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100 Father-Friendly Gift Ideas

1 100 Father-Friendly Gift Ideas

These Father's Day Presents Include Novelty Colognes to Watches • 7,272 views
Disappearing Band Timepieces

2 Disappearing Band Timepieces

The Vitaly Soho x Matte Black Jewelry Watch is Wrist-Worthy • 846 views
Luxe Galaxy Watches

3 Luxe Galaxy Watches

The Nixon Star Was Collection Cinematically Celebrates May the 4th • 590 views
Interchangeable Smartwatches

4 Interchangeable Smartwatches

The 'Henlen' Smart Wrist Watch Allows Users to Switch Designs Freely • 492 views
Two-Faced Timepieces

5 Two-Faced Timepieces

The 'Reverso' Watch Collection Boasts Reversible Designs • 401 views
Digital Diving Timepieces

6 Digital Diving Timepieces

The Casio's G-Shock Frogman Watch is Made for High Pressure Water Use • 373 views
Projected Smartwatch Screens

7 Projected Smartwatch Screens

Samsung's Smartwatch Displays the Timeface Onto the Wearer's Skin • 258 views
Lying Politician Timepieces

8 Lying Politician Timepieces

This Donald Trump Watch Features the Politician with a Growing Nose • 221 views
Environment-Analyzing Adventure Watches

9 Environment-Analyzing Adventure Watches

The Casio Pro Trek PRW-7000 Measures Altitude and More • 200 views
Stylish Fitness Watches

10 Stylish Fitness Watches

Garmin's 'Vivomove' Fitness Tracker Looks Like a Traditional Watch • 198 views
Tide-Tracking Smartwatches

11 Tide-Tracking Smartwatches

The Nixon Unit Tide Water-Resistant Smartwatch is Rugged • 90 views
Dainty Luxury Smartwatches

12 Dainty Luxury Smartwatches

These Huawei Watches Are Designed For Woman Watch-Wearers • 87 views
Cloud-Inspired Watch Winders

13 Cloud-Inspired Watch Winders

The Boca do Lobo 'Cloud' Features an Ethereal Cloud-Like Design • 83 views
Smartwatch Upgrade Accessories

14 Smartwatch Upgrade Accessories

The LINK Helps You Add Smartwatch Features To Your Wristwatch • 47 views
Spinning Wizardly Watches

15 Spinning Wizardly Watches

The Deathly Hallows Timepiece Has a Face With the Aesthetic of Paper • 29 views


Top 30 Watch Ideas in April

1 Top 30 Watch Ideas in April

From Chic Designer Smartwatches to Sporty GPS Watches • 8,573 views
Commemorative Luxury Watches

2 Commemorative Luxury Watches

The New Casio G-Shock Watch Features GPS Hybrid Timekeeping • 3,177 views
Hidden Time Watches

3 Hidden Time Watches

Jiwoong Jung Designs a Chronograph That Tells Time with Fading Color Gradient • 846 views
Automated Gear Watches

4 Automated Gear Watches

The Xeric SOLOSCOPE Timepiece Opts for a Proprietary Mechanical Aesthetic • 811 views
Ultra Lightweight Watches

5 Ultra Lightweight Watches

The Rado Hyperchrome Timepiece is Designed to Have a Barely There Wear • 781 views
Customizable Digital Watch Faces

6 Customizable Digital Watch Faces

The Ustwo Face Maker Personalizes the Aesthetic of the Timepiece • 627 views
Tachometer-Inspired Watches

7 Tachometer-Inspired Watches

Ferro's New Single-Hand Watches Blend Luxury and Affordability • 601 views
Contemporary Pocket Watches

8 Contemporary Pocket Watches

The Axcent Pocket Watch is Designed for the Modern Consumer • 441 views
Cognac-Containing Swiss Timepieces

9 Cognac-Containing Swiss Timepieces

The Armin Strom Cognac Watch Features a Drop of Cognac Gaultier • 430 views
Wildlife Hunter Smartwatches

10 Wildlife Hunter Smartwatches

The Suunto Traverse Alpha Watch is for Avid Hunters and Fishers • 405 views
Anti-Sleep Watches

11 Anti-Sleep Watches

The 'NOZzER' Watch Allows Wearers to Stay Alert During Wear • 384 views
Optimizing Smart Watch Straps

12 Optimizing Smart Watch Straps

The Reserve Strap Can Extend the Apple Watch's Battery Life • 357 views
Racing-Inspired Watches

13 Racing-Inspired Watches

The Casio G-Shock GA-120TR Tricolor Series is Bold and Contrasting • 340 views
Scuba Diver Smartwatches

14 Scuba Diver Smartwatches

The Suunto Zoop Novo Dive Computer Watch Keeps Divers Informed • 260 views
Interchangeable Smartwatch Straps

15 Interchangeable Smartwatch Straps

The 'MODE' Android Wear Watch Bands Focus on Constant Change • 259 views
Bespoke 3D-Printed Watches

16 Bespoke 3D-Printed Watches

The Alexander Gabriel Custom Watches Feature Swiss Movements • 257 views
Swappable Snap Smartwatches

17 Swappable Snap Smartwatches

The Mode Watches by Google Feature a Snap Band for Easy Exchange • 182 views
Watch Strap Smartwatch Adapters

18 Watch Strap Smartwatch Adapters

The Samsung Gear S2 Band Adapter Allows Regular Straps to be Used • 173 views
Twisting Outdoor Timepieces

19 Twisting Outdoor Timepieces

The Casio Pro Trek Adventure is Designed for Day and Nighttime Use • 157 views
Grayscale Family Editorials

20 Grayscale Family Editorials

Alessandra Ambrosio Stars in a Michael Kors Mother's Day Campaign • 132 views