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Top 100 Marketing Ideas in November

1 Top 100 Marketing Ideas in November

From Tweet-Designed Dresses to Gift-Wrapped Resumes • 106,206 views
Top 100 Architecture Ideas in November

2 Top 100 Architecture Ideas in November

From Biodegradable Forest Shelters to Dual Sport Facilities • 69,861 views
Top 100 Lifestyle Ideas in November

3 Top 100 Lifestyle Ideas in November

From Suggestive Disney Costumes to Pepperoni Pizza Cakes • 50,538 views
Top 40 Luxury Ideas in November

4 Top 40 Luxury Ideas in November

From Hip NYC Residences to Car-Inspired Boats • 36,692 views
100 Luxurious Gifts

5 100 Luxurious Gifts

From Opulent Coffee Tumblers to Cozy Bedazzled Boots • 24,084 views
Opulent Party Yachts

6 Opulent Party Yachts

The Xhibitionist is Designed to Host Massive Celebrations • 11,785 views
Opulent Kids Clubhouses

7 Opulent Kids Clubhouses

Lilliput Play Homes Puts a $20,000 Price Tag on Fun • 8,026 views
Refined Renaissance Lookbooks

8 Refined Renaissance Lookbooks

The Valentino Spring/Summer Lookbook Goes Back in Time • 6,763 views
Bank-Breaking Toy Cars

9 Bank-Breaking Toy Cars

The Atom Car Retails for £30,000 at Selfridges' Oxford Street Store • 2,316 views
Monochrome Streetwear Photography

10 Monochrome Streetwear Photography

Paint the streets Black & White with the Concrete Elite • 2,181 views
$400K Belt Buckles

11 $400K Belt Buckles

The Calibre R822 'Predator' is the World's Most Expensive Belt Buckles • 1,656 views
Tropically Vibrant Fashions

12 Tropically Vibrant Fashions

This MSGM Resort Collection Features an Abundance of Bold Prints • 1,646 views
Premium Travel Services

13 Premium Travel Services

Heathrow by Invitation Opens VIP Travel to the Public Who Can Afford It • 1,492 views
Luxurious Prayer Necklaces

14 Luxurious Prayer Necklaces

Banzai Child's Mala Bead Jewelry Mixes Meditation and High Fashion • 1,420 views
Bespoke Jet-Setting Experiences

15 Bespoke Jet-Setting Experiences

XOJet and Element Lifestyle Team Up to Enhance Consumers' Travels • 1,373 views
Immersive Yacht Cinemas

16 Immersive Yacht Cinemas

This Concept Theatre on a Yacht Projects Underwater CCTV Imagery • 1,329 views
Sapphire Secret Watches

17 Sapphire Secret Watches

The Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Has a Revealing Sapphire Dial • 1,288 views
Fashionable Advent Calendars

18 Fashionable Advent Calendars

Chanel's Christmas Advent Calendar is Filled with Treats for Fans • 1,249 views
Champagne Drone Deliveries

19 Champagne Drone Deliveries

Las Vegas' Marquee Dayclub Offers a Luxury Hi-Tech Bottle Service • 1,152 views
Gold-Infused Beers

20 Gold-Infused Beers

Pang Pang's Golden Beer is Infused with Flakes of Real Gold • 901 views


Top 90 Business Ideas in October

1 Top 90 Business Ideas in October

From Task-Outsourcing Sites to Sample Perfume Subscriptions • 157,987 views
Top 100 Architecture Ideas in October

2 Top 100 Architecture Ideas in October

From Striking Marble Apartments to Super Slim Condominiums • 154,502 views
Top 100 Design Ideas in October

3 Top 100 Design Ideas in October

From Feline-Friendly Architecture to Finned Wood Buildings • 150,337 views
Top 100 Lifestyle Ideas in October

4 Top 100 Lifestyle Ideas in October

From First Date Photography to Elegant Berry Boxes • 91,036 views
Top 100 Fashion Ideas in October

5 Top 100 Fashion Ideas in October

From Bespoke Futurist Fashion to Bohemian Selfie Campaigns • 84,872 views
Top 30 Luxury Fashion Ideas in October

6 Top 30 Luxury Fashion Ideas in October

From Bedazzled Party Heels to Re-Branded Designer Luggage • 30,316 views
98 Fashion Brand Campaigns

7 98 Fashion Brand Campaigns

From Racy Vegas Campaigns to Luxury Same Sex Marketing • 21,943 views
Gliding Electric Vessels

8 Gliding Electric Vessels

This Personal Quadrofoil Boasts High Speed and Low Noise on the Water • 17,213 views
55 Luxurious Everyday Goods

9 55 Luxurious Everyday Goods

From Neo-Luxe Origami Bags to Sleek Snakeskin Slip-Ons • 13,171 views
Luxurious Retro Cycles

10 Luxurious Retro Cycles

The Pininfarina Fuoriserie is a Modernized Vintage Bicycle • 9,737 views
Luxury Halloween Costumes

11 Luxury Halloween Costumes

MorphCostumes Has Creates a $1.6-Million Morphsuit Out of Diamonds • 8,442 views
Shooting Star Yachts

12 Shooting Star Yachts

Igor Lobanov's Luxury Boat Design is Romantic and Futuristic • 7,321 views
Luxe Anatomical Jewelry

13 Luxe Anatomical Jewelry

The Bone Collection by Vayshalee Naran is Edgy and Opulent • 7,298 views
Forest-Driven Menswear Campaigns

14 Forest-Driven Menswear Campaigns

7 Diamonds Takes to the Woods for its Exciting New Campaign • 5,676 views
Luxury Executive Cars

15 Luxury Executive Cars

The Porsche Panamera Exclusive Series is Made for Successful Business People • 5,463 views
Clean-Cut Parisian Fashions

16 Clean-Cut Parisian Fashions

This Chloe Spring Collection Defines Understated Elegance • 4,510 views
Special Operation SUVs

17 Special Operation SUVs

The Range Rover Autobiography Black Features a Gun Cabinet • 4,375 views
Mile High Accommodations

18 Mile High Accommodations

The KLM Airplane Airbnb Brings In-Flight Entertainment to the Next Level • 4,250 views
Wearable Art Couture

19 Wearable Art Couture

The Comme des Gacons Collection Stays True to the Brand's Avant Garde Vision • 4,204 views
Luxe Designer Headphones

20 Luxe Designer Headphones

The Marc by Marc Jacobs x Urbanears Collection is Inspired by Nature • 4,018 views