From VR Burger Releases to Wildlife Protection Simulators

By: Katherine Pendrill - Aug 28, 2016
The August 2016 VR trends reveal that while brands are expertly using new technology to promote their products, charitable organizations are using similar tactics to promote their own causes.

One of the benefits of VR technology to brands is that it helps them create a more immersive experience around their products. For example, Jack in the Box recently promoted its new Brewhouse Burger by immersing customers in the atmosphere of a brewery. Similarly, Mercedes-Benz was able to transport Tokyo residents to a virtual showroom that would not normally be found in large urban centers.

While brands have expertly used VR technology to sell their products, charities and other organizations are using similar tactics to spread messages of their own. Indeed, the August 2016 VR trends reveal that the technology can be just as effective in spreading messages about social good as it is for selling new products. One excellent example of this is the WWF's tiger conservation campaign, which used VR to help convey the dangers of poaching.