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50 Delicate Rose Gold Items

1 50 Delicate Rose Gold Items

From Diamond-Studded Smartphones to Fashionable Fitness Trackers • 4,114 views
Luxury Minimalist Watches

2 Luxury Minimalist Watches

The Fifth Offers High-End, Simple Designs for Affordable prices • 3,232 views
Face-Enhancing Jewelry

3 Face-Enhancing Jewelry

This Wired Jewelry Collection by Akiko Shinzato Challenges Beauty Standards • 2,965 views
Food Truck Fashion Boutiques

4 Food Truck Fashion Boutiques

The Ardillas United Brand Converted a Doritos Truck to a Mobile Shop • 2,864 views
100 Eye-Catching Statement Necklaces

5 100 Eye-Catching Statement Necklaces

From Fabric Gem Chokers to Holographic Statement Accessories • 2,194 views
13 Nostalgic Choker Necklaces

6 13 Nostalgic Choker Necklaces

From Fur-Accented Neck Adornments to Romantic Punk Accessories • 1,825 views
Stylish Galactic Jewelry

7 Stylish Galactic Jewelry

This Star Wars Jewelry Collection Lets Fans Celebrate Fandom in New Ways • 1,733 views
Sleek Charger Bracelets

8 Sleek Charger Bracelets

Adapt's 'Base' Charger is a Functional Fashion Statement • 1,063 views
Manga Choker Necklaces

9 Manga Choker Necklaces

The Blueberry Night Choker Promotes an Anime-Like Aesthetic • 1,055 views
Shoe-Inspired Lipsticks

10 Shoe-Inspired Lipsticks

This Line of Christian Louboutin Lipstick is Based on the Iconic Red Shoe • 899 views
Prim Punk Earrings

11 Prim Punk Earrings

Amber Sceats Jewelry is as Feminine as It is Edgy • 868 views
Upcycled Tech Jewelry

12 Upcycled Tech Jewelry

This Artist Creates Unique Pieces of Jewelry from Trashed Electronics • 860 views
Pocket Smartwatch Concepts

13 Pocket Smartwatch Concepts

Bucardo Takes a Vintage Approach to the Modern Smartwatch • 696 views
Ultramodern Friendship Bracelets

14 Ultramodern Friendship Bracelets

These Geometric Corian Jewelry Pieces Can Be Split and Shared • 672 views
Extravagant Scented Rings

15 Extravagant Scented Rings

These Scented Pinky Rings by David Yurman will Cost Consumers $875 • 574 views
Sci-Fi Jewelry Sets

16 Sci-Fi Jewelry Sets

A Berlin Designer is Creating a 20-Piece Set of Star Wars-Inspired Jewelry • 571 views
Versatile Necklace DIYs

17 Versatile Necklace DIYs

Bespoke Bride's Fringe Necklace Can Be Used to Enhance Clothing Items • 566 views
Pearlized Skull Gemstones

18 Pearlized Skull Gemstones

Shinji Nakaba Carves Tiny Pearl Stones into Elegantly Eerie Skeletons • 481 views
Songstress Jewelry Collections

19 Songstress Jewelry Collections

The Endless Jewelry x Jennifer Lopez Collection Offers Edgy Charms • 403 views
Yoga Jewelry Subscriptions

20 Yoga Jewelry Subscriptions

Yogi Surprise's Boxes Contain Handmade Accessories and Treasures • 353 views


100 Examples of Tech-Infused Jewelry

1 100 Examples of Tech-Infused Jewelry

From Stylish Sleep Trackers to Fitness-Tracking Earrings • 10,775 views
Realistic Animal Rings

2 Realistic Animal Rings

These Adorable Animal Accessories are Made with Unbelievable Detail • 5,604 views
23 Unconventional Choker Necklaces

3 23 Unconventional Choker Necklaces

From Cheeky Choker Accessories to Rainbow Crystal Chokers • 4,487 views
74 Animal-Themed Jewelry Designs

4 74 Animal-Themed Jewelry Designs

From Adorable Animal Accessories to Silver Octopus Necklaces • 3,687 views
Mystical Handcrafted Jewelry

5 Mystical Handcrafted Jewelry

Spark and Thistle Creates Whimsical Accessories for Boho Individuals • 3,664 views
27 Floral Jewelry Pieces

6 27 Floral Jewelry Pieces

From Dried Flower Jewelry to Opulent Floral Bling • 3,249 views
Beach-Inspired Jewelry

7 Beach-Inspired Jewelry

This Jewelry Collection Features Little Scenes from Summer Holidays • 2,526 views
48 Fashionable Fur Accessories

8 48 Fashionable Fur Accessories

From Caged Animal Jewelry to Multi-Colored Dragon Hoods • 1,824 views
25 Western Chic Accessories

9 25 Western Chic Accessories

From Fringed Floral Clutches to Southern Belle Jewelry • 1,819 views
3D-Printed Nylon Jewelry

10 3D-Printed Nylon Jewelry

Lynne Maclachlan Creates a Line of Hi-Tech Sculptural Accessories • 1,727 views
Pegboard Jewelry Displays

11 Pegboard Jewelry Displays

Amber Dream's Jewelry Store Displays Include Wall Pegs and Mock Trees • 1,536 views
Standalone Jewelry Departments

12 Standalone Jewelry Departments

This Family Jeweler Created a Separate Section Just for Silver • 1,433 views
Greek-Inspired Accessories

13 Greek-Inspired Accessories

These Metallic Accessories Feature Jewels, Medallions and Evil Eyes • 1,339 views
Open-Concept Jewelry Shops

14 Open-Concept Jewelry Shops

Pandora's New Jewelry Store Design Increases Interaction • 1,327 views
Floral Choker Necklaces

15 Floral Choker Necklaces

Pixie Market's White Daisy Choker Draws Inspiration from the 90s • 1,202 views
Portable Earring Organizers

16 Portable Earring Organizers

The Little Book of Earrings Keeps Jewelry Safe in a Book-Like Case • 978 views
Skyline-Inspired Jewelry Displays

17 Skyline-Inspired Jewelry Displays

This Geometric Merchandising Display is Elegant and Modern • 882 views
Illustrated Rotating Rings

18 Illustrated Rotating Rings

Birthe Beerboom's Ring Designs Depict Scenes of Moving City Life • 864 views
Exclusive Pearl Collections

19 Exclusive Pearl Collections

The Saskia Diez Jewelery Focuses on a Series of Consistent Looks • 841 views
Air Quality-Based Jewelry

20 Air Quality-Based Jewelry

These Werable Data Objects Visualize the Burden of Urban Pollution • 799 views