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Self-Defense Rings

1 Self-Defense Rings

This Ring Was Designed for Women to Wear to Protect Themselves • 6,174 views
Refashioned Ancient Jewelry

2 Refashioned Ancient Jewelry

Arsaeus Creates Intricate Handmade Accessories Inspired by Antiquity • 2,964 views
Artistic Fountain Jewelry Rings

3 Artistic Fountain Jewelry Rings

The Fountain Ring by Yuki Sugihara Creates Creates with Water • 2,228 views
Printed Heartbeat Rings

4 Printed Heartbeat Rings

The 'Crafted by My Heart' App Helps People Make Unique Jewelry Pieces • 2,080 views
3D-Printed Constellation Jewelry

5 3D-Printed Constellation Jewelry

The SpaceTime Coordinates Memento is Personalized with NASA Data • 1,850 views
Charitable Wildlife Jewelry

6 Charitable Wildlife Jewelry

Profits from aoku 3D's Unique 3D-Printed Jewelry Goes Towards Charity • 1,475 views
AR Jewelry Apps

7 AR Jewelry Apps

The GRANI Jewelry App Lets Users Try on Jewelry Pieces in a Virtual Fitting Room • 1,337 views
Masculine Lifetime Warranty Bracelets

8 Masculine Lifetime Warranty Bracelets

The Bailey of Sheffield 'CABLE' Steel Bracelets are Chic • 1,148 views
Embellished Bandana Chokers

9 Embellished Bandana Chokers

Fallon Jewelry's Monarch Bandana Choker Elevates Bandana Style • 847 views
Monochrome Diamond Packaging

10 Monochrome Diamond Packaging

This Packaging Forgoes the Need for Stuffing and Wasted Materials • 806 views
Self-Love Commitment Rings

11 Self-Love Commitment Rings

Fred + Far's Pinky Rings Encourage Women to Love Themselves First • 795 views
Tooth-Made Jewelry

12 Tooth-Made Jewelry

This 'Human Ivory' Project Aims to Make a Statement About Illegal Poaching • 328 views
Charitable Jewelry Sets

13 Charitable Jewelry Sets

The Lokai Pact is a Collection of Bracelets That Supports a Good Cause • 279 views
Algorithmically Designed Jewelry

14 Algorithmically Designed Jewelry

Nervous System's Corollaria Collection is Inspired by Biology • 104 views