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High Tech Fashion
Tech it Up and Look Hot While You're at it

By: Jeremy Gutsche (Rockstar) Feb 17, 09

GPS shoes for prostitutes, LED wedding gowns and heartbeat controlled dresses. Today we hunt: High tech fashion.

10. Glow your way to center of attention.  HEre, Lumigram’s fiber optic fabrics shed light on a new style of fashion. 

9. Long ago, there was a heartbeat hoodie.  It had a camera that took pictures when your heartbeat increased.  That’s a lot of pictures.  Fast forward to today and this interactive dress has little butterfly that flap that syncs to your pulse. 

8. The BAGTV might look like a fashionable purse, but it’s not. Heheh Get it?  It’s actually a portable television with a built in DVD player! Now that’s Fashion Television!

7. For women who have undergone mastectomies, the Lumitact is an adhesive breast prosthesis that uses Philips Lumalive materials to create beautiful, glowing patterns.

6. A digital umbrella that lets you share your Paris Hilton youtube videos and flickr images with the world. Plus, it’s always good to carry electronics in the rain.  It also goes well with these shoes for prostitutes.  Laugh, if you will but these shoes have build in GPS to track if prostitutes get abducted.

5. These stylish video glasses prove that tv glasses are not longer for nerds. Well. I mean.  They’re still for nerds, but they’re much smaller.

4. When this bride wanted to shine on her wedding day, she dazzled her dress with 300 gold-tinted LED lights.

3. The Turn-Signal jacket, designed for cyclists who ride at night, and wierdos in bars who want to signal which way they are walking.  As a special bonus, you can make fun of these people by text messaging them from your bracelet.

2. The Solar handbag and this solar clutch charge your gadgets on the go. Perfect for fashionable eco geeks.

1. And at number one, a flashback to the transformer dresses of 2007.  Thank you to all these ladies for looking like a robots

Video of the Day:  Space Age Fashion.

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