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5. Spiraled Planetary Timepieces

The Unisex Mercury Watch Shows the Time With Colored Swirls (GALLERY)
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36 Square Watch Designs

1 36 Square Watch Designs

From Plane-Inspired Watches to Grid-Like Timepieces • 1,480 views
Curved 3G Smartwatches

2 Curved 3G Smartwatches

The Samsung Gear S Smarwatch Has a Curved Screen and 3G Connectivity • 786 views
Circular-Face Smartwatches

3 Circular-Face Smartwatches

The LG G Watch R Has a Round Face and Large Display • 504 views
Orbiting Moon Timepieces

4 Orbiting Moon Timepieces

The Moon Crater Watch is Inspired by the Planets • 235 views


51 Contemporary Watches for the Modern Man

1 51 Contemporary Watches for the Modern Man

From Wooden Watches to Cosmic-Inspired Watches • 21,640 views
Bespoke Auto-Inspired Watches

2 Bespoke Auto-Inspired Watches

This Jaguar Watch Commemorates the Lightweight E-Type Car • 6,666 views
Hipster Leather-Strapped Watches

3 Hipster Leather-Strapped Watches

The New Collection of Throne Watches are Functional and Sleek • 4,669 views
Prestigious Design Watches

4 Prestigious Design Watches

The Laco Absolute Series of Watches is Chic and Functional • 1,718 views
Fantastical Ocean Ads

5 Fantastical Ocean Ads

The Hexa Watch Campaign Urges People to 'Come Up with Better Stories' • 1,260 views
Multiple Time-Telling Watches

6 Multiple Time-Telling Watches

World Watches Allows People to Check Times in Various Locations • 866 views
Marble-Infused Watches

7 Marble-Infused Watches

The Vincero Marble Collection Watches Incorporate Genuine Italian Marble • 261 views


Auto-Inspired Smartwatches

1 Auto-Inspired Smartwatches

The New Hewlett Packard Smartwatch Looks Impressively Stylish • 6,621 views
Multifaceted Timeless Timepieces

2 Multifaceted Timeless Timepieces

This Versatile Watch Gives You 10 Watches for the Price of One • 4,122 views
Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

3 Sustainable Wooden Sunglasses

Woodsies's Uber Cool Sunglasses are the Perfect Accessory for Summer • 2,431 views
Circular Hand Timepieces

4 Circular Hand Timepieces

The Grovemade Wood Watch Places the Traditional Straight Hands • 2,225 views
Affordable Silicone Watches

5 Affordable Silicone Watches

These Rubber Band Watches Only Cost $13 a Piece • 1,563 views
Contemporary Chronometer Watches

6 Contemporary Chronometer Watches

The Wristlet Watch is a Pocket Watch for Your Wrist • 1,003 views
Sleek Masculine Watches

7 Sleek Masculine Watches

The Void V03D Watch is a Clean and Uncomplicated Timepiece • 996 views
Illuminating Crankshaft Watches

8 Illuminating Crankshaft Watches

The Innovative Watch Design of the Switch Watch Comes with a Crank • 972 views
Analogue Activity Watches

9 Analogue Activity Watches

The Activité watch is Deceptively High-Tech • 730 views
Cryptic Analogue Watches

10 Cryptic Analogue Watches

The Tokyoflash Kisai Sequence LED Watch Displays the Time in Code • 537 views
Lingerie Brand Timepieces

11 Lingerie Brand Timepieces

A Victoria's Secret Rolex Explorer I Will Be Auctioned Off for Charity • 453 views
Hitchcockian Watch Ads

12 Hitchcockian Watch Ads

Watches of Switzerland 'S Watch Ad Series Features Dramatic Bird Attacks • 423 views
Touch-Sensitive Timepieces

13 Touch-Sensitive Timepieces

The Rado HyperChrome Adjusts Time with Swiping Gestures, Not Knobs • 275 views
Space Race-Inspired Watches

14 Space Race-Inspired Watches

The New Nooka Watch Celebrates Space Exploration and Human Potential • 190 views
Airplane-Embedded Watches

15 Airplane-Embedded Watches

The Bremont Wright Flyer Contains Muslin From the Wright Flyer Aircraft • 154 views