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3. Touch-Sensitive Timepieces

The Bradley is a Stylish Touch-Sensitive Timepiece for the Blind (VIDEO)
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Cube-Shaped Digital Sundials

1 Cube-Shaped Digital Sundials

The Sun Cube Tells the Time Using Sunlight and Shadows • 2,705 views
33 Fluorescent Wristwatches

2 33 Fluorescent Wristwatches

From Morse Code Watch Concepts to Pop Art-Inspired Watches • 1,207 views
Touch-Sensitive Timepieces

3 Touch-Sensitive Timepieces

The Bradley is a Stylish Touch-Sensitive Timepiece for the Blind • 137 views


Luxury Indigo Timepieces

1 Luxury Indigo Timepieces

The Rolex Milgauss Z Blue Watch is Sleek and Modern • 7,596 views
Astronaut-Approved Watches

2 Astronaut-Approved Watches

The Luminox SXC GMT Space Series is Made for Hardcore Situations • 5,531 views
Luminous Clubbing Wristwatches

3 Luminous Clubbing Wristwatches

The 'Night Owl' Watches Light Up After Midnight • 3,990 views
Swanky Scandinavian Steel Watches

4 Swanky Scandinavian Steel Watches

The Bifrost Isbla Watch is Inspired by Nordic Mythology • 3,193 views
World City Designer Timepieces

5 World City Designer Timepieces

Louis Vuitton's Escale Worldtime Watch Embodies Famous World Cities • 2,751 views
Affordable Opulent Timepieces

6 Affordable Opulent Timepieces

The Ver • 2,634 views
Rugged Swiss Watches

7 Rugged Swiss Watches

The Inox Watch Makes Light of the Most Severe and Unforgiving Conditions • 2,455 views
Sleek Wooden Wristwatches

8 Sleek Wooden Wristwatches

The JORD Watches Strike a Perfect Balance Between Sleek, Earthy & Hip • 2,340 views
Artistically Luxurious Timepieces

9 Artistically Luxurious Timepieces

Graff Diamonds Unveils the World's Most Expensive Timepiece • 2,107 views
Durable Titanium Diving Watches

10 Durable Titanium Diving Watches

The Dive Master 500 Titanium Watch is Both Functional and Stylish • 1,871 views
Luxe Astronomy Timepieces

11 Luxe Astronomy Timepieces

The 'Tourbillon Astronomique' is a Luxury Astronomical Watch • 1,789 views
Wristwatch Boarding Passes

12 Wristwatch Boarding Passes

The Sony SmartWatch 2 Can Function as a Wearable Boarding Pass • 1,741 views
Cheap Solar-Powered Watches

13 Cheap Solar-Powered Watches

The 'SolarSmile' Watches by Q&Q are Charged by Solar Energy • 1,717 views
Exquisite Cat Eye Watches

14 Exquisite Cat Eye Watches

The New Girard-Perregaux Cat's Eye Watch Celebrates its Anniversary • 1,618 views
Armband Hearing Aids

15 Armband Hearing Aids

The Close Wristband Translates Sounds into Tangible Vibrations • 1,575 views
Recycled Coffee Capsule Watches

16 Recycled Coffee Capsule Watches

These Eco-Friendly Watches are Made From Empty Nespresso Capsules • 1,544 views
Luxury Floral Timepieces

17 Luxury Floral Timepieces

This Christophe Claret Margot Watch Was Designed Exclusively for Women • 1,513 views
Sun-Sourcing Wristwatches

18 Sun-Sourcing Wristwatches

Q&Q's Solar Watches are Super Affordable and Low Maintenance • 1,490 views
Nautical Diving Watches

19 Nautical Diving Watches

This Russian Diver Watch by Invicta Resembles an Antique Diving Suit • 1,349 views
Pilot-Targeted Watches

20 Pilot-Targeted Watches

The Startimer Pilot Sunstar is the Newest from Alpina Watches • 1,339 views


Hi-Tech Tangible Accessories

1 Hi-Tech Tangible Accessories

iWatch by Tomas Moyano Interacts Autonomously in Sync with Your Body • 5,660 views
Elegantly Curved Concept Timepieces

2 Elegantly Curved Concept Timepieces

The New Creoir Ibis Smartwatch Concept Has Been Unveiled • 4,562 views
Time Machine Timepieces

3 Time Machine Timepieces

The Trylon Watch Concept References 'Back to the Future' as Inspiration • 3,928 views
Sharp Arterial Timepieces

4 Sharp Arterial Timepieces

The Vein Watch Displays the Hour in as Capillaries Crossing the Screen • 3,539 views
Activity-Synced Chronographs

5 Activity-Synced Chronographs

Wave Smart Watch Interprets Circumstances to Provide Relevant Info • 2,954 views
Avant-Garde Abstracted Watches

6 Avant-Garde Abstracted Watches

DEZ Watch Has an Unusual and Futuristic Way of Displaying the Hour • 2,663 views
Inward Arrow-Pointing Timepieces

7 Inward Arrow-Pointing Timepieces

The Nadir Unisex Watch Points Inwards With Embellished Arrow Head • 1,245 views
Tactile Time Tellers

8 Tactile Time Tellers

The Tacdial Watch was Designed to Be Deciphered by Touch • 1,245 views
Classy Minimalist Armless Watches

9 Classy Minimalist Armless Watches

The Nixon Newton Watch Brings a Bare Yet Classic Aesthetic • 1,235 views
Customizable Image-Inserting Watches

10 Customizable Image-Inserting Watches

The Modify Watch Lets You Tailor and Change Faces to Fit Your • 770 views
Astral Orbiting Timepieces

11 Astral Orbiting Timepieces

Spacetime Watch Features Raised Spots That Revolve to Indicate the Hour • 445 views
Smartwatch-Headset Hybrids

12 Smartwatch-Headset Hybrids

The HeadWatch is a Smartwatch That Can Also be Worn as a Headset • 356 views
World Cup-Inspired Timepieces

13 World Cup-Inspired Timepieces

Hublot Introduces Its Big Bang Watch for the 2014 World Cup • 344 views
Monochrome Horse-Adorned Watches

14 Monochrome Horse-Adorned Watches

This Swatch Limited Edition Year of the Horse Watch is Stunning • 251 views