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1. Perpetually Powered Phones

The TAG Heuer Infinite Holds an Infinite Amount of Power (GALLERY)
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Perpetually Powered Phones

1 Perpetually Powered Phones

The TAG Heuer Infinite Holds an Infinite Amount of Power • 378 views
Opulent RV

2 Opulent RV

Catering to the wealthier retiree, mobile homes are luxuriously upgraded • 21 views
Disposable Luxury

3 Disposable Luxury

Expensive products designed to be discarded mark an acceptance of excess • 7 views


75 Carbon Fiber Products

1 75 Carbon Fiber Products

From Carved Lava Couches to Carbon Fiber Hockey Sticks • 8,224 views
$100,000,000 Luxury Penthouses

2 $100,000,000 Luxury Penthouses

Introducing the Most Luxurious, Priciest Apartment in NYC • 5,880 views
Dream-Inducing Daybeds

3 Dream-Inducing Daybeds

This Madera Teak Daybed Will have You Dozing Off in No Time • 5,308 views
$1 Million Smartphones

4 $1 Million Smartphones

Alchemist London's Million Dollar iPhone is Loaded with Gold and Diamonds • 4,459 views
Sky-Piercing Luxury Suites

5 Sky-Piercing Luxury Suites

Stay High in the Sky at the World's Highest Suite in Abu Dhabi • 4,286 views
Luxurious Police Vehicles

6 Luxurious Police Vehicles

LAPD Introduces the Lamborghini Gallardo Police Car to the Streets of LA • 4,007 views
Fire-Breathing Dragon Toys

7 Fire-Breathing Dragon Toys

This Remote Control Dragon Will Make You the Envy of the Entire Area • 3,608 views
Luxurious Gun Lockers

8 Luxurious Gun Lockers

The Liberty Gun Safe by Döttling is a 3-in-1 Safe • 3,026 views
Record-Breaking Tech Cases

9 Record-Breaking Tech Cases

Buccellati Has Made the Most Expensive Cases for iPhones and iPads • 2,593 views
Elaborate Luxury Steampunk Boxes

10 Elaborate Luxury Steampunk Boxes

This Intricate Steampunk Safe-Box Brings Art to Protection • 2,102 views
Leather-Upholstered Strongboxes

11 Leather-Upholstered Strongboxes

The Fortress Safe Keeps Your Valuables Vaulted in Sumptuous Style • 2,088 views
Artistically Luxurious Timepieces

12 Artistically Luxurious Timepieces

Graff Diamonds Unveils the World's Most Expensive Timepiece • 2,064 views
Luxury Embossed Toilet Paper

13 Luxury Embossed Toilet Paper

This Gold Embossed Toilet Paper Makes Wiping a Rich Experience • 1,968 views
12 Gold-Plated Vehicles

14 12 Gold-Plated Vehicles

From Gold-Plated Porches to $100,000 Bicycles • 1,877 views
Exquisite Cat Eye Watches

15 Exquisite Cat Eye Watches

The New Girard-Perregaux Cat's Eye Watch Celebrates its Anniversary • 1,560 views
One-Off Rap Albums

16 One-Off Rap Albums

Wu Tang's 'Once Upon a Time in Shaolin' is Truly One of a Kind • 1,493 views
Exclusive Luxury Whiskies

17 Exclusive Luxury Whiskies

The Royal Brackla is the Most Exclusive Liquor by Bacardi • 1,477 views
Ultra-Exclusive Bottle Coolers

18 Ultra-Exclusive Bottle Coolers

This Aston Martin One-77 Bottle Cooler is Rarer Than the Car • 1,326 views
Ultra-Luxe Serpentine Necklaces

19 Ultra-Luxe Serpentine Necklaces

Bulgari Jewelry is Celebrating 130 Years With This Snake Necklace • 1,290 views
Ultra-Luxe Gambling Pieces

20 Ultra-Luxe Gambling Pieces

These Luxury Dice by 'STAMPD' are 18k Gold • 1,210 views


Luxurious Functional Firearm Rings

1 Luxurious Functional Firearm Rings

This Gun Ring Brings the Bang to Classic Beauty • 16,347 views
50 Outrageously Expensive Everyday Items

2 50 Outrageously Expensive Everyday Items

From Gold Bar Doorstops to $15,000 Wool Socks • 13,423 views
Top-Notch Tadpole Yachts

3 Top-Notch Tadpole Yachts

The Nimue 490 Has a Long Graceful Body That Curves with the Current • 12,848 views
Panoramic Luxurious Jets

4 Panoramic Luxurious Jets

The Spike S-512 Business Jet Offers a Supersonic Wide-Angle View • 7,769 views
Luxurious Treehouse Resorts

5 Luxurious Treehouse Resorts

The Lion Sands Game Reserve Provides Travellers With Luxury Rooms • 7,449 views
Luxurious Super Train Spas

6 Luxurious Super Train Spas

Japan's Bullet Trains Will Now Feature Hot Foot Baths • 5,637 views
Durable 1000 Year Watches

7 Durable 1000 Year Watches

Urwerk has Created a Luxury Pocket Watch that Will Run for 1000 years. • 5,009 views
Luxury Driveless Sedans

8 Luxury Driveless Sedans

This Driveless Car is Paving the Road of the Future • 4,253 views
$12 Million Gold Bassinets

9 $12 Million Gold Bassinets

The Suommo Dodo Egg-Shaped Luxury Bab Crib is Golden • 4,249 views
Luxuriously Finite Vehicles

10 Luxuriously Finite Vehicles

The Bentley Mulsanne Birkin has a 6.75 Turbocharged V8 Engine • 4,145 views
Rooftop Hot Tubbed Resorts

11 Rooftop Hot Tubbed Resorts

The L’Apogée Courchevel Luxury Ski Resort is Charming and Lu • 3,035 views
Luxe Auto-Matching Handbags

12 Luxe Auto-Matching Handbags

The Louis Vuitton/BMW Collab Makes Drivers Fashionably Coordinated • 2,613 views
Lavish Tissue Papers

13 Lavish Tissue Papers

'Daishowa First' Has Launched the World's Most Expensive Tissue • 2,425 views
Plug-In Hybrid Luxury Coupes

14 Plug-In Hybrid Luxury Coupes

This 2014 Cadillac ELR is the First Plug-In Hybrid for the Automaker • 1,641 views
Luxe Yearlong Vacations

15 Luxe Yearlong Vacations

LTI is Offering a $1 Million Year Long Vacation for $0 • 1,623 views