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Infinity Pool Yachts

1 Infinity Pool Yachts

This Super-Yacht is Perfectly Symmetrical & Has a Pool Within the Ocean • 5,723 views
45 Hybrid Retail-Restaurants

2 45 Hybrid Retail-Restaurants

From Clothing Store Diners to Retro Record-Playing Cafes • 4,757 views
Raw Leather Japanese Sneakers

3 Raw Leather Japanese Sneakers

The Hender Scheme Natural Sneakers Will Patina with Continued Wear • 3,027 views
Wizarding Luxury Apartments

4 Wizarding Luxury Apartments

Magical Hogwarts Houses from the Harry Potter Series are Now for Sale • 2,765 views
Designer Barbie Couture

5 Designer Barbie Couture

The Moschino Barbie Collection Provides High-Fashion Attire for Dolls • 1,850 views
Luxury Limo Vans

6 Luxury Limo Vans

This Volkswagen T6 Multivan Has Been Converted into a Comfy Luxury Limousine • 1,532 views
Exclusive Whiskey Kits

7 Exclusive Whiskey Kits

The Aberlour Taste of Malt Whiskey Coffret Offers Distinct Snifters • 1,407 views
Artisinal Luxury Umbrellas

8 Artisinal Luxury Umbrellas

This Limited-Edition Umbrella from 'visvim' Costs $8,000 Dollars • 1,266 views
Rotating Water Wheel Hotels

9 Rotating Water Wheel Hotels

This Hotel Spins Like a Ferris Wheel With Glass-Walled Sleeping Pods • 1,232 views
Vault-Inspired Whiskey Pop-Ups

10 Vault-Inspired Whiskey Pop-Ups

This Pop-Up Glenmorangie Bar Delighted Fans in London • 1,096 views
Cruelty-Free Car Interiors

11 Cruelty-Free Car Interiors

Ferrari is Experimenting with Faux Leather Automotive Upholstery • 1,061 views
Festive Fur Slippers

12 Festive Fur Slippers

The Josefinas 'Outlaw' Loafer Collection is Ideal for the Holiday Season • 1,060 views
Upcycled Silken Sneakers

13 Upcycled Silken Sneakers

These 'What the Versace' Shoes are Made from a Pair of Patterned Pants • 1,011 views
Dark Luxurious Smartwatches (UPDATE)

14 Dark Luxurious Smartwatches (UPDATE)

The $1,500 Tag Heuer Watch Looks like an Analog Timepiece • 845 views
Island Luxury Retreats

15 Island Luxury Retreats

The Branson Estate on Moskito Island Has a Wraparound Infinity Pool & Bar • 783 views
Extensive Traveling Mojito Bars

16 Extensive Traveling Mojito Bars

The T.T. Mojito Trunk is a Portable Bar with Built-In Work Space • 783 views
Boulevard-Inspired Bikes

17 Boulevard-Inspired Bikes

This Luxury Bicycle from Public Bikes is Inspired by the Champs Elysees • 755 views
Turtle-Shaped Luxury Perfumes

18 Turtle-Shaped Luxury Perfumes

The Guerlain Flacon Perfume Comes in a Baccarat Fine Crystal Bottle • 708 views
20 Maternity Wear Innovations

19 20 Maternity Wear Innovations

From Stylish Nursing Sleepwear to Multifaceted Maternity Bras • 640 views
Rooftop Restaurant Pop-Ups

20 Rooftop Restaurant Pop-Ups

The Forest on the Roof is a Dining Experience Atop of Selfridges • 546 views


Top 100 Tech Trends in September

1 Top 100 Tech Trends in September

From Home Automation Buttons to Inexpensive 3D-Printed Villas • 40,059 views
Top 85 Luxury Trends in October

2 Top 85 Luxury Trends in October

From $3,000 Chocolate Truffles to Personalized Diamond Ornaments • 33,945 views
Top 65 Luxury Concepts in September

3 Top 65 Luxury Concepts in September

From Floating Champagne Bars to Couture Playing Cards • 23,110 views
46 Sparkling Champagne Innovations

4 46 Sparkling Champagne Innovations

These Bubbly Creations Celebrate World Champagne Day • 5,240 views
45 Lustrous Reptilian Fashions

5 45 Lustrous Reptilian Fashions

From Crocodile Skin Canteens to Handbag-Inspired Sneakers • 4,984 views
Diamond-Embossed Sneakers

6 Diamond-Embossed Sneakers

The Nike Air Trainer Cruz Features a Textured Geometric Pattern • 4,727 views
Vintage Leather Duffel Bags

7 Vintage Leather Duffel Bags

This Kendal & Hyde Bag Looks Like It Could've Been Your Grandparents' • 4,612 views
Arctic-Ready Yachts

8 Arctic-Ready Yachts

The Seaxplorer Expedition Yacht is Prepared to Sail Hot or Cold Destinations • 4,362 views
Luxurious Presidential Smartphones

9 Luxurious Presidential Smartphones

This iPhone is Decorated with a Gold Encrusted Vladimir Putin • 3,776 views
22 Examples of Luxurious Desserts

10 22 Examples of Luxurious Desserts

From Decadent Chocolate Truffles to Preppy Designer Pastries • 3,705 views
Sleek Steel Fire Pits

11 Sleek Steel Fire Pits

The 'Plodes Wave Outdoor Fire Pit' Has a Curved Tripod Base for Balance • 3,265 views
Cozy Lakeside Saunas

12 Cozy Lakeside Saunas

This Relaxing Sauna is Made to Resemble the Inside of a Grotto • 3,142 views
Quintessentially Parisian Shops

13 Quintessentially Parisian Shops

The New Marie Sixtine Boutique in Paris Resembles an Apartment • 2,438 views
Secluded Luxury Hotels

14 Secluded Luxury Hotels

The 'VIVOOD Landscape Hotel' Has Rooms Spread Out Across the Land • 2,394 views
Luxury Unisex Watches

15 Luxury Unisex Watches

The New Louis Vuitton Watch is Inspired by the Brand's Travel Trunks • 2,347 views
Million-Dollar Humidors

16 Million-Dollar Humidors

The Emperador Cigar Chest is Luxuriously Appointed and Priced • 2,327 views
Opulent Tourbillon Wristwatches

17 Opulent Tourbillon Wristwatches

The Louis Moinet​ Vertalor is the Ferrari of Wristwatches • 2,307 views
15 Examples of Luxurious Smartwatches

18 15 Examples of Luxurious Smartwatches

From Collaborative Designer Smartwatches to 23-Karat Watches • 2,294 views
Luxurious Motorcycle Jackets

19 Luxurious Motorcycle Jackets

This Limited Edition Horween Motorcycle Jacket is a Dapper Burgundy • 2,103 views
Modernized Jungle Retreats

20 Modernized Jungle Retreats

This Secluded Tropical Vacation Home Boasts High-End Modern Features • 1,969 views