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Top 100 Tech Trends in September

1 Top 100 Tech Trends in September

From Home Automation Buttons to Inexpensive 3D-Printed Villas • 31,559 views
Top 65 Luxury Concepts in September

2 Top 65 Luxury Concepts in September

From Floating Champagne Bars to Couture Playing Cards • 14,375 views
Submarine-Carried Islands

3 Submarine-Carried Islands

This Man-Made Island of Luxury Floats Atop the Roofs of Submarines • 3,255 views
Arctic-Ready Yachts

4 Arctic-Ready Yachts

The Seaxplorer Expedition Yacht is Prepared to Sail Hot or Cold Destinations • 1,226 views
Luxury Unisex Watches

5 Luxury Unisex Watches

The New Louis Vuitton Watch is Inspired by the Brand's Travel Trunks • 1,012 views
Four-Storey Island Resorts

6 Four-Storey Island Resorts

This Luxury Resort is Perched Atop a Rock in the Middle of the Ocean • 827 views
Secret Agent Weapon Guides

7 Secret Agent Weapon Guides

This Infographic Features the Coolest Gadgets Ever Used by James Bond • 356 views
Luxury Car Binoculars

8 Luxury Car Binoculars

Only 1,000 of These Leica Binoculars Were Made for Collectors • 104 views
Luxury Fashion Label Spas

9 Luxury Fashion Label Spas

The Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong Hosts the First Dior Spa in Asia • 101 views
Targeted Cosmetics Serums

10 Targeted Cosmetics Serums

Dermalogica's MAP-15 Regenerator Treatment is Concentrated • 101 views
Ritzy Hotel Caviar Lounges

11 Ritzy Hotel Caviar Lounges

Hong Kong's Ritz-Carlton Added a Luxurious Seven-Person Caviar Bar • 100 views
Luxury Ocean Racecars

12 Luxury Ocean Racecars

The BAC Mono Marine Edition is Specifically Designed for Driving on Yachts • 84 views
Animal Skin Oven Mitts

13 Animal Skin Oven Mitts

The Leather Oven Mitt and Pot Holder Set Offers Cooks a Luxurious Touch • 71 views
High-End Student Housing

14 High-End Student Housing

These Park Lane Apartments are Intended for London's Wealthiest Students • 68 views
Creamy Coffee Brewing Machines

15 Creamy Coffee Brewing Machines

The ‘Lattissima Touch’ is Made for Those Who Enjoy Coffee with Milk • 47 views
Gilded Coffee Pod Brewers

16 Gilded Coffee Pod Brewers

This 24 Carat Gold Nespresso Machine Brews Arabic Coffee Capsules • 43 views
Perfume-Like Vodka Bottles

17 Perfume-Like Vodka Bottles

The 'Ciroc X' Packaging is a Sleek Circular Vessel • 43 views
Mood-Setting Streaming Apps

18 Mood-Setting Streaming Apps

The Netflix Switch Button Orders Food & Dims Lights for TV Watching • 30 views


Record-Breaking Mechanical Watches

1 Record-Breaking Mechanical Watches

The World's Most Complicated Watch Boasts 57 'Complexities' • 12,519 views
Comfortable Luxury Cars

2 Comfortable Luxury Cars

BMW's 2016 '7 Series' is the Brand's Most Technologically Advanced Car • 6,705 views
100 Car-Free Transit Options

3 100 Car-Free Transit Options

Celebrate Car-Free Day with These Alternative Means of Transportation • 6,280 views
55 Louis Vuitton Accessories

4 55 Louis Vuitton Accessories

From Luxe Tropical Accessories to World City Designer Timepieces • 4,263 views
22 Innovative Spa Ideas

5 22 Innovative Spa Ideas

From Slimy Reptile Spas to Urbanized Spa Cabins • 3,325 views
Couture Pastry Shops

6 Couture Pastry Shops

This New Bakery Provides the Perfect Blend of Food and Fashion • 2,921 views
21 Luxurious iPhone Cases

7 21 Luxurious iPhone Cases

From Frilly Phone Cases to $100,000 Smartphone Protectors • 1,989 views
Artistic Limited-Edition Handbags

8 Artistic Limited-Edition Handbags

This Exclusive Mrs. Gucci Bag is a Luxurious Masterpiece • 1,927 views
Villainous Galactic Watches

9 Villainous Galactic Watches

Devon's $28,500 Star Wars Watches Resemble the Iconic TIE Fighter Jet • 1,825 views
Lightweight Carbon Bicycles

10 Lightweight Carbon Bicycles

This Carbon Fiber Bike Boasts a Lightweight Frame and Sleek Style • 1,772 views
Music-Themed Luxury Hotels

11 Music-Themed Luxury Hotels

This European Boutique Hotel Provides a Special Tailored Experience • 1,656 views
Eco Desert Retreats

