2013 Food Trends are Transformed into Powerful Forces

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Jan 3, 2014
The best 2013 food trends include cupcakes, experimental packaging and of course, DIYs, but there have also been some really insane confectionary inventions to hit the charts.

Spaghetti staircases, cakes designed to look like savory foods and animals were really popular as well, driving the confectionary world even further into modern times. The year of 2013 has proved that food is really capable of anything. It can change the world through finding better eco solutions to packaging, simply designing food is an extremely challenging and rewarding creative outlet, and it's a truly powerful force on the Internet.

It's so powerful in fact, that there are blogs dedicated purely to food photography, which has leaked into daily Instagram and social media documenting. An explanation perhaps is that food is the driving force of life.