The Best 2013 Travel Trends are Not Limited to Destinations

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Jan 4, 2014
The best 2013 travel trends not only include resorts, but bikes, travel accessories, homes, and flight add-ons as well. These products are targeted to make traveling easier, so the next time you travel, don't limit yourself to a typical tourist destination; you can try a new resort, a new hotel or even a new mode of transportation.

Modular hotels were a huge trend over the past year. As we move into the future, compact objects, transportation and homes are increasing in popularity. People are looking for gadgets that can be easily be stored in one place and then moved to another, which is why modular hotels are a genius idea. These mobile hotels allow you to customize your space and take your home with you on demand.

We can only expect to see more convenient travel gear in the near future.