From Vegan Chocolate Syrups to Fiercely Smoked Maple Syrups

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Apr 8, 2014
Dessert toppings come in all shapes, sizes and ingredients from fondant to plastic icing ornaments. Through an entire grocery store selection, one thing remains the same; each dessert topping offers a distinct and delicious way to complete a culinary confection on any occasion.

The beautiful thing about dessert toppings is they range from syrups to shapely objects that can be formed or secured with icing. You can form your own toppings with candied fruit or truly make it your own with food coloring designs.

Dessert toppings have a way of making a special day even more special. For instance, comedic wedding cake toppers prove that details matter, even if one or two people are taking note. So go ahead and customize your own desserts with toppings that express your personality and culinary dexterity.