Alimental Envisaging

The shift in cutlery and eating utensil design as cuisine is globalized

Implications - As cuisines become more diversified, people are learning to adapt their palates to novel flavors while at the same time becoming keen apprentices of cultural consumption methods. Designers are creating unique innovations and hybridized cutlery to compliment the new world food menu.
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Eco Potato Cutlery - Spudware
SCORE: 3.3
Mild 4,252 Clicks Pub: Oct 16, 07
Eco Potato Cutlery
No, I am not talking about potato shaped knives or forks, but cutlery made for a mixture of potato starch and soybean oil. Spudware as it is called, is as strong as plastic can be reused, and when disposed,… [More]
Cutlery Pen Caps for Dining in 2015 - Din-ink
SCORE: 2.1
Mild 5,830 Clicks Pub: Jan 23, 08
Cutlery Pen Caps for Dining in 2015
Din-ink is so much more than just a pen cap as I’m sure you’ve noticed. It’s pen cap cutlery. Spoon, Fork and knife caps that conveniently fit over the end of your pen so you can do your homework… [More]
Melted Utensils -  Exhausted Cutlery by Kathryn Hinton
SCORE: 2.4
Mild 6,475 Clicks Pub: Jul 17, 08
Melted Utensils
Exhausted Cutlery by Kathryn Hinton
Rough day at the office? Barely dragged yourself home? Then you need this Exhausted Cutlery for your dinner... that is if you can manage to cook one. This fluid-looking cutlery - fork, spoon and knife… [More]
Anti-Waste Cutlery - Yogurt Spoon
SCORE: 1.7
Untested 5,872 Clicks Pub: May 2, 08
Anti-Waste Cutlery
Yogurt Spoon
If you're like me, you try to not leave any food on your plate and attempt to get every last bit of goodness even out of your yogurt containers. It's a habit instilled by my parents who taught me wasting… [More]
Westernizing Asian Cutlery - DIY Chopsticks
SCORE: 2.6
Untested 4,899 Clicks Pub: Mar 14, 08
Westernizing Asian Cutlery
DIY Chopsticks
Do you run into problems when eating Asian food because you can't quite figure out how to use chopsticks? If you're prone to flicking rice everywhere or shooting sushi across restaurants, stop disturbing… [More]
Flavored Cutlery - The Ham-Infused Fork
SCORE: 3.1
Untested 4,711 Clicks Pub: Sep 5, 08
Flavored Cutlery
The Ham-Infused Fork
There’s a new fork on the block that’s perfect if you want everything you eat to taste like ham. It is forking ridiculous but despite being in my late 20’s, I love the straws that turn milk into flavored… [More]