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Mermaid Unicorn Toys

1 Mermaid Unicorn Toys

Tokidoki's 'Mermicorno' Series is Sold in Mystery Boxes • 25,883 views
Top 100 Design Ideas in July

2 Top 100 Design Ideas in July

From Geometric Floor Lamps to Minimalist Marble Homes • 17,884 views
Top 65 Art Ideas in July

3 Top 65 Art Ideas in July

From Gravity-Defying Street Art to Braille Art Exhibitions • 16,512 views
Top 65 Food Branding Ideas in July

4 Top 65 Food Branding Ideas in July

From Upside-Down Drink Cans to Stylish Canned Goods • 16,395 views
56 Underwater-Inspired Mermaid Creations

5 56 Underwater-Inspired Mermaid Creations

From Sea-Themed Shooters to Surreal Fashion Editorials • 3,153 views
Narrow Flood-Proof Houses

6 Narrow Flood-Proof Houses

The 'Flood Plain House' is Built Right Above a Snake-Infested River • 2,849 views
Partially Buried Homes

7 Partially Buried Homes

This Home In Huddersfield Makes Use Of Earth-Sheltered Construction • 2,778 views
Modern Capsule Hotels

8 Modern Capsule Hotels

This Box Hotel Offers Cramped but Cozy Hotel Suites • 2,700 views
Portable Urban E-Scooters

9 Portable Urban E-Scooters

The CityGo Urban Offers a Convenient Way to Evade Traffic Around a City • 2,238 views
Intricate Whimsical Cakes

10 Intricate Whimsical Cakes

These Cakes Were Inspired by Fairy Tales and Nature • 1,769 views
Liquefied Wall Art

11 Liquefied Wall Art

This Textured Wall Art Installation Makes Partitions Look Like Pools of Water • 1,485 views
Sand-Repelling Beach Blankets

12 Sand-Repelling Beach Blankets

The 'Sandless' Body Towel Has a Netted Fabric That Keeps Grains Out • 1,466 views
Cost-Cutting Contemporary Homes

13 Cost-Cutting Contemporary Homes

This Sydney Home is Both Modern and Budget-Conscious • 1,306 views
Mystical Sea Jewelry

14 Mystical Sea Jewelry

Cheryl Lee's Handmade Pieces are Reminiscent of Whimsical Fairy Tales • 1,294 views
53 Origami-Inspired Designs

15 53 Origami-Inspired Designs

From Suspended Origami Art to Origami-Inspired Bio-Batteries • 1,269 views
Cantilevered Glass Abodes

16 Cantilevered Glass Abodes

This Montreal Home by ACDF Architecture Features a Boxed Living Rroom • 1,171 views
Ceiling Projection Installations

17 Ceiling Projection Installations

The Das Schloss Mall Enables Consumers to Shop Underwater • 1,167 views
Simple Luxury Furniture

18 Simple Luxury Furniture

These Basic Furniture Pieces Do Not Look as Expensive as They Are • 1,107 views
Eclectic Technology Offices

19 Eclectic Technology Offices

This Office Design Features a Multitude of Unusual Features • 1,072 views
Futuristic Bathroom Designs

20 Futuristic Bathroom Designs

This Bathroom Line Offers Items That are Both Stylish and Functional • 1,001 views


Top 60 Home Ideas in June

1 Top 60 Home Ideas in June

From Touchscreen Mirrors to Shower-Friendly Speakers • 42,652 views
Top 30 DIY Ideas in June

2 Top 30 DIY Ideas in June

From 3D-Printed Checkerboards to Bespoke Wine-Making Kits • 39,906 views
Desexualized Body Portraits

3 Desexualized Body Portraits

Lovis Osternrik's Photo Series Features Contorted Human Bodies • 36,456 views
Top 90 Furniture Trends in June

4 Top 90 Furniture Trends in June

From Versatile Sofa Systems to Ping Pong Conference Tables • 28,582 views
Top 100 Design Ideas in June

5 Top 100 Design Ideas in June

From Digital Landscape Art Exhibits to Retro Futuristic Furniture • 27,319 views
Top 30 Customization Ideas in June

6 Top 30 Customization Ideas in June

From Coloring Tape Rolls to Make-Your-Own Smoothie Bars • 26,746 views
Top 100 Architecture Ideas in June

7 Top 100 Architecture Ideas in June

From Repurposed Window Retreats to Minimalist Micro-Apartments • 26,385 views
Top 65 Modern Trends in June

8 Top 65 Modern Trends in June

From Conceptual Boulder Installations to Modular Furniture Lines • 19,423 views
Top 40 Kitchen Ideas in June

9 Top 40 Kitchen Ideas in June

From Mobile Brick Ovens to Minimalist Cold Brew Machines • 18,939 views
Top 55 Retail Designs in June

10 Top 55 Retail Designs in June

From Designer Brownstone Boutiques to Curated Lifestyle Retail • 15,430 views
35 IoT Ideas in June

