From Sci-Fi Kitchen Tools to Sizzling Bacon-Themed Utensils

By: Tana Makmanee - Published: Oct 18, 2013
If you're looking to spice up your kitchen routine with some comical elements, then these humorous cooking spatulas will definitely make flipping a burger or stir-frying a dish a fun experience.

While most people purchase kitchen utensils based on their practicality and convenience, these humorous spatulas are more for cooking enthusiasts looking to have some fun with their meal routines. Featuring designs that pay tribute to pop culture references, Sci-Fi movies and even deliciously fried foods, these humorous cooking spatulas will surely make being in the kitchen a little more bearable.

From bone-chilling baking utensils to those shaped like Star Wars characters and spooky skulls, these humorous cooking spatulas will definitely give any chef a good chuckle the next time they go to prepare a meal.