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Dazzling Sci-Fi Jewelry

1 Dazzling Sci-Fi Jewelry

The Justin Davis Star Wars Collection Glamorizes Iconic Sci-Fi Characters • 1,876 views
DIY Bracelet Kits

2 DIY Bracelet Kits

These Elegant Homemade Beaded Cuffs Incorporate Color and Craftmanship • 1,408 views
Coiled Tentacle Jewelry

3 Coiled Tentacle Jewelry

These Nautical Rings Look Like the Limbs of a Sea Monster • 1,012 views
Lyrical Hip-Hop Jewelry

4 Lyrical Hip-Hop Jewelry

Samii Ryan's Rap Goddess Collection Pays Tribute to Iconic Rap Hits • 976 views
Alien Skull Rings

5 Alien Skull Rings

The Han Cholo Roswell Ring is the Perfect Halloween Accessory • 521 views
Expressive Emoji-Themed Jewelry

6 Expressive Emoji-Themed Jewelry

This Reversible Ring Helps Wearers Display Their Current Mood • 470 views
Text-Projecting Necklaces

7 Text-Projecting Necklaces

Miragii Smart Jewelry Will Project Your Text Messages and Incoming Calls • 469 views
Contactless Payment Jewelry

8 Contactless Payment Jewelry

The Kerv Ring Works With NFC Technology for Seamless Transactions • 454 views
Comic Superhero Jewelry

9 Comic Superhero Jewelry

These Wonder Woman Gold Stud Earrings Feature the Heroine's Symbol • 427 views
Precious Sci-Fi Trinkets

10 Precious Sci-Fi Trinkets

This Star War BB-8 Silver Charm Necklace is Designed to Move with You • 339 views
Reading Glasses Jewelry

11 Reading Glasses Jewelry

The WristReaders by Off the Cuff Optics Keep Your Glasses Easily On-Hand • 293 views
Gilded Smart Necklaces

12 Gilded Smart Necklaces

CUFF's Lisa Smart Pendant Necklace Encourages Style and Safety • 271 views
Hood Ornament Jewelry

13 Hood Ornament Jewelry

The Han Cholo Car Grille Ring Lets You Own a Tiny Piece of a Rolls-Royce • 269 views
Homeless-Helping Jewelry Brands

14 Homeless-Helping Jewelry Brands

This Necklace Company Employs Homeless Individuals • 214 views
School Supply Jewelry

15 School Supply Jewelry

INU INU's Pencil Case Earrings Resemble Academic Accessories • 192 views
Gamer Spirit Rings

16 Gamer Spirit Rings

These Rings from Takayas are Based on Stones from 'The Legend of Zelda' • 188 views
Handmade Gemstone RIngs

17 Handmade Gemstone RIngs

These Modular Jewelry Pieces are Made by Hand Using 3D Printing • 186 views
Ethically-Crafted Accessories

18 Ethically-Crafted Accessories

Nisolo Jewelry Provides an Exceptional Product Made in a Great Way • 179 views
Dental Wedding Bands

19 Dental Wedding Bands

This Wisdom Tooth Engagement Ring is Surprisingly Beautiful • 167 views
Steampunk Bird Pendants

20 Steampunk Bird Pendants

These Mechanical Pieces of Bird Jewelry are Made from Tiny Watch Parts • 153 views


41 Fabulous 3D-Printed Accessories

1 41 Fabulous 3D-Printed Accessories

From Alternative Wedding Rings to Customized Earbud Apps • 13,112 views
Top 30 Jewelry Ideas in September

2 Top 30 Jewelry Ideas in September

From Upcycled Tech Jewlery to Versatile Necklace DIYs • 7,917 views
12 Architecture-Inspired Jewelry Pieces

3 12 Architecture-Inspired Jewelry Pieces

From Greek Pillar Rings to Avant-Garde Jewelry • 2,962 views
Wireless Payment Rings

4 Wireless Payment Rings

The Second Generation NFC Ring Will Feature a Plethora of New Features • 1,525 views
Intergalactic Weaponry Rings

5 Intergalactic Weaponry Rings

Designed by Takayas Mizuno, These Rings Are Inspired by Lightsabers • 1,336 views
Smart Safety Jewelry

6 Smart Safety Jewelry

The Athena Safety Jewelry Sends Alerts When the Wearer is Under Threat • 1,074 views
Breakfast-Themed Hair Accessories

7 Breakfast-Themed Hair Accessories

INU INU's Egg Hairbands Celebrate the Most Important Daily Meal • 947 views
Antique Smartwatch Jewelry

8 Antique Smartwatch Jewelry

The Horn Charm Pendant Necklace for Apple Watch is Retro-Chic • 826 views
3D Printed Jewelry Services

9 3D Printed Jewelry Services

Trove Custom Jewelry Provides a Totally Bespoke Experience • 810 views
Message-Sending Friendship Bracelets

10 Message-Sending Friendship Bracelets

This Light-Up Jewelry Flashes Coded Signals Between BFFs • 770 views
Pretty Prehistoric Jewelry

11 Pretty Prehistoric Jewelry

These Dinosaur Stud Earrings Put a T-Rex or Brontosaurus in Your Ear • 763 views
Headphone-Integrated Jewelry

12 Headphone-Integrated Jewelry

This Chevron Necklace is Infused with a Piece of Wearable Tech • 717 views
Chess Set Rings

13 Chess Set Rings

This Ring Design Opens Up to Feature a Miniature Chess Board • 694 views
Geeky Sci-Fi Accessories

14 Geeky Sci-Fi Accessories

These Stormtrooper Star Wars Cufflinks are Perfect for Franchise Fans • 646 views
Movie-Inspired Engagement Rings

15 Movie-Inspired Engagement Rings

This Nightmare Before Christmas Engagement Ring is Enchantingly • 569 views
Bejewelled Sci-Fi Solider Rings

16 Bejewelled Sci-Fi Solider Rings

This Stromtrooper Piece of Jewelry is Fitted with Tiny Gemstones • 512 views
Touchscreen Smart Rings

17 Touchscreen Smart Rings

Apple's Newest Piece of Wearable Technology Will Record Hand-Written Notes • 501 views
Aquatic Element Jewelry

18 Aquatic Element Jewelry

This Intricate Cuff Bracelet Design Is Inspired by the Sea • 490 views
Bottle-Opening Rings

19 Bottle-Opening Rings

This Bottle Opener Ring Collection is Both Elegant and Practical • 446 views
Architectural Asphalt Jewelry

20 Architectural Asphalt Jewelry

This Chunky Bracelet is Handmade Using Unexpected Materials • 419 views