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Top 100 Luxury Trends in 2015

1 Top 100 Luxury Trends in 2015

From Emerald-Encrusted Timepieces to Luxe Presidential Smarphones • 45,470 views
Top 100 Ultra Luxury Trends in 2015

2 Top 100 Ultra Luxury Trends in 2015

From Edible Gold Chocolate Bars to Luxurious Silver Vaults • 29,778 views
Top 90 Luxury Fashion Trends in 2015

3 Top 90 Luxury Fashion Trends in 2015

From Surrealist Timepieces to Couture Pastry Shops • 25,040 views
Retro Futurism Timepieces

4 Retro Futurism Timepieces

HYT Watches' 'H2 Tradition' Fuses Innovation with Classic Watchmaking • 19,410 views
Top 35 Luxury Trends in February

5 Top 35 Luxury Trends in February

From Romantic Watch Collections to Luxe Pre-Made Airline Meals • 8,177 views
Car-Inspired Modern Yachts

6 Car-Inspired Modern Yachts

The Hyperlien 'Modern Classic Gran Torino' Yacht is Well-Appointed • 4,649 views
30 Gold-Infused Foods

7 30 Gold-Infused Foods

From Luxe Gilded Donuts to Extravagant Birthday Cupcakes • 3,366 views
Couture Superhero Masks

8 Couture Superhero Masks

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Masks Exhibit High-End Fashion • 2,753 views
Bespoke Sound Systems

9 Bespoke Sound Systems

The YAR 'B-yond' Advanced Audio System is for Discerning Audiophiles • 2,539 views
Naturalistic Couture Collections

10 Naturalistic Couture Collections

The Chanel Spring Couture Range Honors Nature and Sustainability • 2,260 views
Futuristic Sci-Fi Menswear

11 Futuristic Sci-Fi Menswear

The Versace Menswear Fall Collection Promotes Space Camp Style • 2,236 views
Dark Fairytale-Themed Scarves

12 Dark Fairytale-Themed Scarves

These Designs are Eerily Beautiful and Stylish • 1,912 views
Violet Combat Boots

13 Violet Combat Boots

These Dazzling 'Purple Diamond' Boots Make a Bold Fashion Statement • 1,813 views
Flashy Fuel Efficient Cars

14 Flashy Fuel Efficient Cars

This Eco-Friendly Toyota Prius Features a Dazzling Custom Chrome Body • 1,669 views
37 High-End Electric Vehicles

15 37 High-End Electric Vehicles

These Luxury Electric Vehicles Boast Eco-Friendly Features • 1,431 views
$14,000 Chocolates

16 $14,000 Chocolates

The Ross Limited was Created in Honor of Iconic Female Hollywood Stars • 1,286 views
Sicilian Western Couture

17 Sicilian Western Couture

The Dolce & Gabbana Men's Fall Collection is Fit for Cowboys • 1,267 views
Adventure Exploration Yachts

18 Adventure Exploration Yachts

The Alvarado is a Modern Explorer Yacht with Luxury Appointments • 1,263 views
Futuristic Whiteout Boutiques

19 Futuristic Whiteout Boutiques

The New Paco Rabanne Paris Store Boasts a Modular Storage System • 1,151 views
Elegant Tuned-Up Sedans

20 Elegant Tuned-Up Sedans

The Brabus C 450 4MATIC Custom Mercedes Offers Luxurious Features • 971 views


55 Couture Gift Ideas

1 55 Couture Gift Ideas

From Haute Couture Coloring Books to Bespoke Designer Heels • 12,506 views
App-Connected Rings

2 App-Connected Rings

The Neyya Smart Ring's Touchscreen Extends the Functions of a Smartphone • 4,709 views
Gender Fluid Couture Campaigns

3 Gender Fluid Couture Campaigns

The Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer Campaign Lacks Gender Barriers • 4,436 views
Luxurious Coffee Sets

4 Luxurious Coffee Sets

This Co-Branded Coffee Set Brings Opulence to Your Morning Cup of Joe • 3,863 views
Luxe Activewear Collections (UPDATE)

5 Luxe Activewear Collections (UPDATE)

Tory Burch's 'Tory Sport' Puts a High-End Spin on Activewear • 2,162 views
Luxury Automotive Smartphones

6 Luxury Automotive Smartphones

The Signature Touch for Bentley Makes the Luxe Car Aesthetics Mobile • 1,321 views
Romantic Watch Collections

7 Romantic Watch Collections

The Piaget Rose Collection Celebrates Valentine's Day in Dazzling Style • 1,171 views
Prehistoric Jewelry Collections

8 Prehistoric Jewelry Collections

The Saint Laurent Spring/Summer Jewelry Line Boasts Jurassic Style • 1,113 views
Co-Branded Zodiac Kicks

9 Co-Branded Zodiac Kicks

These Nike Air Force 1s by Zhijun Wang Honor the Year of the Monkey • 871 views
Luxurious Cruelty-Free Winterwear

10 Luxurious Cruelty-Free Winterwear

Foofi & Bella is an Upscale Line of Cruelty-Free Fashion • 751 views
Luxurious Smartphone Chargers

11 Luxurious Smartphone Chargers

The Mobiado 'm|CUBE' Brings Luxury to Powering Up Your Cellphone • 750 views
Gourmet Breakfast Sandwiches

12 Gourmet Breakfast Sandwiches

This Decadent Breakfast Sandwich Features High-End Ingredients • 733 views
Luxury Double-Edge Razors

13 Luxury Double-Edge Razors

Aesop's Double-Edge Razor is Handmade by English Craftsmen • 646 views
Rose Gold Smartwatches

14 Rose Gold Smartwatches

This New Huawei Watch Features 22 Carats of Rose Gold • 428 views
Luxury Lace Skin Care

15 Luxury Lace Skin Care

This Givenchy Lace Face Mask Gives a Glowing and Fashionable Appearance • 344 views
Cathedral-Inspired Jewelry Boxes

16 Cathedral-Inspired Jewelry Boxes

This $14,400 Luxury Jewelry Box Resembles Italy's Duomo of Siena • 335 views
Bespoke Gilded Shishas

17 Bespoke Gilded Shishas

These Middle Eastern Smoking Contraptions are Covered in 24 Karats of Gold • 286 views
Invite-Only Credit Cards

18 Invite-Only Credit Cards

The Aurae MasterCard is Actually Made of Real Gold • 277 views
Gold-Plated Eyelash Curlers

19 Gold-Plated Eyelash Curlers

The shu uemura maison kitsuné Line Includes a Golden Eyelash Tool • 227 views
Elegant Gilded Smartwatches

20 Elegant Gilded Smartwatches

The New Samsung Gear S2 Classic Comes in Rose Gold and Platinum • 166 views