70s Style is Inspirational to a Modern Wardrobe

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Oct 13, 2013
70s style is inspiration to us all, especially when we see it recurring in stores time and time again. 70s style comes back in the form of dresses and shorts in groovy patterns and vintage emulating editorials. The 70s wouldn’t be complete without all-American hairstyles and platform shoes, but the modern day allows these styles to be adapted to a more versatile taste.

Recently, one sees new fashion lines and products coming out with a timeless 70s vibe. Floral, quilted and homely patterns are all the rage especially in vintage and alternative fashions whether or not we look for them. The 70s is probably the most recognizable vintage fashion we see on the market because it is so distinct from other eras and expresses a true American nostalgia.