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10. Rave-Like Car Animations

The State of the Art Ferrari Project Uses Neon Paint to Demonstrate Speed (VIDEO)
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20 Luxurious Tech Products

1 20 Luxurious Tech Products

From Snakeskin Smart Bracelets to Slick Audio Accessories • 13,027 views
20 First Class Flying Innovations

2 20 First Class Flying Innovations

From Luxury Airplane Suites to Luxe Airline Accomodations • 6,561 views
Fuel-Efficient Yachts

3 Fuel-Efficient Yachts

The Silver Fast from Silver Yachts is Eco-Friendly • 3,614 views
Porcelain Dictator Speakers

4 Porcelain Dictator Speakers

Fight the Power with the Sound of Power Speakers • 1,764 views
Gold Vending Machines

5 Gold Vending Machines

This Luxe Vending Machine Trades Cash for Pieces of Gold and Silver • 1,645 views
Opulent Ice Cream Sundaes

6 Opulent Ice Cream Sundaes

The Victoria Luxury Ice Cream Sundae Costs a Whopping $1,000 • 1,602 views
Extravagant Crystal Fragrances

7 Extravagant Crystal Fragrances

Harrods Introduces One of the Most Expensive Perfumes • 1,512 views
Millionaire Social Networks

8 Millionaire Social Networks

Netropolitan is an Exclusive Social Network with a Costly Annual Fee • 1,335 views
Sports Car Chess Sets

9 Sports Car Chess Sets

The Ferrari Carbon Fiber Chess Set is Built for Speed • 1,081 views
Rave-Like Car Animations

10 Rave-Like Car Animations

The State of the Art Ferrari Project Uses Neon Paint to Demonstrate Speed • 804 views


Submerged Luxury Homes

1 Submerged Luxury Homes

H2OME Offers Luxury Living Space Under the Ocean • 15,163 views
Cookie Footwear Collections

2 Cookie Footwear Collections

The Edible Jimmy Choo Collection Includes Shoe-Shaped Cookies • 6,977 views
Champagne Ice Pops

3 Champagne Ice Pops

POPS' Decadent Popsicles Are Made with 37% Champagne • 5,333 views
Cosmic Car Interiors

4 Cosmic Car Interiors

The Fiber Optic Sky Inside the Rolls-Royce Wraith Can be Customized • 2,428 views
Cozy Bedazzled Boots

5 Cozy Bedazzled Boots

UGG's Blinged Out Punk Couture Boots Cost $15,000 • 2,057 views
Golden Smartphone Cases

6 Golden Smartphone Cases

The Falcon iPhone 6 Case Designs are Selling for a Price Tag of $2 Million • 2,051 views
Student Jet Services

7 Student Jet Services

Uni Baggage is Helping Students Fly to School in Style • 1,969 views
Luxurious Legacy Retailers

8 Luxurious Legacy Retailers

Crest and Co. Aims to Revive the Art of Understated Elegance • 1,706 views
Futuristic Personal Submarines

9 Futuristic Personal Submarines

The DeepFlight Dragon Submersible is Incredible Easy to Pilot • 1,225 views
Makeshift Luxury Experiences

10 Makeshift Luxury Experiences

Editor Jaime Neely Explores the Concept of Luxe Pop Up Retail • 1,113 views
$1000 Video Apps

11 $1000 Video Apps

Vizzywig 4K's Video Capture App Makes the Most of the iPhone 5S • 921 views