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Top 100 Business Ideas in March

1 Top 100 Business Ideas in March

From Project Management Apps to Female Mentorship Platforms • 28,377 views
75 Creative Cafe Concepts

2 75 Creative Cafe Concepts

From Nostalgic Cereal Cafes to Iconic Gaming Eateries • 9,666 views
Top 75 Interactive Ideas in March

3 Top 75 Interactive Ideas in March

From Educational Candy ATMs to Shadowplay Pop-Up Shops • 5,766 views
Top 45 Retail Innovations in March

4 Top 45 Retail Innovations in March

From Digital Product Showrooms to Contactless POS Systems • 4,976 views
100 Microbrewery Innovations

5 100 Microbrewery Innovations

From Craft Beer Subscriptions to Microbrew Beer Testing Apps • 3,732 views
25 Multi-Sensory Marketing Campaigns

6 25 Multi-Sensory Marketing Campaigns

From Sound-Producing Posters to Scent-Emitting Bus Stops • 2,121 views
Minimalist Pastry Packaging

7 Minimalist Pastry Packaging

This Mr Holmes Bakehouse Package Design is Perfectly San Francisco • 1,954 views
Cloud-Connected Liquor Bottles

8 Cloud-Connected Liquor Bottles

Johnnie Walker Whisky Tech-Savvily Confirms Age Authenticity • 1,543 views
Portable Yogurt Packaging

9 Portable Yogurt Packaging

Ugo Offers an Easy-to-Eat Yogurt to Go Container and Spoon • 1,484 views
35 Yogurt Packaging Innovations

10 35 Yogurt Packaging Innovations

From Self-Contained Froyo Balls to Squeezable Tube Yogurts • 1,369 views
3D-Printed Business Cards

11 3D-Printed Business Cards

Clam's Personal Branding Project is Designed for Zoom BCN • 1,264 views
Real-Time Runway Billboards

12 Real-Time Runway Billboards

Topshop's Fashion Billboard Ads Relay Popular Catwalk Looks • 1,128 views
Design Studio Brews

13 Design Studio Brews

Megalo Beer is a Clever Promotional Item from Megalo Design • 935 views
Sicilian Eyewear Marketing

14 Sicilian Eyewear Marketing

The Latest Dolce & Gabbana Campaign • 872 views
Color-Customized Bike Apps

15 Color-Customized Bike Apps

The Pegas Culoare Urbana App Lets You Draw Inspiration From Your City • 863 views
Designer Yogurt Cups

16 Designer Yogurt Cups

Christopher Straub's Yoplait Packaging Assumes Fashion-Minded Style • 773 views
Yogurt Food Trucks

17 Yogurt Food Trucks

Yogurty's Froyo Brings Its Service to the Streets for Fun Interaction • 750 views
Technicolored Tribal Fashion

18 Technicolored Tribal Fashion

The Latest Young Hwan Yang Collection is Inspired by Totem Poles • 680 views
Couch-Converting Campaigns

19 Couch-Converting Campaigns

Vittel is Motivating People to Exercise with Custom Running Shoes • 668 views
Eco Spray Containers

20 Eco Spray Containers

Resourceful Replenish Packaging was Designed for Continuous Reuse • 647 views


Better and Faster Book Trailer

1 Better and Faster Book Trailer

Trend Hunter's 2015 Innovation Book • 68,077 views
Sensual Fish Campaigns

2 Sensual Fish Campaigns

Actress Helena Bonham Carter Cuddles Up to Tuna Naked for a Cause • 56,411 views
Top 100 Branding Ideas in Febraury

3 Top 100 Branding Ideas in Febraury

From Hipster Logo Generators to Bear-Faced Wine Bottles • 53,608 views
41 Multifunctional Packaging Examples

4 41 Multifunctional Packaging Examples

From Wine Bottle Resumes to Expandable Takeout Containers • 30,553 views
50 Creative Business Card Concepts

5 50 Creative Business Card Concepts

From Beacon Business Cards to Pocket-Sized Portfolios • 25,333 views
30 Creative Resume Examples

6 30 Creative Resume Examples

From Wine Bottle Resumes to Spy-Themed CVs • 25,281 views
Full-Figured Swimsuit Ads

7 Full-Figured Swimsuit Ads

Ashley Graham is the First Plus-Sized Model in Sports Illustrated • 15,685 views
42 Necessities for the Metro Male

8 42 Necessities for the Metro Male

From Viral Dutch Beauty Ads to Metrosexual MakeUp • 14,431 views
19 Examples of Eco Takeout Packaging

9 19 Examples of Eco Takeout Packaging

From Plant-Based Containers to Plantable Gourmet Packaging • 12,770 views
33 Inventive Promotional Gifts

10 33 Inventive Promotional Gifts

From Paint Swatch Sweets to Branded Bacon Boxes • 11,387 views
Life-Changing Adventures

