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4. Airplane-Embedded Watches

The Bremont Wright Flyer Contains Muslin From the Wright Flyer Aircraft (VIDEO)
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Analogue Activity Watches

1 Analogue Activity Watches

The Activité watch is Deceptively High-Tech • 371 views
Space Race-Inspired Watches

2 Space Race-Inspired Watches

The New Nooka Watch Celebrates Space Exploration and Human Potential • 91 views
Airplane-Embedded Watches

3 Airplane-Embedded Watches

The Bremont Wright Flyer Contains Muslin From the Wright Flyer Aircraft • 74 views


Revolutionary Smartphone Watches

1 Revolutionary Smartphone Watches

The Arrow Smartwatch is a Timepiece with an HD Camera • 3,241 views
Luxe Tourbillon Cufflinks

2 Luxe Tourbillon Cufflinks

TF Est. 1968's Limited Open Side Cufflinks Feature Tiny Watch Mechanisms • 1,834 views
Circular Hand Timepieces

3 Circular Hand Timepieces

The Grovemade Wood Watch Places the Traditional Straight Hands • 1,528 views
Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

4 Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

Woodsies's Uber Cool Sunglasses are the Perfect Accessory for Summer • 1,424 views
Affordable Silicone Watches

5 Affordable Silicone Watches

These Rubber Band Watches Only Cost $13 a Piece • 616 views
Illuminating Crankshaft Watches

6 Illuminating Crankshaft Watches

The Innovative Watch Design of the Switch Watch Comes with a Crank • 610 views
Cryptic Analogue Watches

7 Cryptic Analogue Watches

The Tokyoflash Kisai Sequence LED Watch Displays the Time in Code • 354 views
Hitchcockian Watch Ads

8 Hitchcockian Watch Ads

Watches of Switzerland 'S Watch Ad Series Features Dramatic Bird Attacks • 329 views
Lingerie Brand Timepieces

9 Lingerie Brand Timepieces

A Victoria's Secret Rolex Explorer I Will Be Auctioned Off for Charity • 303 views
Touch-Sensitive Timepieces

10 Touch-Sensitive Timepieces

The Rado HyperChrome Adjusts Time with Swiping Gestures, Not Knobs • 227 views


100 Innovations in Fashion, Tech & Design

1 100 Innovations in Fashion, Tech & Design

A Review of the Most Bizarre and Interesting Historical • 32,200 views
100 Wearable Devices

2 100 Wearable Devices

From Hi-Tech Watch Accessories to Infant Health-Monitoring Wristbands • 16,070 views
Precision Lunar Chronographs

3 Precision Lunar Chronographs

The Omega Speedmaster Dark Side of the Moon Honors Apollo 8 • 10,653 views
Simplified Smartwatches

4 Simplified Smartwatches

The Cyclus Watch by Holy Tracks Fitness and Interprets Smartphones • 7,444 views
Hi-Tech Watch Accessories

5 Hi-Tech Watch Accessories

The Glance Watch Accessory Turns Any Watch into a Smartwatch • 5,185 views
Strikingly Sleek Smartwatches

6 Strikingly Sleek Smartwatches

The Moto 360 Drowns Out the Competition When It Comes to Design • 2,917 views
Minimalist Monochrome Watches

7 Minimalist Monochrome Watches

These Greyhours Watches Make for a Sleek Father's Day Gift • 2,778 views
Luxury Seascape Watches

8 Luxury Seascape Watches

Bulgari's Il Giardino Marino Timepiece Takes Inspiration from the Sea • 2,202 views
Cosmic-Inspired Watches

9 Cosmic-Inspired Watches

The Ziiiro Saturn Watch Makes for a Perfect Father's Day Present • 2,088 views
Vintage Aviation Watches

10 Vintage Aviation Watches

This Bell & Ross WWI Guynemr Watch Makes for a Special Father's Day Gift • 1,906 views
Disguised Hi-Tech Watches

11 Disguised Hi-Tech Watches

Withings Activite is a Good-Looking Design with Fitness Tracking Options • 1,493 views
Notched Minimalist Watches

12 Notched Minimalist Watches

Bottle Watch by Industrial Facility is Modeled After Glassware Bottoms • 1,325 views
Proactively Notifying Smartwatches

13 Proactively Notifying Smartwatches

The Martian Notifier Smartwatch Looks Like a Regular Watch • 952 views
Surreal Artist Watches

14 Surreal Artist Watches

These Stylish Watches Celebrate the Famous Artist Salvador Dali • 827 views
Patterned Watch Straps

15 Patterned Watch Straps

The Hill-Side Watch Band Collection Spruces Up Common Chronographs • 776 views
Galactic Villain Watches

16 Galactic Villain Watches

These Darth Vader Watches are Stylishly Sinister • 766 views
Sporty Brazilian Watches

17 Sporty Brazilian Watches

Bulgari's World Cup Watch Celebrates Brazil as the 2014 Host Country • 567 views
French Riviera-Inspired Watches

18 French Riviera-Inspired Watches

Corniche Watches's Scandinavian Timepiece Designs are Flawless • 502 views
Waterproof Surfer Watches

19 Waterproof Surfer Watches

The Brig Tide and Train Watches by Vestal Track Water Tides • 493 views
Swing-Improving Watches

20 Swing-Improving Watches

The Approach S6 Watch Helps Golfers Swing Better on the Green • 453 views