From Old Money Menswear Shoots to Mafia Hipster Wear

By: Jana Pijak - Published:
Gangster fashion has been in style for decades. In today's society, many cultural groups or 'scenester' fashionistas can be classified as having gangster style. From mob wife fashions to bad-boy biker attire, gangster get-ups continue to take the fashion world by storm.

Fashion aims to tell a story and a mob-related subject makes sure of that. The gangster lifestyle is always associated with danger, intrigue and money. From money comes the ability to obtain luxury or to achieve a respected street status.

Whether one chooses to adapt a timeless gentleman-inspired aesthetic or a grittier urban look, gangster gear will always be in style. Every gangster has signature staples from a hat to a scarf and favorite shirt. Gangster style is the epitome of power, strength and masculinity.

From retro suit revivals to modern mafia looks, these gangster fashion features are dangerously suave.