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Top 85 Luxury Trends in October

1 Top 85 Luxury Trends in October

From $3,000 Chocolate Truffles to Personalized Diamond Ornaments • 34,006 views
Top 65 Luxury Concepts in September

2 Top 65 Luxury Concepts in September

From Floating Champagne Bars to Couture Playing Cards • 23,110 views
Arctic-Ready Yachts

3 Arctic-Ready Yachts

The Seaxplorer Expedition Yacht is Prepared to Sail Hot or Cold Destinations • 4,362 views
Million-Dollar Humidors

4 Million-Dollar Humidors

The Emperador Cigar Chest is Luxuriously Appointed and Priced • 2,343 views
Opulent Palatial Trucks

5 Opulent Palatial Trucks

This Luxury Truck Was Designed to Meet the Needs of a Member of Royalty • 1,886 views
Upscale Artisan Keychains

6 Upscale Artisan Keychains

The 'Just Don' Keychain Collection Features Python Print and Gold • 1,875 views
Localized Luxury Hotels

7 Localized Luxury Hotels

'Akyra Manor' is a Luxury Hotel in Thailand Surrounded by Natural Beauty • 1,430 views
Expansive Hawaiian Homes

8 Expansive Hawaiian Homes

This Stunning Beachfront Home is Made Up of Three Connected Huts • 1,373 views
Luxurious Connectivity

9 Luxurious Connectivity

Tech-Enabled GMC Designs • 1,302 views
Ritzy Hotel Caviar Lounges

10 Ritzy Hotel Caviar Lounges

Hong Kong's Ritz-Carlton Added a Luxurious Seven-Person Caviar Bar • 921 views
Consumer Fighter Jets

11 Consumer Fighter Jets

The Saker S-1 Will Be Available in 2019 and Won't Require Military Training • 674 views
Luxury Plane Memberships

12 Luxury Plane Memberships

This Luxurious Residence is Giving Homeowners Time on a Private Jet • 668 views
Gold Credit Cards

13 Gold Credit Cards

This Solid Gold Luxury Credit Card Comes Studded with Diamonds • 523 views
Branded Racing Yachts

14 Branded Racing Yachts

The ‘IMOCA’ is Sponsored and Designed by Hugo Boss • 428 views
Opulent Christmas Hampers

15 Opulent Christmas Hampers

This Holiday Gift Basket is Called 'The Decadence' and Costs $31,000 • 293 views
Crossover Couture Perfumes

16 Crossover Couture Perfumes

The Nina Ricci x Lalique Fragrance Relaunches the L’Air Du Temps Scent • 196 views
Secure Designer Smartwatches

17 Secure Designer Smartwatches

Data from This Secure Watch by Bulgari is Stored in the Swiss Alps • 189 views
Eco-Friendly Superyachts

18 Eco-Friendly Superyachts

This Environmentally Conscious Yacht Design is Fast and Fuel Efficient • 141 views
$3,000 Chocolate Truffles

19 $3,000 Chocolate Truffles

This Geneva Chocolate Truffle Costs an Outstanding Amount of Money • 109 views
Year-Long Health Holidays

20 Year-Long Health Holidays

This Luxurious 365-Day Journey is the One of World's Most Expensive • 69 views