11 35 IoT Ideas in June

From Interactive Dog Bones to Connected Aircraft Cabins • 13,713 views
Top 45 Art Ideas in June

12 Top 45 Art Ideas in June

From Mobile Gallery Guides to Flammable Gunpowder Paintings • 13,386 views
100 Altered Disney Princess Illustrations

13 100 Altered Disney Princess Illustrations

From Realistic Character Art to Dinosaur Interpretations • 12,865 views
37 Creative Cookware Products

14 37 Creative Cookware Products

From Disability-Conscious Cutting Boards to Edible Dessert Spoons • 10,019 views
Floating Tiny Houses

15 Floating Tiny Houses

'The River Den' is an Affordable Moving Home on the Water • 7,998 views
Aggressive Motorcycle Concepts

16 Aggressive Motorcycle Concepts

The BMW Titan Concept is Aerodynamic and Fiercely Geometrical • 6,565 views
Rugged Teardrop Trailers

17 Rugged Teardrop Trailers

Colorado Teardrops Makes High-End Trailers for Outdoor Enthusiasts • 6,433 views
Modern Man Cave Apartments

18 Modern Man Cave Apartments

Kaschuk Kostyantyn's 'Hello Scandinavia' Project is Understated • 6,086 views
36 Unsually Crafted Men

19 36 Unsually Crafted Men's Watches

From Supercar-Inspired Timepieces to Minimalist Nautical Watches • 5,330 views
Grotesque Evolutionary Sculptures

20 Grotesque Evolutionary Sculptures

Patricia Piccinini's 'Graham' Was Made to Survive a Car Crash • 5,295 views


45 Tiny House Designs

1 45 Tiny House Designs

From Charitable Micro-Homes to Mini DIY Homes • 27,761 views
Solar Canopy Designs

2 Solar Canopy Designs

Brooklyn SolarWorks Creates Canopies to Make the Most of Rooftop Space • 22,484 views
55 Pleasing Patio Accessories

3 55 Pleasing Patio Accessories

From Angular Plant Stands to Celestial Lighting Solutions • 16,042 views
20 Smart Home Gadgets

4 20 Smart Home Gadgets

From Smart Home Interfaces to Solar-powered Watering Robots • 11,872 views
Triangle Cliff Houses

5 Triangle Cliff Houses

Matthias Arndt Designs an IncrediblePermanent Tipi-Like Concept • 11,368 views
25 Examples of Modern Watering Cans

6 25 Examples of Modern Watering Cans

From Easy-Pour Packaging to Skewed Landscaping Tools • 10,327 views
Converted Van DIYs

7 Converted Van DIYs

Filmmaker Zach Both Shows How to Transform a Van Into a Modern Apartment • 10,023 views
Multi-Hued Wood Tables

8 Multi-Hued Wood Tables

Romain Luppi Uses Dead Wood to Create These Unique Tables • 8,963 views
Accessible Modern Furniture

9 Accessible Modern Furniture

Retailers are Transforming the Furniture Buying Experience • 8,560 views
25 Examples of Conceptual Outdoor Design

10 25 Examples of Conceptual Outdoor Design

From Luxe Backyard Pyramids to Stark Outdoor Kitchens • 8,386 views
Double Exposure Tattoos

11 Double Exposure Tattoos

These Vibrant Tattoos Combine Animals with Nature Scenes • 8,356 views
Geometrical Tribal Tattoos

12 Geometrical Tribal Tattoos

Roxx Uses Thin Lines and Extensive Detail to Rework Tradition • 8,302 views
Rustic Tiny Homes

13 Rustic Tiny Homes

This Home Combines a Rustic Aesthetic with a More Modern One • 8,031 views
Exoskeleton Arm Bands

14 Exoskeleton Arm Bands

Armor is an Exercising Gadget to Boost Performance by Adding Resistance • 7,885 views
Realistic Pen Illustrations

15 Realistic Pen Illustrations

An Artist Uses Pen to Create Realistic Portraits of Man-Animal Hybrids • 6,888 views
Reclaimed Redwood Homes

16 Reclaimed Redwood Homes

This Home Is Almost Entirely Made Up of Reclaimed Materials • 6,401 views
Agricultural Wall Art

17 Agricultural Wall Art

These Agricultural Art Pieces Work as Small Ecosystems That Decorate Homes • 6,400 views
Superhero Bookshelves

18 Superhero Bookshelves

Burak Dogan Creates Furniture in the Shape of Famous Comic Book Branding • 6,356 views
Disney Tattoo Databases

19 Disney Tattoo Databases

'Inked Disney' Complies Disney Tattoos for the Inspiration of Fans • 6,160 views
Nature-Inspired Jewelry Lines

20 Nature-Inspired Jewelry Lines

These Delicate Pieces of Jewelry are Infused with Natural Elements • 6,024 views