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Powerful Female Ads

1 Powerful Female Ads

The Terre des Femmes Campaign Makes a Bold Statement About Clothing Choices • 5,015 views
Colored Powder Campaigns

2 Colored Powder Campaigns

The Zim Campaign Expresses How 'Love is Colorful' • 3,491 views
47 Coca-Cola Marketing Stunts

3 47 Coca-Cola Marketing Stunts

From Smiling Soda Cans to Cooperative Bottle Caps • 3,404 views
Graphical Food Branding

4 Graphical Food Branding

This Contemporary Processed Meat Packaging Design Targets Millennials • 3,259 views
15 Emblematic Brand Experiences

5 15 Emblematic Brand Experiences

From Customizable Logos to Free Branded Wrapping Paper • 2,571 views
Striking Womanless Ads

6 Striking Womanless Ads

Droga5's Gender Equality Campaign Proves Something is Missing • 2,540 views
Stylish Dog Ads

7 Stylish Dog Ads

The Latest Mr. Porter Fashion Campaign Features Instagram-Famous Pups • 2,423 views
Beauty Tutorial Apps

8 Beauty Tutorial Apps

Through Sephora, Map My Beauty Shows How and Where to Apply Cosmetics • 2,108 views
Rebellious Party Girl Fashion

9 Rebellious Party Girl Fashion

Akira's Latest Lookbook Boasts VIbrant Garments and Accessories • 2,039 views
26 Epic Nike Campaigns

10 26 Epic Nike Campaigns

From Intense Cricket Showdowns to Motivational World Cup Ads • 1,946 views
Eco Garden Kits

11 Eco Garden Kits

The Vive Planting Set Prepares Kids for Easily Growing Greenery in Their Backyards • 1,900 views
Coca-Cola Cardboard Displays

12 Coca-Cola Cardboard Displays

The 'Give It Back Rack' is Part of the Brand's Big Green Initiative • 1,816 views
12 Examples of Consistent Tech Products

13 12 Examples of Consistent Tech Products

Apple Maintains a Solid Brand Identity Through the Years • 1,699 views
Symbolic Beverage Branding

14 Symbolic Beverage Branding

Fruit Icon Juice Packaging Uses Succulent Graphics for Global Flavors • 1,655 views
Fruity Sneaker Collaborations

15 Fruity Sneaker Collaborations

The Keds and eos' Collection Shares Shoes and Lip Balms • 1,622 views
Cartoony In-Store Branding

16 Cartoony In-Store Branding

This Case Stacker Display for Rex Goliath Wines is an Invitation to Fun • 1,536 views
Detoxifying Juice Branding

17 Detoxifying Juice Branding

Verve Juices Has a New Look for Its Line of Healthy Cleansing Drinks • 1,483 views
20 Lacoste Logo Innovations

18 20 Lacoste Logo Innovations

From Atypical Alligator Branding to Artistic Logo Interpretations • 1,392 views
Artisanal Alcohol Kiosks

19 Artisanal Alcohol Kiosks

This Old Forester Retail Display is Designed to Prevent Theft • 1,291 views
Cheerful Popsicle Packaging

20 Cheerful Popsicle Packaging

Make It Pop by Farm Design is Colorful and Compact • 1,163 views


Top 100 Marketing Concepts in February

1 Top 100 Marketing Concepts in February

From Hipster Logo Generators to Pop Art Packaging • 92,688 views
Top 55 Interactive Concepts in February

2 Top 55 Interactive Concepts in February

From Human Bank Machines to Winter Rescue Apps • 26,495 views
75 Creative Cafe Concepts

3 75 Creative Cafe Concepts

From Nostalgic Cereal Cafes to Iconic Gaming Eateries • 24,286 views
Top 40 Print Concepts in February

4 Top 40 Print Concepts in February

From Scented Cookie Boxes to Paper Bottle Chillers • 18,314 views
33 Inventive Promotional Gifts

5 33 Inventive Promotional Gifts

From Paint Swatch Sweets to Branded Bacon Boxes • 16,432 views
50 Examples of Simplified Packaging

6 50 Examples of Simplified Packaging

From Emotional Soup Packaging to Minimalist Beauty Branding • 14,643 views
40 Artisan Food Products

7 40 Artisan Food Products

From Custom-Churned Condiments to Craft Ice Cream • 11,139 views
40 Flexible Packaging Innovations

8 40 Flexible Packaging Innovations

From Single Use Wine Pouches to Instant Herb Garden Containers • 10,097 views
100 Innovative Wine Packages

9 100 Innovative Wine Packages

From Photocopied Bum Branding to Frosting-Inspired Wine Labels • 7,423 views
30 Collapsible Packaging Innovations

10 30 Collapsible Packaging Innovations

From Accordion Toothpaste Tubes to Origami Snack Containers • 7,096 views
Carefree Festival Lookbooks

