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Top 90 Architecture Ideas in May

1 Top 90 Architecture Ideas in May

From Modular Mini Homes to Converted Army Base Housing • 48,452 views
Top 60 Modern Trends in May

2 Top 60 Modern Trends in May

From Curvaceous Smartphone Chargers to Floating Office Walls • 27,461 views
Top 80 Furniture Trends in May

3 Top 80 Furniture Trends in May

From Geometric Lattice Tables to Workplace Vehicle Chairs • 17,978 views
Top 60 Auto Ideas in May

4 Top 60 Auto Ideas in May

From Lightweight Hybrid Vehicles to Gold-Plated Dream Cars • 14,099 views
Top 35 Retail Design Ideas in May

5 Top 35 Retail Design Ideas in May

From Department Store Food Halls to Parking Lot Shops • 10,725 views
Top 20 Restaurant Branding Ideas in May

6 Top 20 Restaurant Branding Ideas in May

From Department Store Food Halls to Fast Casual Delis • 6,358 views
100 Father-Friendly Gift Ideas

7 100 Father-Friendly Gift Ideas

These Father's Day Presents Include Novelty Colognes to Watches • 6,294 views
Top 45 Kitchen Ideas in May

8 Top 45 Kitchen Ideas in May

From Cold Pressed Juice Packs to Smartphone-Controlled Rice Cookers • 6,222 views
Top 30 Gaming Innovations in May

9 Top 30 Gaming Innovations in May

From Gold-Plated Gaming Consoles to VR Board Games • 4,424 views
Immersive Artistic Experiences

10 Immersive Artistic Experiences

Trend Hunter Travels to MontrĂ©al for the 2016 Chromatic Festival • 3,556 views
Weather-Resistant Camping Trailers

11 Weather-Resistant Camping Trailers

The Base Trailer Provides a Comfortable Home Away from Home • 3,421 views
Unusual Baby Photography

12 Unusual Baby Photography

Jocelyn Conway Captures Newborns in Molds of Mother's Pregnant Bellies • 3,176 views
Pop-Up Backcountry Tents

13 Pop-Up Backcountry Tents

The Cinch Tent Instantly Takes Shape Without the Need for Polls or Rods • 2,116 views
Inverted Furniture Pairings

14 Inverted Furniture Pairings

Two Tables by BoardGrove Architects is a Complementary Set • 2,101 views
Exotic Freehand Tattoos

15 Exotic Freehand Tattoos

Gakkin Creates Intricate Designs Inspired by Japanese Techniques • 2,039 views
River Stone Art Machines

16 River Stone Art Machines

The 'Jller' Sorts Pebbles Automatically by Their Geological Age • 1,833 views
Affordable Smartphone Projectors

17 Affordable Smartphone Projectors

Luckies of London Creates an Easy-to-Use Cinema in a Box • 1,700 views
Child-Accommodating Adult Tricycles

18 Child-Accommodating Adult Tricycles

The Taga 2.0 Bike Stroller Carries Kids or Cargo Safely • 1,600 views
Portable Pump Showers

19 Portable Pump Showers

The Ivation System Provides a Way to Shower Outside Without Electricity • 1,432 views
Astronomical Clock Designs

20 Astronomical Clock Designs

The Cosmos Clock Combines Mood Lighting with an Unusual Time Concept • 1,382 views


Cartoonized Cult Classic Movies

1 Cartoonized Cult Classic Movies

Titanic Disney Princesses by Isaiah K. Stephens is a Clever Series • 56,513 views
Top 100 Branding Ideas in May

2 Top 100 Branding Ideas in May

From Beach Ball Soda Bottles to Skin-Toned Packaging • 33,685 views
Compact Camping Trailers

3 Compact Camping Trailers

The Timberleaf is Scaled Down to Size for Functionality and Portability • 25,970 views
Top 100 Design Innovations in May

4 Top 100 Design Innovations in May

From Tiny Curvaceous Homes to Swedish Artisan Beds • 21,017 views
70 Adult Crafting Innovations

5 70 Adult Crafting Innovations

From DIY Furniture Kits to Feminist Coloring Books • 20,613 views
Park-Benefiting Backpacks

6 Park-Benefiting Backpacks

Osprey Kestrel Hiking Bag Donates Proceeds to Preserving National Parks • 18,680 views
Moveable Modular Homes

7 Moveable Modular Homes

The Wikkel House is a Versatile Abode Made Out of High Quality Cardboard • 17,001 views
Iconic Japanese Body Art

8 Iconic Japanese Body Art

Students Used Takashi Murakami's Style for Body Art Inspiration • 16,831 views
Minimalistic One Line Tattoos

9 Minimalistic One Line Tattoos

Berlin-based Mo Ganji Creates Simple Yet Intricate Designs • 12,333 views
Efficient Energy Homes

