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Top 100 Ultra Luxury Trends of 2014

1 Top 100 Ultra Luxury Trends of 2014

From Champagne Pops to Extravagant Crystal Fragrances • 69,134 views
Top 100 Luxury Trends of 2014

2 Top 100 Luxury Trends of 2014

From Poolside Champagne Bars to Glamorously Bejeweled Editorials • 49,494 views
Top 100 Luxury Fashion Trends of 2014

3 Top 100 Luxury Fashion Trends of 2014

From Bespoke Designer Footwear to Wearable Art Couture • 45,374 views
Gold-Plated Supercars

4 Gold-Plated Supercars

This Lamborghini Aventador Roadster Celebrates Qatar Day in Dubai • 11,029 views
$100 Million Penthouses

5 $100 Million Penthouses

These Penthouse is Located in the One57 Tower in Midtown Manhattan • 8,654 views
Mix-n-Match Marble Furnishings

6 Mix-n-Match Marble Furnishings

Cut_Paste Series Comprises Rigidly Assembled Construction Materials • 5,404 views
Carbon Fiber Dive Watches

7 Carbon Fiber Dive Watches

The Clerc Hydroscaph H140 Carbon is Crafted From High-Tech Materials • 4,898 views
Minimalist Luxury Watches

8 Minimalist Luxury Watches

Elliot Havok Watches Blend Classy Appearance and Affordability • 3,626 views
Gallery-Style Patisseries

9 Gallery-Style Patisseries

The À La Folie Pastry Shop Displays its Sweet Treats Like Works of Art • 2,480 views
Precious Infant Clothes

10 Precious Infant Clothes

Grey Rabbit Baby's Hand-Knit Garments Are Crafted with Cashmere • 1,613 views
Stuffed Panda Seating

11 Stuffed Panda Seating

The Panda Banquete is a Unique Chair Made of Stuffed Animals • 1,527 views
Wine-Inspired Water Bottles

12 Wine-Inspired Water Bottles

This Water Design Concept Brands Spring Water Like a Fine Wine • 1,397 views
Elegant Escargot Packaging

13 Elegant Escargot Packaging

Lazy Snail's Beautiful Jar Encourages Cravings for Gourmet at Home • 1,393 views
Glass Fragrance Testers

14 Glass Fragrance Testers

Dior's Fragrance Samplers Do Away with Wasteful Paper Strips • 1,202 views
Casual Foie Gras Cans

15 Casual Foie Gras Cans

Uhmm's Gourmet Food Packaging Adopts Bold, Punchy Graphics & Text • 1,157 views
Seductive Floral Fragrances

16 Seductive Floral Fragrances

The Exotic Velvet Orchid Tom Ford Perfume is Spicy Yet Very Feminine • 1,085 views
Opulent Skincare Gadgets

17 Opulent Skincare Gadgets

The CACI Microlift Facial Toning Device is Bejeweled for Valentine's Day • 1,007 views
Weighty Wedding Dresses

18 Weighty Wedding Dresses

This Opulent 'Fantasy' Wedding Dress Weighs 400 Pounds • 982 views
Travel Photography Kits

19 Travel Photography Kits

Fujifilm's Extravagant Globe-Trotter Photography Kit Costs $14,000 • 922 views
Textural Chocolate Cubes

20 Textural Chocolate Cubes

Nendo Designed a Limited Edition Chocolate Box for Maison & Objet • 882 views


100 Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

1 100 Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

From Dainty Wrist Adornments to Silky Hearrthob Pillows • 118,434 views
Top 100 Lifestyle Ideas in December

2 Top 100 Lifestyle Ideas in December

From Terrifying Wedding Photography to Surreal Digital Museums • 48,519 views
100 Luxurious Gifts

3 100 Luxurious Gifts

From Opulent Coffee Tumblers to Cozy Bedazzled Boots • 34,785 views
Top 50 Luxury Ideas in December

4 Top 50 Luxury Ideas in December

From Sapphire Secret Watches to Gold-Infused Beer • 27,885 views
Top 100 Fashion Ideas in December

5 Top 100 Fashion Ideas in December

From Gothic Mermaid Catalogs to Adventurous Ski Editorials • 22,276 views
Stylish Spacesuit Jackets

6 Stylish Spacesuit Jackets

The Look of This SPACELIFE Jacket is Out of This World • 3,978 views
Monochrome Streetwear Photography

7 Monochrome Streetwear Photography

Paint the streets Black & White with the Concrete Elite • 3,335 views
$400K Belt Buckles

8 $400K Belt Buckles

The Calibre R822 'Predator' is the World's Most Expensive Belt Buckles • 2,872 views
Bank-Breaking Toy Cars

9 Bank-Breaking Toy Cars

The Atom Car Retails for £30,000 at Selfridges' Oxford Street Store • 2,726 views
Luxurious Prayer Necklaces

10 Luxurious Prayer Necklaces

Banzai Child's Mala Bead Jewelry Mixes Meditation and High Fashion • 2,670 views
Bespoke Jet-Setting Experiences

11 Bespoke Jet-Setting Experiences

XOJet and Element Lifestyle Team Up to Enhance Consumers' Travels • 2,653 views
Champagne Drone Deliveries

12 Champagne Drone Deliveries

Las Vegas' Marquee Dayclub Offers a Luxury Hi-Tech Bottle Service • 2,489 views
17 Luxurious Holiday Accessories

13 17 Luxurious Holiday Accessories

From Couture Christmas Tables to Designer Holiday Decor • 2,313 views
Luxury Christmas Cards

14 Luxury Christmas Cards

The World's Most Expensive Christmas Card Retails for $10,000 • 2,086 views
Bespoke Luxury Cars

15 Bespoke Luxury Cars

The Rolls Royce Suhail Collection Covers All Rolls Royce Models • 2,064 views
Premium Travel Services

16 Premium Travel Services

Heathrow by Invitation Opens VIP Travel to the Public Who Can Afford It • 1,995 views
Vibrant Luxury Leather Goods

17 Vibrant Luxury Leather Goods

The Louis Vuitton Damier Infini Gets a Chromatic Update • 1,878 views
Fashionable Advent Calendars

18 Fashionable Advent Calendars

Chanel's Christmas Advent Calendar is Filled with Treats for Fans • 1,842 views
Elegant Ellipse Furniture

19 Elegant Ellipse Furniture

This Outdoor Chaise Lounge Lets One Relax in Style • 1,279 views
Rockstar Party Clubs

20 Rockstar Party Clubs

Christian Audigier's Designer Club Helps Clubbers Party Like Rockstars • 1,261 views