventive gummy snacks will definitely satisfy your taste buds with its over-the-top ingredients.