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Sci-Fi Vacation Spots
Dean Walton Science Fiction Travel Posters Inspire Interstellar Excursions

By: Wes Walcott (Talented) Oct 5, 12

Offering a variety of possible planets to visit, the science fiction travel posters series designed by Dean Walton invite you to take a cosmic retreat

If you’ve ever wanted to leave Earth behind and take an interstellar trip to another solar system where you meet all kinds of strange creatures and make fascinating new discoveries, well, you probably can’t with current human technology. But at least you can pretend like you are with this series of terrific travel posters inspired by other world locations featured in famous science fiction movies.

Let your imagination be your tour guide and visit planets like Pandoria. Maybe you’ll dig up some ultra-rare unobtanium and become a galactic billionaire; or head on over to the planet Vulcan where you’ll probably be given a warm welcome by Spock and the rest of his logic loving kinsfolk. If you’re feeling really adventurous, you could book a getaway on LV-426 and try to survive an encounter with a hostile parasitic alien race that’s known to attach itself to people’s faces and lay eggs in their stomachs.

With these science fiction travel posters and the power of your imagination, the fabricated vacation possibilities are endless. 

Source: io9
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