12 Eco Desert Retreats

This Solar-Powered Eco Retreat is a Private Resort in the Secluded Desert • 1,539 views
Transparent Women

13 Transparent Women's Watches

The First Ever Women's Urwerk Watch Features a See-Through Face • 1,390 views
Adult-Oriented Treehouses

14 Adult-Oriented Treehouses

This Luxury Treehouse Features Both a Whiskey and Martini Bar • 1,374 views
Luxury Car-Themed Houses

15 Luxury Car-Themed Houses

This $10 Million Home Mimicks the Sleek Elegance of a Luxury Bugatti Car • 1,323 views
Villainous Luxury Cars

16 Villainous Luxury Cars

The 'Jaguar C-X75' was Redesigned for the Upcoming James Bond 'Spectre' • 1,285 views
Extravagant Shower Systems

17 Extravagant Shower Systems

This Luxury Shower Features a Handcrafted Table for Extra Leisure • 1,251 views
Luxury Travel Kits

18 Luxury Travel Kits

Chivas Joined Globe Trotter to Create the 'Made for Gentlemen' Collectible Line • 1,096 views
Rental Yacht Accommodations

19 Rental Yacht Accommodations

This Luxury Yacht is Being Offered to Airbnb Travelers in Hong Kong • 1,035 views
$75 Million Cakes

20 $75 Million Cakes

This Couture Designer Baked the World's Most Expensive Cake • 949 views


Top 70 Luxury Ideas in August

1 Top 70 Luxury Ideas in August

From Opulent Private Islands to Pinot Noir Champagne • 32,442 views
60 Secret Agent-Inspired Products

2 60 Secret Agent-Inspired Products

From Designer Poker Sets to Delicious Spy-Worthy Spirits • 14,016 views
Chivalrous Luxury Cars

3 Chivalrous Luxury Cars

Hyundai's 'Vision G Coupe' is the Brand's Inaugural Luxury Car • 12,014 views
30 Futuristic Luxury Homes

4 30 Futuristic Luxury Homes

From Cubic Mediterranean Abodes to Levitating Luxury Homes • 9,532 views
Sophisticated Sidecar Bicycles

5 Sophisticated Sidecar Bicycles

This Sidecar Bike is Perfect for Cruising Down the Boardwalk • 8,598 views
50 Delicate Rose Gold Items

6 50 Delicate Rose Gold Items

From Diamond-Studded Smartphones to Fashionable Fitness Trackers • 5,281 views
11 Luxurious Cat Beds

7 11 Luxurious Cat Beds

From Contemporary Cat Beds to Bridge-Like Pet Loungers • 3,623 views
Island Motorsport Resorts

8 Island Motorsport Resorts

Canada's West Coast is Home to a Stunning Motorsport Destination • 3,300 views
Luxurious Electric Watercrafts

9 Luxurious Electric Watercrafts

The 'Chilli Island' is a Combination Electric Boat and Lounger • 2,974 views
Public Napping Chairs

10 Public Napping Chairs

This Modern Seat is Meant to be Placed in Cities for a Temporary Relief • 2,926 views
Rock-Resembling Pillows

11 Rock-Resembling Pillows

Build Your Own Comfy Plush Rock Collection with the 'Living Stone Pillows' • 2,744 views
Hybrid Flying Machines

12 Hybrid Flying Machines

This Helicopter-Jet Fusion Makes Luxe Travel More Efficient • 2,697 views
Ski-Themed Streetwear

13 Ski-Themed Streetwear

Ami and Moncler's Menswear Lookbook Fuses French Style with Sports • 2,331 views
Lavishly Designed Smartwatches

14 Lavishly Designed Smartwatches

This $112000 Luxury Apple Watch Fuses Tech and Fashion • 2,225 views
Bohemian Summer Homes

15 Bohemian Summer Homes

This Summer Home Treads Between Embracing Luxury and Nature • 2,192 views
11 Examples of Baby Bling

16 11 Examples of Baby Bling

From $12 Million Gold Bassinets to Luxury Baby Boosters • 2,143 views
Elegant Wooden Headphones

17 Elegant Wooden Headphones

These Classic Headphones Provide a Sleek Listening Experience • 2,014 views
High-Fashion Varsity Jackets

18 High-Fashion Varsity Jackets

These Jackets by Valentino are Stitched with Butterflies and Flowers • 1,894 views
Modern Marauder Watches

19 Modern Marauder Watches

This Pirate-Inspired Luxury Collector's Watch Uses Aged Bronze Metal • 1,874 views
Luxurious Nature-Inspired Cosmetics

20 Luxurious Nature-Inspired Cosmetics

This Makeup Collection is Inspired by Natural Elements • 1,866 views