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2. Makeshift Luxury Experiences

Editor Jaime Neely Explores the Concept of Luxe Pop Up Retail (VIDEO)
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Cookie Footwear Collections

1 Cookie Footwear Collections

The Edible Jimmy Choo Collection Includes Shoe-Shaped Cookies • 5,354 views


Bulletproof Luxury Cars

1 Bulletproof Luxury Cars

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class Guard Can Withstand a Bomb in Style • 8,503 views
Clock Tower Penthouses

2 Clock Tower Penthouses

Apartment 16 in Brooklyn's Main Street Sits Inside a Clock Tower • 7,613 views
Long-Lasting Golden Bags

3 Long-Lasting Golden Bags

House of Borgezie's Luxury Handbag Comes with a 1,000-Year Guarantee • 1,788 views
Decadent Hot Dogs

4 Decadent Hot Dogs

Dougie Dog's Dragon Dog is an Expensive Hot Dog That Costs $100 • 1,739 views
$300 Designer Lipsticks

5 $300 Designer Lipsticks

Givenchy's Le Rouge Lipstick is a Luxurious Limited Edition • 1,731 views
Theatrical Hotel Lobbies

6 Theatrical Hotel Lobbies

These Unique Hotel Lobbies for W Hotel are Mysterious • 1,666 views
Panoramic Windowless Jets

7 Panoramic Windowless Jets

The IXION Has Cameras to Give People Expansive Views • 1,354 views
Gleaming Golden Skyscrapers

8 Gleaming Golden Skyscrapers

Donald Trump is Planning to Build a Golden Trump Tower in Mumbai • 1,192 views


46 Royal Baby Birthday Gifts

1 46 Royal Baby Birthday Gifts

In Celebration of Prince George's First Birthday • 6,635 views
Artisan Water Branding

2 Artisan Water Branding

New Zealand Artesian Luxury Water Bottles Are Stamped with Opulence • 5,251 views
Versailles-Inspired Collections

3 Versailles-Inspired Collections

The Chanel Fall/Winter 2014 Collection is Structured • 5,128 views
Precious Metal Credit Cards

4 Precious Metal Credit Cards

Mastercards' Pure + Solid Luxury Credit Cards Are Made with Real Metal • 4,950 views
Luxury Launch Apps

5 Luxury Launch Apps

The VeryFirstTo App Announces All of the Latest Luxury Launches • 4,268 views
Extravagant Automotive Phones

6 Extravagant Automotive Phones

The Bentley Vertu Signature Touch Luxury Phone Costs $11,000 • 3,772 views
Luxuriously Literary Bathtubs

7 Luxuriously Literary Bathtubs

The Comfort Tank Bathtub Offers a Luxurious Place to Relax • 3,603 views
$1.3 Million Surfboards

8 $1.3 Million Surfboards

Roy Stuart's Wooden Surfboard Design Brings Luxury to the Seas • 3,086 views
Luxury Lifestyle Apps

9 Luxury Lifestyle Apps

The Quintessentially Lifestyle App Has Perks for Members and Non-Members • 2,980 views
Palatial Parisian Hotels

10 Palatial Parisian Hotels

The Shangri-La Hotel Paris is Now Recognized with Palace Status • 2,640 views