Ceilings of Opportunity

Ceiling are an unpainted canvas of opportunity, and designers and adverti

Implications - Ceiling décor is no longer limited to lamps; ceiling art is a lot more fascinating than even the most intricate chandeliers. Serious interior designers, particularly those managing high-end public spaces, are extending décor to encompass all 360 degrees. Decorative ceilings are can be great marketing as well as artistic areas.
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Airbus A350 with BMW Designed Interior
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Airbus A350 with BMW Designed Interior
Airplane interiors are boring. Why is there never any innovation? Well, BMW has changed that. The new Airbus A350 twinjet is being unveiled at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, and it has a BMW… [More]
The Adidas Football Cathedral
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The Adidas Football Cathedral
We're going to start seeing an explosion of soccer ads during the World Cup season of insanity, but I'm only posting the good stuff. Like this Adidas fresco ceiling painting in the railway station in Cologne… [More]
Sky Ceilings
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Sky Ceilings
From Sky Ceilings: How SkyCeilings Work Ceiling Grid - SkyCeilings fit into standard 2'x2', 2'x4', 60cm, or custom grid systems. Luminous SkyCeilings require 9" of overhead clearance from the bottom… [More]
Visualize Your Grave - Anti-Smoking Ad
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Visualize Your Grave
Anti-Smoking Ad
The most remarkable winner (bronze) which was not shown before here is the outdoor campaign from the Cancer Patients Aid Association, CPAA. It's a anti-smoking message from India made by Everest Brand… [More]
Ceilingless Airplanes - Emirates Airbus A340-500
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Ceilingless Airplanes
Emirates Airbus A340-500
Well, not really ceiling-less, because that would be a little windy. Emirates, a recent airline company, does offer their unique stars and moodlighting system. This display simulates the time of day at… [More]
LED Ceilings - New Beijing Mall Feature
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LED Ceilings
New Beijing Mall Feature
This new enormous screen has just been installed into the ceiling of a shopping mall in Beijing. The size of it is around 250 by 30 meters--that is about 7,500 square meters of visual area! The structure… [More]
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