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Anodized Racing Timepieces

1 Anodized Racing Timepieces

The Autodromo Evoluzione Watch Turns Cars into Fashionable Wearable • 1,990 views
Timber Smartwatch Straps

2 Timber Smartwatch Straps

'Ottm' Wood Watch Straps are Designed for the Apple Watch and More • 1,989 views
Graffiti-Inspired Timepieces

3 Graffiti-Inspired Timepieces

The RM 68-01 Tourbilion Cyril Kongo Boasts a Colorful Watch Design • 1,848 views
Modular Analog Watches

4 Modular Analog Watches

The Avra 1-Hundred Timepiece Blends Vintage and Modern Elements • 1,108 views
Modern-Vintage Hybrid Watches

5 Modern-Vintage Hybrid Watches

This Timeless Watch by CJR is Intricate and Luxurious • 1,073 views
Dusky Luxury Watches

6 Dusky Luxury Watches

The B06 Midnight Carbon Watch Features a Gorgeous Carbon Finish • 740 views
Fitness-Logging Sport Watches

7 Fitness-Logging Sport Watches

The Suunto Spartan Ultra GPS Watch is Ready for Workouts and More • 725 views
Weather-Resistant Smartwatches

8 Weather-Resistant Smartwatches

The Lunatik Epik H20 Band Converts a Digital Watch for Outdoor Use • 665 views
Ultra-Thin Wooden Watches

9 Ultra-Thin Wooden Watches

The Original Grain 'The Minimalist' Timepieces are Made Using Wood Bezel • 528 views
Hexagonal Watch Designs

10 Hexagonal Watch Designs

This Honeycomb Watch Design Has Only Partially Revealed Hands • 508 views
Wildlife-Benefiting Watches

11 Wildlife-Benefiting Watches

The Oliwer Lion Timepiece Collection Benefits the LionAid Organization • 496 views
Pregnancy-Tracking Watches

12 Pregnancy-Tracking Watches

Laks' Pregnancy Watch Keeps Track of the Weeks a Woman Spends Pregnant • 312 views
Hexagonal Hill Timepieces

13 Hexagonal Hill Timepieces

The Finn Watches Take Inspiration from the Giant's Causeway in Ireland • 221 views
Minimalist Nautical Watches

14 Minimalist Nautical Watches

These Classic Designs From Bow & Stern Offer a Lifetime Guarantee • 96 views
Email Watch Faces

15 Email Watch Faces

Microsoft Has Revealed an Android Wear Version of Its Mobile Outlook Mail • 53 views