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Aggressive Motorcycle Concepts

1 Aggressive Motorcycle Concepts

The BMW Titan Concept is Aerodynamic and Fiercely Geometrical • 4,577 views
21 Luxury Carbon Fiber Cars

2 21 Luxury Carbon Fiber Cars

From Carbon Fiber Super Cars to Aviation-Inspired Cars • 1,144 views
Functional Luxury Luggage

3 Functional Luxury Luggage

The New Louis Vuitton Roller Luggage Was Designed By Apple's Design VP • 918 views
Angelic Shower Heads

4 Angelic Shower Heads

Methven's 'Aurajet' Shoots Water from a Halo-Shaped Nozzle • 771 views
Collage Fashion Campaigns

5 Collage Fashion Campaigns

The Ads for Chanel Fall 2016 are Creative Collages • 672 views
Upcycled Plane Seat Luggage

6 Upcycled Plane Seat Luggage

These Discarded Aircraft Seats Were Made Into Luxe 'PLANE' Luggage • 465 views
Bespoke Fitness Equipment

7 Bespoke Fitness Equipment

PENT. Creates Luxury Fitness Ware That Beautifies Gyms • 350 views
Camper-Shaped Beds

8 Camper-Shaped Beds

This Children's Bed is Hidden in a Replica of a VW Camper • 293 views
Carbon Fiber Cars

9 Carbon Fiber Cars

Lamborghini is Changing the Rules of Auto Manufacturing with Carbon Fiber • 236 views
Solid Gold Sneakers

10 Solid Gold Sneakers

Drake Commissioned a Pair of OVO-Branded 24k Gold Air Jordans to be Designed • 162 views
Kingly Luxury Chess Sets

11 Kingly Luxury Chess Sets

The 'Royal Chess Set' Costs More Than a Supercar • 156 views
Sleek High-End Smartphones

12 Sleek High-End Smartphones

Huawei's 'Honor 8' Will Compete with the Top Smartphones • 137 views
$2 Million Dining Experiences

13 $2 Million Dining Experiences

The Ce La Vi Restaurant in Singapore Offers the Most Expensive Meal • 123 views
Luxe Eco-Friendly Packaging

14 Luxe Eco-Friendly Packaging

Louis Vuitton is a Getting a New Range of Saffron Luxury Packaging • 93 views
Japan-Inspired Porcelain Watches

15 Japan-Inspired Porcelain Watches

Paul Gerber Collaborated with a Japanese Brand to Create Watches • 72 views
Sharp 4K Televisions

16 Sharp 4K Televisions

Sony's 'Z Series' TVs Set a High Water Mark for Luxury Televisions • 46 views
Bioengineered Grapeless Wines

17 Bioengineered Grapeless Wines

Ava Winery's Designer Wines are Made Without Grapes • 33 views
Sporty Private Jets

18 Sporty Private Jets

The 'SportJet' is Specifically Designed to Carry Professional Athletes • 31 views


85 Streetwear Style Innovations

1 85 Streetwear Style Innovations

From Disney Collaborations to Ultra Luxe Subculture Series • 9,221 views
36 Unsually Crafted Men

2 36 Unsually Crafted Men's Watches

From Supercar-Inspired Timepieces to Minimalist Nautical Watches • 4,523 views
Open-Air Yacht Concepts

3 Open-Air Yacht Concepts

The '108M' Megayacht by Hareide Design Emphasizes Contact with Nature • 3,768 views
Hot Air Balloon Beds

4 Hot Air Balloon Beds

This Imaginative Bed Design for Kids by Circu Takes After a Floating Vehicle • 2,784 views
Magical Couture Collections

5 Magical Couture Collections

Fendi's Anniversary Show Revealed Fairy Tale Looks • 2,361 views
Opulent Luxury Yachts

6 Opulent Luxury Yachts

The WallyKokoNut Blends Luxury Amenities With Solid Engineering • 2,337 views
Graffiti-Inspired Timepieces

7 Graffiti-Inspired Timepieces

The RM 68-01 Tourbilion Cyril Kongo Boasts a Colorful Watch Design • 1,635 views
Handbag Authentication Tags

8 Handbag Authentication Tags

Maria&Donato Uses NFC Tags to Ensure Originality • 1,439 views
Extravagant Sneaker Series

9 Extravagant Sneaker Series

The Ferragamo Shoe Collection Was Expanded with a Variety of Luxe Looks • 956 views
Globally Inspired Fragrances

10 Globally Inspired Fragrances

These Ralph Lauren Fragrances Remind of Luxury Travel Destinations • 741 views
Edible Promotional Homes

11 Edible Promotional Homes

This Snack Promotion Gives Fans a Chance to Stay in a $12 Million Home • 636 views
Onyx Accessory Collections