11 Life-Changing Adventures

Heineken Encourages People Not To Leave Their Dreams Behind At the Bar • 10,971 views
29 Smartphone Essentials for Beer Drinkers

12 29 Smartphone Essentials for Beer Drinkers

From Beer Delivery Apps to Smartphone Beer Brewing • 7,957 views
29 Personal Touch Promotions

13 29 Personal Touch Promotions

From Snail Mail Beer Campaigns to Candid Camera Commercials • 7,883 views
Inspiring Designer Sketchbooks

14 Inspiring Designer Sketchbooks

Rachel James Showcases Her Process Through Fashion Illustration • 6,881 views
30 Engaging Social Media Campaigns

15 30 Engaging Social Media Campaigns

From Viral Toilet Paper Ads to Hashtag Fashion Advertorials • 6,522 views
Wine Bottle Resumes

16 Wine Bottle Resumes

This Creative Resume Design Doubles as a Vino Label • 5,252 views
50 Examples of Incentivized Innovations

17 50 Examples of Incentivized Innovations

From Paperless Loyalty Apps to Smart Discount Cards • 5,250 views
Symbolic Occult Catalogs

18 Symbolic Occult Catalogs

Killstar's At Midnight Lookbook Features Gothic Fashion Staples • 4,806 views
45 Examples of Accessorized Packaging

19 45 Examples of Accessorized Packaging

From Debonair Beverage Branding to Ribbon-Wrapped Products • 4,727 views
Fast Festival Fashion

20 Fast Festival Fashion

The H&M Loves Coachella Collection is Concert-Themed • 4,627 views


Paradise Swimsuit Catalogs

1 Paradise Swimsuit Catalogs

The Victoria’s Secret Swim Lookbook Stars Candice Swanepoel and More • 67,706 views
Top 100 Branding Trends of 2014

2 Top 100 Branding Trends of 2014

From Re-Designed Pop Culture Brands to Fanciful Bottle Branding • 42,889 views
Youthful Bohemian Lookbooks

3 Youthful Bohemian Lookbooks

The Vanessa Mooney Resort Collection is Full of Feminine Allure • 31,459 views
Top 100 Marketing Trends of 2014

4 Top 100 Marketing Trends of 2014

From Body Diversity Campaigns to Belly Ice Cream Ads • 27,636 views
32 Examples of On-the-Go Product Packaging

5 32 Examples of On-the-Go Product Packaging

From Accordian Perfume Cartons to Treat-Mimicking Tins • 19,820 views
Envelope Shipping Boxes

6 Envelope Shipping Boxes

These Printed Box Designs Show Off Maximum Style and Ease of Opening • 13,823 views
Coastal Swimwear Collections

7 Coastal Swimwear Collections

South Beach Swimwear's Latest Lookbook Will Brighten Your January • 13,816 views
25 Romantic Marketing Examples

8 25 Romantic Marketing Examples

Valentine's Day Branding Relies on Sentimental and Endearing Themes • 11,764 views
Hipster Logo Generators

9 Hipster Logo Generators

This Creative Web Tool Creates Custom Branding for Businesses • 10,563 views
73 Strategic Co-Branding Examples

10 73 Strategic Co-Branding Examples

From Affordable Luxury Fashions to DJ-Approved Audio Accessories • 9,924 views
No-frills Fashion Campaigns

11 No-frills Fashion Campaigns

The Latest Stella McCartney Ad is Shot by a 25-Year-Old • 9,412 views
Authentic Female Fitness Ads

12 Authentic Female Fitness Ads

Sport England's This Girl Can Campaign Embraces All Body Types • 9,095 views
Customizable Chalkboard Menus

13 Customizable Chalkboard Menus

Check Cafe's Menu Board Design is Inspired by Scholastic Decor • 8,630 views
Color Splash Fashion Ads

14 Color Splash Fashion Ads

The Latest Karl Lagerfeld Campaign Stars Kendall Jenner • 8,598 views
Bent Corner Boxes

15 Bent Corner Boxes

This Retail Shipping Box Design Has Corners That Are Easy to Open • 8,190 views
Branded Picture Booths

16 Branded Picture Booths

PartyPix Offers Marketing Opportunities in the Form of a Party Photo Booth • 7,595 views
Outfit-Modeling Mirrors

17 Outfit-Modeling Mirrors

Neiman Marcus' Memory Mirror Digitally Compares Outfits • 7,593 views
Subscriber Business Books

18 Subscriber Business Books

John Warrillow's Newest Novel Advocates For a Subscription Service Model • 7,480 views
Edgy Elderly Marketing

19 Edgy Elderly Marketing

The Latest Sandor Lakatos Campaign Features Challenges Beauty Ideals • 7,371 views
Powdered Dancer Photoshoots

20 Powdered Dancer Photoshoots

Photographer Jeffrey Vanhoutte Captures Surreal Acrobatic Poses • 7,357 views