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Nature-Inspired Jewelry Lines

1 Nature-Inspired Jewelry Lines

These Delicate Pieces of Jewelry are Infused with Natural Elements • 5,315 views
Fairy-Like Illuminated Jewelry

2 Fairy-Like Illuminated Jewelry

Manon Richard Creates Jewelry That Appears to Be Lit from Within • 2,597 views
Elegant Animal Rings

3 Elegant Animal Rings

Michael Tatom Creates Unisex Jewelry That Makes Use of a Minimalist Aesthetic • 2,348 views
Sculptural Minimalist Jewelry

4 Sculptural Minimalist Jewelry

'Minimal Futurism' Embraces Modern Jewelery Design • 2,226 views
Customizable 3D Printed Jewels

5 Customizable 3D Printed Jewels

This Jewelry Line is Created with Wind from Geographic Locations • 2,097 views
Mythology-Inspired Jewelry

6 Mythology-Inspired Jewelry

Designer Aelia Petro Creates Dragon Jewelry • 1,806 views
Solar Orbit Jewelry

7 Solar Orbit Jewelry

This Necklace Features All the Planets in Our Solar System • 1,764 views
Digital Necklace Faces

8 Digital Necklace Faces

This Necklace Uses Technology to Become Completely Customizable • 1,693 views
Major City Jewelry

9 Major City Jewelry

This Jewelry Reveals Maps from Around the World • 1,322 views
Luxurious Millennial Rings

10 Luxurious Millennial Rings

These New Karl Lagerfeld Engagement Rings Appeal to Millennials • 913 views
Smart Jump Ropes

11 Smart Jump Ropes

This LED Jump Rope Aims To Increase Motivation While Exercising • 818 views
3D-Printed Gothic Necklaces

12 3D-Printed Gothic Necklaces

This Jewelry is Made by 3D Printing and Bronze Casting • 656 views
3D-Printed Crystal Jewelry

13 3D-Printed Crystal Jewelry

STONEDALONE Jewelry Pieces are Created with Additive Manufacturing • 553 views
Skeletal Mouse Rings

14 Skeletal Mouse Rings

Tom Wood's Fashionable Rings Feature a Mickey Mouse Skull Embellishment • 474 views
Sage Leaf Necklaces

15 Sage Leaf Necklaces

These Necklaces are Hand Cast From Individual Sage Leaves • 439 views
Emotion-Sensing Bracelets

16 Emotion-Sensing Bracelets

Vinaya's Technological Jewelry Can Create Art Out of the User's Emotions • 266 views
Iconic Emoji Jewelry

17 Iconic Emoji Jewelry

Alison Chemla Created a Line of Fine Jewelry Emoticons • 140 views