12 Onyx Accessory Collections

This Louis Vuitton Paris Line Features Modern Carriers and More • 636 views
Luxurious Floating Mattresses

13 Luxurious Floating Mattresses

The Casper Mattress Floatie is the Brand's Latest Product Offering • 636 views
Low-Cost Prescription Sunglasses

14 Low-Cost Prescription Sunglasses

IOLLA Makes Affordable Polarized and Prescription Sunglasses • 536 views
Luxury Home Theaters

15 Luxury Home Theaters

IMAX is Offering to Build Private Luxury Theaters for Homes • 482 views
Coveted Luxury Sports Cars

16 Coveted Luxury Sports Cars

Ferrari's Sleek Sports Car Was Sold Out Before the Design Went Public • 421 views
Luxe Dachshund-Shaped Bags

17 Luxe Dachshund-Shaped Bags

Thom Browne's Men's Dog Bags Cost Almost $3,000 a Piece • 404 views
Ayurvedic Gold Spa Experiences

18 Ayurvedic Gold Spa Experiences

This Anti-Aging Hammam Treatment Incorporates 23 Carat Gold • 370 views
Wheat-Inspired Jewelry

19 Wheat-Inspired Jewelry

This Chanel Jewelry Collection Takes Inspiration from a Simple Grain • 333 views
Jewelry-Themed High Tea Experiences

20 Jewelry-Themed High Tea Experiences

The Peninsula Hotel Offers a Tiffany & Co. Tea Service • 292 views


Top 25 Luxury Experiences in May

1 Top 25 Luxury Experiences in May

From Sporty Stadium Bedrooms to Immersive Tequila Experiences • 7,999 views
Underground-Inspired Couture

2 Underground-Inspired Couture

This Givenchy Spring Collection Uses 90s Subculture for Influence • 5,470 views
Minimal Futuristic Store Layouts

3 Minimal Futuristic Store Layouts

This Modern Department Store Brings the Future into the Present • 5,392 views
Lavish Concept Cars

4 Lavish Concept Cars

The Rolls-Royce Vision Concept Car Can Customize to the User's Needs • 4,789 views
Sleek Luxury Superyachts

5 Sleek Luxury Superyachts

This Luxury Yacht's Color Scheme is Dark and Dynamic • 3,730 views
Wind-Powered Racing Boats

6 Wind-Powered Racing Boats

The Mercedes-Benz WIND Power is Powered by Renewable Energy • 2,325 views
Greek Island Villas

7 Greek Island Villas

hhh architects Designs a Trio of Secluded Luxe Apartments • 2,181 views
Portable Luxury Bars

8 Portable Luxury Bars

This Louis Vuitton Portable Whiskey Bar Can Be Brought When Travelling • 2,173 views
Luxury Clothing Customizations

9 Luxury Clothing Customizations

Gucci is Allowing Consumers to Do DIY Modifications In-Store • 1,950 views
Intricate Opulent Cakes

10 Intricate Opulent Cakes

These Beautiful Cakes Are Inspired By Fairy Tales and Pop Culture • 1,771 views
Round Beach Towels

11 Round Beach Towels

Roundie Towels Make for Stylish and Spacious Beach Accessories • 1,682 views
Personalized Car Concepts

12 Personalized Car Concepts

The Mini Vision Next 100 Can Change Color Schemes • 1,615 views
Private Cabana Suites

13 Private Cabana Suites

This Hotel Offers Private Cabanas for Residents • 1,542 views
High-End Sneaker Brand Sandals

14 High-End Sneaker Brand Sandals

The Nike Taupo Leather Slide is Crafted from Premium Materials • 1,380 views
Luxurious Lip Lacquers

15 Luxurious Lip Lacquers

The Loubilaque Collection is New Line of Ultra-Luxe Lipsticks • 1,354 views
Sleek Solar Electric Boats

16 Sleek Solar Electric Boats

E-Vision Granturismo Boat Incorporates Tesla Batteries • 1,344 views
Phone-Charging Smart Bags

17 Phone-Charging Smart Bags

These Lorna & Bel Bags Introduce Women's High-Fashion to Technology • 1,342 views
Whimsical Men

18 Whimsical Men's Couture

Bright Colors and Imaginative Cuts Overrode the Men's Gucci Fashion Show • 1,041 views
Modern-Vintage Hybrid Watches

19 Modern-Vintage Hybrid Watches

This Timeless Watch by CJR is Intricate and Luxurious • 1,002 views
Car-Specific Vacations

20 Car-Specific Vacations

Auto Enthusiasts Can Now Book a Supercar-Specific Getaway in Canada • 954 views