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Top 100 Watches Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Watches Trends of 2014

From Stylish Standalone Smartwatches to Wooden Hipster Watches • 39,970 views
Carbon Fiber Dive Watches

2 Carbon Fiber Dive Watches

The Clerc Hydroscaph H140 Carbon is Crafted From High-Tech Materials • 6,856 views
37 Accessories for Kids

3 37 Accessories for Kids

From Child Fitness Wristbands to Animal-Eared Hoodie Scarves • 5,789 views
Minimalist Luxury Watches

4 Minimalist Luxury Watches

Elliot Havok Watches Blend Classy Appearance and Affordability • 5,229 views
11 Smartwatches from CES 2015

5 11 Smartwatches from CES 2015

From Fitness-Tracking Timepieces to Car-Controlled Chronographs • 4,265 views
Tachometer-Inspired Watches

6 Tachometer-Inspired Watches

The Ferro Watches Are Inspired By Sports Cars' Tachometers • 3,674 views
Slightly Slanted Watches

7 Slightly Slanted Watches

The Angle Timepiece is Tilted a Touch to Enable Easy Glances • 2,434 views
Emperor-Embedded Watches

8 Emperor-Embedded Watches

The Aventicum Watch's Dial Features a Floating Roman Emperor • 1,682 views
Nature-Inspired Timepieces

9 Nature-Inspired Timepieces

V03P by Void Watches Embraces Scandinavian Landscapes • 1,529 views
Auto-Optimized Smartwatches

10 Auto-Optimized Smartwatches

LG's Smartwatch for Audi Features webOS Software • 1,505 views
Sporty Tracking Smartwatches

11 Sporty Tracking Smartwatches

The Magellan Echo Fit Made an Appearance At CES 2015 • 1,232 views
Vibration-Based Watches

12 Vibration-Based Watches

This Smartwatch for the Deaf Employs Visual and Tactile Feedback • 1,216 views
Romantically Feminine Watches

13 Romantically Feminine Watches

Blancpain's Watch Jewelry Piece Celebrates Valentine's Day • 1,106 views
Glamorous Designer Smartwatches

14 Glamorous Designer Smartwatches

The Guess Connect Features the Brand's Signature Aesthetic • 1,080 views
Durable Outdoor Smartwatches

15 Durable Outdoor Smartwatches

The H3 Seabear Smartwatch is For Outdoor Lovers • 1,056 views
Wallet-Friendly Fitness Watches

16 Wallet-Friendly Fitness Watches

The Withings Activite Pop is Functional, Attractive and Affordable • 904 views
Speedometer-Embedded Watches

17 Speedometer-Embedded Watches

The Genie 03 Mechanical Watch Strays Away from Traditional Timepieces • 869 views
Car-Unlocking Smartwatches

18 Car-Unlocking Smartwatches

The Yet to Be Released Audi Smartwatch was Announced at CES 2015 • 858 views
Activity-Tracking Smartwatches

19 Activity-Tracking Smartwatches

The Garmin Vivoactive Allows Users to Customize Their Exercise Type • 729 views
Elegantly Versatile Smartwatches

20 Elegantly Versatile Smartwatches

These Martian Watches Include Designs From Guess • 723 views