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Sleek High-Tech Smartwatches

1 Sleek High-Tech Smartwatches

The Moto 360 Smarwatch Blends High-Tech Specs & a Fashionable Design • 4,714 views
Weaponry-Woven Watches

2 Weaponry-Woven Watches

The Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle Watch is Formed From Weapons • 4,689 views
Elegant Handcrafted Smartwatches

3 Elegant Handcrafted Smartwatches

The Asus ZenWatch Blends Classic Watch Design & Modern Technology • 4,346 views
Exceptional Luxury Timepieces

4 Exceptional Luxury Timepieces

This $16,000 Black Watch Design Comes with Top-Knotch Service • 4,315 views
25 Wonderfully Eccentric Watches

5 25 Wonderfully Eccentric Watches

These Unique Watches Offer Whimsical Ways to Tell the Time • 2,688 views
Olympic-Inspired Timepieces

6 Olympic-Inspired Timepieces

The Olympic Pocket Watch 1932 Revives an Important OMEGA Watch Design • 1,970 views
Effortlessly Sophisticated Timepieces

7 Effortlessly Sophisticated Timepieces

These Elegant Watch Designs Embody the Barvur Aesthetic • 1,727 views
Cartoon Canine Watches

8 Cartoon Canine Watches

This Snoopy Cartoon Watch is a Pricey Edition from Bamford Watch Department • 1,637 views
Sporty Smartwatches

9 Sporty Smartwatches

The Sony Smartwatch 2 Has a Modern Design and High-Tech Features • 1,607 views
Wooden Hipster Watches

10 Wooden Hipster Watches

The Springbreak Wood Watches Combine Style and Eco-Consciousness • 1,530 views
Standalone Fitness Watches

11 Standalone Fitness Watches

Timex' Ironman One GPS+ Watch Lets You Connect to Apps Without a Phone • 882 views
Ultra-Precise Watches

12 Ultra-Precise Watches

The Urwerk EMC Takes Into Account Wrist Movement, Position and Acceleration • 876 views
Stylish Snakeskin Smartwatches

13 Stylish Snakeskin Smartwatches

Intel and Opening Ceremony Unveil Chic Wearable Tech for Women • 836 views
Sun-Powered Watches

14 Sun-Powered Watches

Q & Q's Solar-Powered Watch Tells Time Thanks to the Sun • 716 views
Camera-Packing Smartwatches

15 Camera-Packing Smartwatches

The Epic Signature Edition Smartwatch Can Take High-Quality Photos • 595 views
Spiraled Planetary Timepieces

16 Spiraled Planetary Timepieces

The Unisex Mercury Watch Shows the Time With Colored Swirls • 424 views
Bottle Opener Watches

17 Bottle Opener Watches

This Fun Buttle Opener Watch Announces That It's Party Time • 411 views
Planetarium Timepieces

18 Planetarium Timepieces

The Solar System Watches by Van Cleef & Arpels is Keeps Track of Planets • 378 views