Grunge Fashion Style and Makeup are Huge Modern Influences

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Oct 23, 2013
Grunge fashion style was a huge clothing and makeup influence this past summer. We've seen floral dresses with clunky combat boots, ripped and stained jeans, greasy hair and disheveled makeup looks. Thus, it's only natural that some of these summer looks can be carried into the now.

In this fall season's street wear we see black beanies, combat boots, leather jackets, vests and studs, along with cropped graphic tees and leather accessories. As we move into winter we will probably see variations of combat boots adapted to colder temperatures, metallic or plastic sheen winter jackets and similar leather looks.

Grunge is inspired by 80s and 90s punk rock looks and a major influence in this style is fashion designer, Vivienne Westwood. Grunge is a highly versatile genre that anyone can adapt to their own personal style.