10 Efficient Energy Homes

Studio 804's New York Street Passive House is Ecological for the Future • 12,107 views
70 Niche Artist Gifts

11 70 Niche Artist Gifts

From Eclectic Art Subscriptions to Romantic Paint Kits • 11,407 views
DIY Eco Campers

12 DIY Eco Campers

This Diy Camper is Surprisingly Made from Plastic Campaign Signs • 11,147 views
Top 60 Art Innovations in May

13 Top 60 Art Innovations in May

From Accessible Art Collections to Digital Algorithm Paintings • 8,154 views
Minimalist Urban Cabins

14 Minimalist Urban Cabins

This Cabin Scraps Fairy Tales for a More Modern Look • 7,665 views
Freestanding Bathtub Decor

15 Freestanding Bathtub Decor

These Sleekly Designed Tubs Were Inspired by the Shape of a Hammock • 7,140 views
90s Bedroom Photographs

16 90s Bedroom Photographs

Adrienne Salinger Shows Teens from the 1990s in Their Bedrooms • 6,616 views
100 Intergalactic Star Wars Products

17 100 Intergalactic Star Wars Products

These Star Wars Products Take Fandom to the Next Level • 6,534 views
Multipurpose Pocket Survival Tools

18 Multipurpose Pocket Survival Tools

The 'Paracard' Survival Tool Packs Essential Components • 6,336 views
35 Modern Lamp Concepts

19 35 Modern Lamp Concepts

From Moon Lighting Replicas to Flexible Fan Lamps • 5,522 views
Cozy Suspended Nets

20 Cozy Suspended Nets

Egue & Seta Creates a Unique Resting Area in the Home for Readers • 5,455 views


Top 100 Design Ideas in April

1 Top 100 Design Ideas in April

From Modernized Airplane Cabins to Galleria Sushi Kiosks • 67,277 views
Hidden Kitchen Storage Solutions

2 Hidden Kitchen Storage Solutions

The 'Cabinet Plus' System Makes Use of Waste Storage Space • 56,123 views
Repurposed Container Homes

3 Repurposed Container Homes

The RDP House is Built Using Recycled Shipping Containers and Glass • 41,446 views
Top 25 DIY Ideas in April

4 Top 25 DIY Ideas in April

From DIY Cleansing Grains to Homemade Sauerkraut Kits • 40,002 views
Compact Smart Homes

5 Compact Smart Homes

This New Smart Home Apartment's Design Transforms Over Time • 38,773 views
Stilted Solar Homes

6 Stilted Solar Homes

The Sustainable ZED Pods Can Be Installed in Parking Lots • 38,101 views
Stand-Up Aquatic Pedal Boards

7 Stand-Up Aquatic Pedal Boards

Hobie Mirage Eclipse Boards are Like Step Machines for the Water • 33,692 views
98 Bottle Design Ideas

8 98 Bottle Design Ideas

From Gym-Inspired Bottle Designs to Premium Greek Oil Packaging • 26,908 views
40 Affordable Kitchen Products

9 40 Affordable Kitchen Products

From DIY Cold Brew Kits to Budget-Friendly Breakfast Makers • 24,998 views
Top 75 Modern Ideas in April

10 Top 75 Modern Ideas in April

From Nudist Art Fair Tours to Textile Butcher Concept Shops • 24,562 views
Top 80 Architecture Ideas in April

11 Top 80 Architecture Ideas in April

From Interactive Moat Stadiums to Pop-Up Paper Eateries • 23,187 views
Top 55 Furniture Trends in April

12 Top 55 Furniture Trends in April

From Yoga-Accommodating Chairs to Modular Dining Tables • 23,164 views
70 Creative Outdoor Ads

13 70 Creative Outdoor Ads

From Urban Garden Billboards to Interactive Paper Bus Ads • 22,820 views
Top 55 Kitchen Ideas in April

14 Top 55 Kitchen Ideas in April

From Upright Breakfast Makers to Smart Water Pitchers • 21,330 views
100 Snack Branding Ideas

15 100 Snack Branding Ideas

From Scientific Snack Packaging to Anecdotal Jerky Branding • 19,377 views
Chic Shipping Container Homes

16 Chic Shipping Container Homes

The Honomobo Shipping Container Living Spaces Satisfy Needs • 17,338 views
Efficient Home Renovation Tools

17 Efficient Home Renovation Tools

The Dremel Hyper-Oscillating Tool Features Interchangeable Heads • 17,284 views
Intense Black Tattoos

18 Intense Black Tattoos

The Blackout Tattoo Designs by Chester Lee are Taking the Internet by Storm • 16,043 views
Cyclist Camping Kits

19 Cyclist Camping Kits

The Nemo Bike-Packing Kit Offers a Compact Tent and Sleeper for Bikers • 15,987 views
Hilarious Honest Logos

20 Hilarious Honest Logos

Viktor Hertz is Back at It Again with a Series of Tweaked Branding • 15,607 views