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Comedic Clothing Correlations
T-Shirts With Obnoxious Sayings Made Worse by the Wearer

By: Jacqueline Parrish (Star) Oct 16, 09

The invention of t-shirts with obnoxious sayings was a turning event in the lives of “ironic” individuals everywhere who longed to show the world just how uncouth and intelligent they were.

To be fair, I do find some of the t-shirts with obnoxious sayings amusing, but mostly I am laughing at the person wearing the shirt; such as a overweight woman beside her man who is sporting a shirt bearing the phrase “I <3 fat chicks”, or the eighty-year-old grandmother sporting a tee that proclaims her to be a “pornstar.”

I find the correlation between the obnoxious saying t-shirts and the people that can be seen sporting them rather interesting. Scientists are always conducting odd research studies; I propose one between shirts such as these, and the people that don them.

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