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Recent Trends in Women

1 Recent Trends in Women's Luxury Watches

From Decorative Dials to Stylish Smartwatches (Sponsored) • 9,916 views
Customizable Hybrid Smartwatches

2 Customizable Hybrid Smartwatches

The Hagen Connected Watch Offers Traditional Timepiece Design • 2,058 views
Female-Oriented Luxury Watches

3 Female-Oriented Luxury Watches

The Uniform Wares New Watch is Specifically Targeted at Women • 940 views
Disguised Smartwatch Timepieces

4 Disguised Smartwatch Timepieces

The New Smartwatches in the Fossil Q Lineup are Classic in Design • 692 views
Mechanical Gear Timepieces

5 Mechanical Gear Timepieces

The Leff Amsterdam D42 Tube Watch Features Notches Rather than Numbers • 569 views
Classic Smartwatch Designs

6 Classic Smartwatch Designs

These Sophisticated Smartwatches Combine The Classic and Contemporary • 560 views
Designer Smartwatch Straps

7 Designer Smartwatch Straps

Herm├Ęs Will Be Releasing Straps That Will Fit the Apple Watch Series 2 • 557 views
Sophisticated Domed Watches

8 Sophisticated Domed Watches

This Luxurious Watch Offers a Sleek and Strong Design • 531 views
Quad-Core Processor Smartwatches

9 Quad-Core Processor Smartwatches

The No. 1 D5+ Smart Watch Timepiece is Stylishly Powerful • 531 views
Precise Mechanical Watches

10 Precise Mechanical Watches

The EMC Time Hunter Watch Allows For Accurate Chronometric Control • 412 views
Comprehensively Rugged Smartwatches

11 Comprehensively Rugged Smartwatches

The Samsung Gear S3 Frontier is Designed For Outdoorsy Use • 350 views
Dynamic E-Paper Smartwatches

12 Dynamic E-Paper Smartwatches

The FES Watch U Lets Users Access New Designs Through An App • 302 views
Cubic Watch Designs

13 Cubic Watch Designs

This Watch Was Designed in Different Variations for Both Men and Women • 263 views
Quirky Analog Timepieces

14 Quirky Analog Timepieces

These Watches Were Designed in a Range of Styles with Atypical Materials • 254 views
Speedometer-Inspired Timepieces

15 Speedometer-Inspired Timepieces

The SaStek Time Speed Indicator Watch is Cockpit-Inspired • 252 views
Multi-Time Zone Timepieces

16 Multi-Time Zone Timepieces

The Nocs Atelier 'Seconds GMT' Keeps Time for Multiple Locations • 241 views
Camouflaging Military Timepieces

17 Camouflaging Military Timepieces

The G-Shock Master Keeps Up With Rugged Outdoor Use • 233 views
Voice Command Smartwatches

18 Voice Command Smartwatches

The Sony SR50 is a New Android Smartwatch that Enables Efficiency • 178 views
Heart-Monitoring Smartwatches

19 Heart-Monitoring Smartwatches

This New Alcatel Smartwatch Offers Heart Rate Monitoring On a Budget • 154 views
Present-Reminding Timepieces

20 Present-Reminding Timepieces

The NOW Watch Doesn't Tell Time To Encourage People to Stay Present • 91 views


Elegant Precision Watches

1 Elegant Precision Watches

The squarestreet 'Plano' Timepiece Is Both Incredibly Thin and Elegant • 2,703 views
Affordable Luxury Timepieces

2 Affordable Luxury Timepieces

These Affordable Watches Have a Design That Rivals Luxury Brands • 2,199 views
Steampunk-Styled Watches

3 Steampunk-Styled Watches

This Luxury Watch's Movement is Designed to Counter Gravity's Effects • 1,598 views
Minimalist Monochrome Watches

4 Minimalist Monochrome Watches

The Kiura Chronograph Watch Features a Sleek and Mature Design • 1,165 views
Bear-Themed Watches

5 Bear-Themed Watches

This Limited-Edition Watch Was Inspired by an American Advertising Mascot • 946 views
Minimal Monochrome Chronographs

6 Minimal Monochrome Chronographs

This Watch is Inspired by the Simplicity in Japanese Design • 788 views
Tech-Hiding Watch Straps

7 Tech-Hiding Watch Straps

This Strap Allows People to Hide Apple Watches Under a Classic Timepiece • 695 views
Interstellar Luxury Watches

8 Interstellar Luxury Watches

This Louis Moinet Watch Lets You Wear the Universe On Your Wrist • 620 views
Groundbreaking GPS Smartwatches

9 Groundbreaking GPS Smartwatches

Polar's Android Wear Watch Helps You Track Your Fitness • 538 views
Elegant Luxury Smartwatches

10 Elegant Luxury Smartwatches

Garmin Has Released Its First Watch with Smart Features • 498 views
Statesman-Inspired Watch Collections

11 Statesman-Inspired Watch Collections

These Automatic Watches are Inspired By Abraham Lincoln • 484 views
Travel Watch Wallets

12 Travel Watch Wallets

The Discommon Leather Zipper Case Provides a Sleek Place to Keep Accessories • 451 views
Lens-Inspired Watches

13 Lens-Inspired Watches

These Lens Watches Were Created by a Photographer and Inspired by Cameras • 418 views
Child-Centric Smartwatches

14 Child-Centric Smartwatches

This Unique Smartwatch is Designed For Family-Focused Use • 333 views
Speedster-Celebrating Watches

15 Speedster-Celebrating Watches

This Luxury Watch Celebrates Race Car Driving Legend Craig Breedlove • 186 views
Modern Monochrome Watches

16 Modern Monochrome Watches

This Watch was Created in a Collaboration Between Off-White and Braun • 163 views
Patrioic Watch Bands

17 Patrioic Watch Bands

Apple Released a Series of New Watch Band Colors to Celebrate the Rio Games • 105 views
Sensor-Packed Smartwatches

18 Sensor-Packed Smartwatches

This Unique Smartwatch is Built Around Open-Source Software • 39 views