From Sinister Clowntography to Theatrical Exploits, His Work is Imaginativ

By: Alexandra Serrano - Published:
These Erwin Olaf creations are testament to his imaginative talent that produces unforgettable imagery.

The Dutch photographer is no stranger to high-profile exposure. His lustrous career has included photographing advertising campaigns for multinational corporations such as Levi's Microsoft and Nokia. Olaf's acclaim may be partially due to his journalism background and eye for capturing amazing scenery. His work is know for its boundary-pushing abilities as he is no stranger to controversy.

Most recently, the photographer has worked with Bottega Veneta on their Art of Collaboration project in which the high-fashion label showcases a behind the scenes look into his creative process.

The intrigue with Olaf's ability to capture beauty is warranted by his portfolio of fantastic pictures. From human taxidermy photography to aggressive killer shoetography, his one-of-kind aesthetic shines.