2013 Watch Trends Have Given Us Insight on Our Interests

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Jan 3, 2014
The best 2013 watch trends have seen a lot of development and integration into our daily lives. A few years ago, watches weren't really used as a statement piece; they performed a vital function in telling time, not really concerned with how looks or how it adds to an outfit.

2013, however, saw the watch in its prime, and it's no longer just a functional piece; wearing a watch makes a statement about who you are, your fashion sense, your personal taste in accessories and priorities. For example, wearing a sporty watch says you're interested in playing a lot of sports, watching sports, or simply enjoy the sporty look.

On the other hand, wearing a dressy watch says you're familiar with current fashion trends, are interested in fashion and luxury goods and gravitate towards more formal attire.