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Romantic Metalwork Rings

1 Romantic Metalwork Rings

The Oldfield Forge Academy Lets Couples Forge Their Own DIY Wedding Rings • 8,987 views
100 Examples of Tech-Infused Jewelry

2 100 Examples of Tech-Infused Jewelry

From Stylish Sleep Trackers to Fitness-Tracking Earrings • 6,675 views
Realistic Animal Rings

3 Realistic Animal Rings

These Adorable Animal Accessories are Made with Unbelievable Detail • 4,224 views
Floral 3D-Printed Jewelry

4 Floral 3D-Printed Jewelry

This Gorgeous Jewelry Line is Inspired by the Growth of Flowers • 3,627 views
74 Animal-Themed Jewelry Designs

5 74 Animal-Themed Jewelry Designs

From Adorable Animal Accessories to Silver Octopus Necklaces • 2,564 views
27 Floral Jewelry Pieces

6 27 Floral Jewelry Pieces

From Dried Flower Jewelry to Opulent Floral Bling • 2,542 views
3D-Printed Nylon Jewelry

7 3D-Printed Nylon Jewelry

Lynne Maclachlan Creates a Line of Hi-Tech Sculptural Accessories • 1,596 views
25 Western Chic Accessories

8 25 Western Chic Accessories

From Fringed Floral Clutches to Southern Belle Jewelry • 1,016 views
48 Fashionable Fur Accessories

9 48 Fashionable Fur Accessories

From Caged Animal Jewelry to Multi-Colored Dragon Hoods • 953 views
Open-Concept Jewelry Shops

10 Open-Concept Jewelry Shops

Pandora's New Jewelry Store Design Increases Interaction • 798 views
Pegboard Jewelry Displays

11 Pegboard Jewelry Displays

Amber Dream's Jewelry Store Displays Include Wall Pegs and Mock Trees • 780 views
Exclusive Pearl Collections

12 Exclusive Pearl Collections

The Saskia Diez Jewelery Focuses on a Series of Consistent Looks • 693 views
Portable Earring Organizers

13 Portable Earring Organizers

The Little Book of Earrings Keeps Jewelry Safe in a Book-Like Case • 512 views
27 Animal Print Accessories

14 27 Animal Print Accessories

From Animal Print Timepieces to Upcycled Two-Toned Purses • 476 views
Workshop-Inspired Boutiques

15 Workshop-Inspired Boutiques

Vase De Delft’s Jewelry Shop Channels an Antique Dealer's Workroom • 424 views
Skyline-Inspired Jewelry Displays

16 Skyline-Inspired Jewelry Displays

This Geometric Merchandising Display is Elegant and Modern • 371 views
Expansive Jewelry Shops

17 Expansive Jewelry Shops

Online Retailer BaubleBar's First Physical Location Will Be in New York • 201 views
Luxe Accessory Editorials

18 Luxe Accessory Editorials

Tatler Magazine Features Fine Jewelry Pieces From Across the Globe • 200 views
Lifestyle Accessory Stores

19 Lifestyle Accessory Stores

The Galleria of Jewelry Opens a Specialty Le Vian by Jared Shop • 194 views
Circular Jewelry Departments

20 Circular Jewelry Departments

Le Bon Marche's Bridal Jewelry Section Adopts a Shop-in-Shop Format • 100 views


Mexican Necklace DIYs

1 Mexican Necklace DIYs

Bespoke Bride's Handmade Jewelry Piece Boasts Eye-Catching Hues • 5,447 views
50 Celebrity Fashion Collaborations

2 50 Celebrity Fashion Collaborations

From Celebrity Plus-Size Collections to Iconic Rapper Footwear • 4,652 views
Metal Crochet Necklaces

3 Metal Crochet Necklaces

The Loops Line by Riddhi Sheth Uses Knotting for Handmade Crochet Jewelry • 2,586 views
Projection Mapped Jewelry

4 Projection Mapped Jewelry

Tactum by MadLab Uses Interactive Projections to Design Bracelets • 2,579 views
Understated Jewelry Catalogs

5 Understated Jewelry Catalogs

WWAKE's Accessory Lookbook Boasts Simplistic Adornments • 2,469 views
Barren Adornment Editorials

6 Barren Adornment Editorials

The Magdalena Frackowiak Photoshoot is of the Essence • 2,171 views
Mosaic Jewelry Collections

7 Mosaic Jewelry Collections

The Lulu Frost 'Tesserae' Range Features Exotic and Artistic Pieces • 2,157 views
Color-Shifting Jewelry

8 Color-Shifting Jewelry

This Line of Smart Jewelry Can Be Customized Through a Mobile App • 1,561 views
Whimsical Accessory Collections

9 Whimsical Accessory Collections

Frey Wille's Latest Collection References Artful Imagery • 1,273 views
Controversial Rapper Accessories

10 Controversial Rapper Accessories

This Gucci Lapel Pin by Valley Cruise Pays Tribute to Gucci Mane • 1,206 views
Mix-and-Match Jewelry

11 Mix-and-Match Jewelry

Luur's North South Bracelet Allows People to Build Their Own Design • 1,023 views
Astrological Hair Clips

12 Astrological Hair Clips

Nasty Gal's Moon-Shaped Barette is Mystically Elegant • 965 views
Morse Code Accessories

13 Morse Code Accessories

Morza by Alex Malytskyy is an Inspirational Bracelet Design • 865 views
Tropical Fruit Accessories

14 Tropical Fruit Accessories

These Lemon Earrings by ANDRESGALLARDO Celebrate Summer • 822 views
Animal-Inspired Jewelry

15 Animal-Inspired Jewelry

This Exotic Jewelry Line is Inspired by Edangered Species • 721 views
Holographic Statement Accessories

16 Holographic Statement Accessories

This Fringed Necklace is Made from Vibrant Leather Pieces • 692 views
Sleep-Monitoring Jewelry

17 Sleep-Monitoring Jewelry

The Oura Ring Monitors Your Sleep and Activity • 590 views
Sci-Fi Jewelry Sets

18 Sci-Fi Jewelry Sets

Girls Can Wear the Star Wars Jewelry When They Go To See Episode VII • 488 views
Feminist Jewelry Collections

19 Feminist Jewelry Collections

The Latest NIKAO Jewelry Range Aims to Empower Women • 447 views
Cryptocurrency Rings

20 Cryptocurrency Rings

The BTC's Ring Value is Only Revealed When it is Scanned • 404 views