The Best Commercials of 2013 are More Relatable to Life

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Jan 4, 2014
The best commercials of 2013 include alcohol ads, shoes, pizza, burgers and all kinds of products that are marketed to better our lives and experiences. Commercials are becoming more relatable to our average situations. For example, Dove's Real Beauty campaign reaches out to women with low body image or women with morphed perceptions of what real beauty is.

Commercials have a powerful effect on their audience whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. Ads in 2013 have taken this idea and put it into full force by creating ads that are funnier and more applicable to life; as a result, they appear more real than ever before.

The commercials seen in 2013 have taken more cues from pop and Internet culture by creating ads using memes, pop culture slogans and sayings, and familiar faces.