11 Carefree Festival Lookbooks

The Missguided Desert Wanderer Collection is Boldly Bohemian • 6,758 views
100 Microbrewery Innovations

12 100 Microbrewery Innovations

From Craft Beer Subscriptions to Microbrew Beer Testing Apps • 5,846 views
Cheeky Health Campaigns

13 Cheeky Health Campaigns

Cancer Awareness Campaign for Colon Health Brings Humor to Buses • 5,518 views
70 Special Edition Refreshments

14 70 Special Edition Refreshments

From Limited Edition Oreos to Artist Designed Packaging • 5,176 views
Hand-Written Wrappers

15 Hand-Written Wrappers

Hornea Bakery Packaging Would Come Personalized with Ingredients and Recipes • 4,749 views
25 Multi-Sensory Marketing Campaigns

16 25 Multi-Sensory Marketing Campaigns

From Sound-Producing Posters to Scent-Emitting Bus Stops • 4,346 views
Hand-Choreographed Commercials

17 Hand-Choreographed Commercials

The Coca-Cola Glass Bottle Ad Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary • 4,148 views
Art Deco Supermarkets

18 Art Deco Supermarkets

E.Leclerc’s Bordeaux Grocery Store Design Takes Style Cues from the 30s • 3,933 views
Package-Inspired Merchandising

19 Package-Inspired Merchandising

This Laughing Cow Cheese Retail Display Replicates its Packaging • 3,238 views
Tropical Fitness Fashion

20 Tropical Fitness Fashion

The adidas Originals by the Farm Company Collection is Exotically Casual • 3,187 views


Better and Faster Book Trailer

1 Better and Faster Book Trailer

Trend Hunter's 2015 Innovation Book • 68,437 views
Sensual Fish Campaigns

2 Sensual Fish Campaigns

Actress Helena Bonham Carter Cuddles Up to Tuna Naked for a Cause • 58,836 views
Top 100 Branding Ideas in Febraury

3 Top 100 Branding Ideas in Febraury

From Hipster Logo Generators to Bear-Faced Wine Bottles • 58,381 views
41 Multifunctional Packaging Examples

4 41 Multifunctional Packaging Examples

From Wine Bottle Resumes to Expandable Takeout Containers • 33,462 views
50 Creative Business Card Concepts

5 50 Creative Business Card Concepts

From Beacon Business Cards to Pocket-Sized Portfolios • 32,835 views
30 Creative Resume Examples

6 30 Creative Resume Examples

From Wine Bottle Resumes to Spy-Themed CVs • 26,398 views
Full-Figured Swimsuit Ads

7 Full-Figured Swimsuit Ads

Ashley Graham is the First Plus-Sized Model in Sports Illustrated • 18,720 views
42 Necessities for the Metro Male

8 42 Necessities for the Metro Male

From Viral Dutch Beauty Ads to Metrosexual MakeUp • 16,144 views
26 Examples of Eco Takeout Packaging

9 26 Examples of Eco Takeout Packaging

From Plant-Based Containers to Plantable Gourmet Packaging • 15,414 views
Life-Changing Adventures

10 Life-Changing Adventures

Heineken Encourages People Not To Leave Their Dreams Behind At the Bar • 11,010 views
Customizable Chalkboard Menus

11 Customizable Chalkboard Menus

Check Cafe's Menu Board Design is Inspired by Scholastic Decor • 10,629 views
Inspiring Designer Sketchbooks

12 Inspiring Designer Sketchbooks

Rachel James Showcases Her Process Through Fashion Illustration • 9,397 views
Color Splash Fashion Ads

13 Color Splash Fashion Ads

The Latest Karl Lagerfeld Campaign Stars Kendall Jenner • 9,318 views
29 Smartphone Essentials for Beer Drinkers

14 29 Smartphone Essentials for Beer Drinkers

From Beer Delivery Apps to Smartphone Beer Brewing • 9,108 views
29 Personal Touch Promotions

15 29 Personal Touch Promotions

From Snail Mail Beer Campaigns to Candid Camera Commercials • 9,026 views
30 Engaging Social Media Campaigns

16 30 Engaging Social Media Campaigns

From Viral Toilet Paper Ads to Hashtag Fashion Advertorials • 7,732 views
Subscriber Business Books

17 Subscriber Business Books

John Warrillow's Newest Novel Advocates For a Subscription Service Model • 7,694 views
50 Examples of Incentivized Innovations

18 50 Examples of Incentivized Innovations

From Paperless Loyalty Apps to Smart Discount Cards • 7,266 views
Wine Bottle Resumes

19 Wine Bottle Resumes

This Creative Resume Design Doubles as a Vino Label • 6,689 views
Symbolic Occult Catalogs

20 Symbolic Occult Catalogs

Killstar's At Midnight Lookbook Features Gothic Fashion Staples • 6,665 views