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Barren Adornment Editorials

1 Barren Adornment Editorials

The Magdalena Frackowiak Photoshoot is of the Essence • 1,858 views
Understated Jewelry Catalogs

2 Understated Jewelry Catalogs

WWAKE's Accessory Lookbook Boasts Simplistic Adornments • 1,811 views
Mosaic Jewelry Collections

3 Mosaic Jewelry Collections

The Lulu Frost 'Tesserae' Range Features Exotic and Artistic Pieces • 1,783 views
Projection Mapped Jewelry

4 Projection Mapped Jewelry

Tactum by MadLab Uses Interactive Projections to Design Bracelets • 1,612 views
Controversial Rapper Accessories

5 Controversial Rapper Accessories

This Gucci Lapel Pin by Valley Cruise Pays Tribute to Gucci Mane • 938 views
Astrological Hair Clips

6 Astrological Hair Clips

Nasty Gal's Moon-Shaped Barette is Mystically Elegant • 771 views
Tropical Fruit Accessories

7 Tropical Fruit Accessories

These Lemon Earrings by ANDRESGALLARDO Celebrate Summer • 705 views
Holographic Statement Accessories

8 Holographic Statement Accessories

This Fringed Necklace is Made from Vibrant Leather Pieces • 550 views
Animal-Inspired Jewelry

9 Animal-Inspired Jewelry

This Exotic Jewelry Line is Inspired by Edangered Species • 538 views
Mix-and-Match Jewelry

10 Mix-and-Match Jewelry

Luur's North South Bracelet Allows People to Build Their Own Design • 431 views
Feminist Jewelry Collections

11 Feminist Jewelry Collections

The Latest NIKAO Jewelry Range Aims to Empower Women • 265 views
Bone-Inspired Statement Necklaces

12 Bone-Inspired Statement Necklaces

This Cast Bronze Accessory Embodies an Edgy Aesthetic • 248 views
Feminine Ribbon Necklaces

13 Feminine Ribbon Necklaces

ANDRESGALLARDO's Bow Jewelry Piece is Made With Porcelain • 216 views
Sci-Fi Jewelry Sets

14 Sci-Fi Jewelry Sets

Girls Can Wear the Star Wars Jewelry When They Go To See Episode VII • 203 views
Extraterrestrial Jewelry Boxes

15 Extraterrestrial Jewelry Boxes

These Quirky Jewelry Containers Resemble Tiny Alien Creatures • 143 views


50 Celebrity Fashion Collaborations

1 50 Celebrity Fashion Collaborations

From Celebrity Plus-Size Collections to Iconic Rapper Footwear • 4,247 views
Botanical Hair Accessories

2 Botanical Hair Accessories

Nasty Gal's Flower Hair Pins are Inspired by Hippie Festival Fashions • 3,789 views
Painted Petal Jewelry

3 Painted Petal Jewelry

Anshu Hu's Floral Necklace Creations are Inspired by Organic Matter • 3,098 views
Bohemian Body Chains

4 Bohemian Body Chains

Nasty Gal's Biko Tabea Jewelry Piece Transforms Any Ensemble Instantly • 2,741 views
Mood-Boosting Bracelets

5 Mood-Boosting Bracelets

These Bracelets Help People Reboot and Reconnect to Natural Elements • 2,570 views
Metal Crochet Necklaces

6 Metal Crochet Necklaces

The Loops Line by Riddhi Sheth Uses Knotting for Handmade Crochet Jewelry • 2,276 views
Mexican Necklace DIYs

7 Mexican Necklace DIYs

Bespoke Bride's Handmade Jewelry Piece Boasts Eye-Catching Hues • 2,229 views
Urban Flower Child Catalogs

8 Urban Flower Child Catalogs

This VidaKush Spring Lookbook Boasts Bohemian Jewelry Pieces • 2,016 views
Exclusive Decolletage Editorials

9 Exclusive Decolletage Editorials

The Vogue Paris Cous D'Eclat Photoshoot Displays Necklaces Only • 1,619 views
Limited-Edition Lipsticks

10 Limited-Edition Lipsticks

This Luxurious Lipstick was Made in Honor of L'Oreal's 30th Anniversary • 1,299 views
Pregnancy Tracker Jewelry

11 Pregnancy Tracker Jewelry

Bellabeat Leaf is an Activity and Wellness Tracker Expecting Moms • 1,219 views
Romantic Pop Art Jewelry

12 Romantic Pop Art Jewelry

ANDRESGALLARDO's Love Medallion Necklace is Graphically Bold • 1,167 views
Stress-Reducing Bracelets

13 Stress-Reducing Bracelets

The WellBe Tells You When You're Too Stressed and Helps You Calm Down • 1,149 views
Gilded Aristocratic Accessories

14 Gilded Aristocratic Accessories

The Shani Jacobi Jewelry Pieces Have Evident Regal Appeal • 1,079 views
Extensive Earring Collections

15 Extensive Earring Collections

The Latest Miu Miu Line Exhibits Sets of Oversize Adornments • 996 views
Luxe Evil Eye Accessories

16 Luxe Evil Eye Accessories

This Delfina Delettrez Earring is Inspired by Occult Imagery • 954 views
Medieval Men

17 Medieval Men's Accessories

The Yohji Yamamoto Phantom Line Draws on the Gothic Middle Ages • 947 views
Gold Pizza Necklaces

18 Gold Pizza Necklaces

This Glenda Lopez Jewelry Piece is an Homage to Fast Food • 922 views
Wall Clock Wristwatches

19 Wall Clock Wristwatches

This Shrunken Down Wall Clock is a Retro-Inspired Wristwatch • 898 views
Whimsical Accessory Collections

20 Whimsical Accessory Collections

Frey Wille's Latest Collection References Artful Imagery • 886 views