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Top 30 Jewelry Ideas in November

1 Top 30 Jewelry Ideas in November

From Opulent Nail Adornments to Understated Necklace Designs • 24,319 views
Top 30 Jewelry Products in December

2 Top 30 Jewelry Products in December

From Gilded Lash Adornments to Geometric Ring Accessories • 7,300 views
Optical Illusion Lookbooks

3 Optical Illusion Lookbooks

The Coyote Negro Spectra Catalogue Features Visual Tricks • 2,458 views
50 Festive Statement Necklaces

4 50 Festive Statement Necklaces

These Ornate Jewelry Pieces are Perfect for New Year's Eve Outfits • 2,156 views
Expressive Punctuation Earrings

5 Expressive Punctuation Earrings

This Grammar-Inspired Earring Collection is from Epheriell • 1,828 views
Sculptural Steel Jewelry

6 Sculptural Steel Jewelry

These Jera Rose Petal Lodge Accessories Celebrate Eccentric Details • 1,725 views
Bearded Accessory Ads

7 Bearded Accessory Ads

Top Model Sasha Marini Stars in the Latest Centimetro Jewellery Campaign • 1,720 views
Luxurious Prayer Necklaces

8 Luxurious Prayer Necklaces

Banzai Child's Mala Bead Jewelry Mixes Meditation and High Fashion • 1,404 views
Delicate Foliage Adornments

9 Delicate Foliage Adornments

This Leaf Ear Cuff from Etsy's Personal Necklace Shop Exudes Elegance • 1,386 views
Microloan-Funding Necklaces

10 Microloan-Funding Necklaces

The Female-Empowering Socially Conscious Accessories Contain Crystals • 1,371 views
Festive Ear Cuff Accessories

11 Festive Ear Cuff Accessories

Pixie Market's Star Shaped Ear Cuff Will Make a Statement • 1,347 views
Interlocked Minimalism Accessories

12 Interlocked Minimalism Accessories

Raffaella Mangiarotti's Modulo C Jewelry Collection is Inricate • 1,082 views
Clean Modernism Accessories

13 Clean Modernism Accessories

This Marina Stanimirovic Jewelry Line is Simplistic and Sleek • 1,050 views
Circular Jewelry Collections

14 Circular Jewelry Collections

The Tiro Tiro Cercis Line Features Mostly Rounded Shapes • 1,007 views
Brass Leather Jewelry

15 Brass Leather Jewelry

The Collette Ishiyama 'Reign' Collection is Edgy and Feminine • 942 views
Boldly Barren Jewelry Lookbooks

16 Boldly Barren Jewelry Lookbooks

The Black Betty Shapeshifters Collection Does Away with Detailing • 890 views
Festive Foliage Accessories

17 Festive Foliage Accessories

These Leaf Chandelier Earrings are Perfect for Holiday Parties • 758 views
Luxe Jewel-Themed Accommodations

18 Luxe Jewel-Themed Accommodations

This Luxury Suite at the New York Palace Includes a Diamond Ring • 720 views
Bold Architectural Jewelry

19 Bold Architectural Jewelry

The Pichulik Spring/Summer 2015 Line is Design-Themed • 707 views
Poetic Floral Jewelry

20 Poetic Floral Jewelry

Ruby Robin Designs Whimsical Pieces for Modern Day Romantics • 542 views


Top 50 Jewelry Ideas in October

1 Top 50 Jewelry Ideas in October

From Contemporary Egyptian Accessories to Creepy Eye Adornments • 26,353 views
100 Stunning Gold Jewelry Pieces

2 100 Stunning Gold Jewelry Pieces

From Suspended Stone Bangles to Sparkling Descriptive Jewelry • 7,171 views
Streetwear Accessories Collections

3 Streetwear Accessories Collections

The Double U Frenk Fall/Winter Collection Accessorizes Everyday • 7,169 views
Luxe Anatomical Jewelry

4 Luxe Anatomical Jewelry

The Bone Collection by Vayshalee Naran is Edgy and Opulent • 6,838 views
40 Minimalist Jewelry Finds

5 40 Minimalist Jewelry Finds

From Linear Necklace Designs to Subtle Ring Finger Adornments • 4,453 views
Simplistically Shaped Jewelry

6 Simplistically Shaped Jewelry

This Line of Geometric Metal Rings Celebrates Minimalism • 4,315 views
Protective Ring Alarms

7 Protective Ring Alarms

The Siren Ring is a Powerful Personal Safety Device and Stylish Wearable • 3,979 views
11 Bizarre Bracelet Gift Ideas

8 11 Bizarre Bracelet Gift Ideas

From Morbid Blood Bracelets to Slick Slithering Bangles • 3,888 views
Modern Tribal Jewelry

9 Modern Tribal Jewelry

Pigeon Toe Designs Feminine Pieces for the Bohemian Chic • 3,615 views
Whimsical Holiday Ads

10 Whimsical Holiday Ads

The Latest Tiffany Christmas Campaign Celebrates the Festive Season • 3,498 views
Ethereal Tribal Jewelry

11 Ethereal Tribal Jewelry

Joanna Bury's Newest Collections are Dreamily Intricate • 3,424 views
Fractured Wood Jewelry

12 Fractured Wood Jewelry

Manufract by Marcel Dunger is Inspired by Tree's Self-Healing Powers • 3,188 views
Knotted Neon Jewelry

13 Knotted Neon Jewelry

Nutcase Fashion's Statement Necklaces are Eye-Catching and Unique • 3,186 views
Raw Mystic Jewelry

14 Raw Mystic Jewelry

House of Colunga Designs Earthy and Bewitching Accessories • 3,037 views
Dainty Wrist Adornments

15 Dainty Wrist Adornments

Etsy's Woven Friendship Bracelet Embraces Understated Styling • 2,946 views
Understated Bohemian Accessories

16 Understated Bohemian Accessories

Mr. Kate's Ars Magika Collection is Inspired by Beauty Marks • 2,326 views
Ethnically Beaded Accessories

17 Ethnically Beaded Accessories

These Geometric Statement Necklaces Boast a Tribal Design • 2,195 views
Nature-Inspired Jewelry

18 Nature-Inspired Jewelry

Designer Benas Staskauskas Creates Bold and Rugged Accessories • 2,127 views
Luxe Origami Accessories

19 Luxe Origami Accessories

Malene Glintborg Creates Minimalist Jewelry Pieces With a Modern Edge • 1,863 views
Contemporary Conceptual Jewelry

20 Contemporary Conceptual Jewelry

Israeli Designer Noy Alon Creates Brass and Putty Accessories • 1,765 views