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13. Beaded Rattlesnake Bracelets

Jewelry Designer Paula Mendoza Creates Beautiful Sculptural Pieces (GALLERY)
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50 Music Festival Accessories

1 50 Music Festival Accessories

From Floral Head Crowns to Opulent Body Chain Adornments • 4,448 views
16 Healing Crystal Accessories

2 16 Healing Crystal Accessories

From Refined Mineral Rings to Dripping Gold Pendants • 3,084 views
Individually Casted Geometric Jewelry

3 Individually Casted Geometric Jewelry

The Rebecca Gladstone Collection of Adornments Are Authentic • 1,920 views
Geometric Jungle Accessories

4 Geometric Jungle Accessories

The Geo-Tiger Statement Necklace from HOTTT.COM is Elegantly Edgy • 864 views
Atypical Texture-Ridden Adornments

5 Atypical Texture-Ridden Adornments

The Abby Seymour Jewelry Collection is Modeled After Finishes • 774 views
Fashionable Fowl-Inspired Jewelry

6 Fashionable Fowl-Inspired Jewelry

The Bone Couture Line of Adornments is Inspired by Birds • 749 views
Minimalist Geometric Jewelry

7 Minimalist Geometric Jewelry

Jooolry by Cho Hyunjung is a Playful and Sophsticated Collection • 590 views
Dynamic Geometric Jewelry

8 Dynamic Geometric Jewelry

These Oversized Pattern Earrings from HOTTT.COM are Visually Bold • 536 views
Modernized Ethnic Accessories

9 Modernized Ethnic Accessories

This Silver Collar Necklace from Etsy's Electric West Shop is Ornate • 438 views
Artistic Beach Waste Lookbooks

10 Artistic Beach Waste Lookbooks

The Datter Collection Sabine Timm Display Recycles Trash • 289 views


Fidgeter-Friendly Rings

1 Fidgeter-Friendly Rings

Meg Dattoria Created Fidget Rings to Help Control Anxious Bodily Functions • 6,943 views
Drug Jewelry Designs

2 Drug Jewelry Designs

Cathedral Collection by Damien Hirst is Inspired by His Famous Installations • 6,144 views
Cowgirl Chic Lookbooks

3 Cowgirl Chic Lookbooks

Allie Crandell Sports Rustically Refined Jewelry in The 2 Bandits Lookbook • 4,070 views
65 Examples of Wedding Accessories

4 65 Examples of Wedding Accessories

From Jeweled Bohemian Headbands to Golden Bridal Flats • 3,679 views
Fishtail Braided Bracelets

5 Fishtail Braided Bracelets

Your Own DIY Fishtail Braided Bracelet is Perfect for Summer • 2,084 views
Wearable Couturier Tech

6 Wearable Couturier Tech

Tory Burch Bracelets Collaborated with Fitbit Flex to Make Fashion Tech • 2,017 views
Leather Upholstery Accessories

7 Leather Upholstery Accessories

Wet Clay Repurposes Discarded Materials into Laser-Cut Bracelets • 1,889 views
Antique Author Accessories

8 Antique Author Accessories

The Beaded Necklaces in Masterpeace Combine Art and Fashion • 1,852 views
Ice Cube Jewelry

9 Ice Cube Jewelry

This DIY Ice Cube Necklace is a Quick and Easy Way to Cool Down • 1,721 views
Bohemian Woven Bangles

10 Bohemian Woven Bangles

These Homemade Bangles are Made Using Tapestry Thread • 1,678 views
Holographic Healing Crystal Accessories

11 Holographic Healing Crystal Accessories

Etsy's MarinaFINI Shop Features Spiritually Chic Jewelry • 1,530 views
Morphing Dust Jewelry

12 Morphing Dust Jewelry

This Unusual Jewelry Collection Uses Dust in Place of Precious Stones • 1,496 views
Alluring Parisian Campaigns

13 Alluring Parisian Campaigns

Jac Jagaciak Stars in the Chanel High Jewelry Ads • 1,387 views
Oriental Raver Accessories

14 Oriental Raver Accessories

Octavia Xiao Zi Yang's Kou Line Fuses European and Asian Inspirations • 1,372 views
Playfully Polygon Accessories

15 Playfully Polygon Accessories

Etsy's Fruitloop Jewelry Shop Features Colorful Statement Necklaces • 1,341 views
Geometric Metal Jewelry

16 Geometric Metal Jewelry

The Collection by Dowse for the Design Museum Pays Tribute to Louis Kahn • 1,335 views
Netted Crochet Accessories

17 Netted Crochet Accessories

This Bib Statement Necklace from Etsy's EPUU Shop is Artfully Ornate • 1,219 views
Gothic Geometric Fashion Ads

18 Gothic Geometric Fashion Ads

The ManiaMania ‘Obscura’ Campaign Stars Julia Restoin Roifeld • 1,018 views
Friend-Making Festival Bracelets

19 Friend-Making Festival Bracelets

The Tomorrowland Music Festival Bands Create New Facebook Friends • 989 views
Angular Composition Accessories

20 Angular Composition Accessories

The Primary Collection by Faris References Complex Geometries • 985 views


Laser-Cut Geometry Accessories

1 Laser-Cut Geometry Accessories

Mr.Nico's Facets Jewelry Collection is Origami-Inspired • 8,129 views
Exotic Animal Jewelry

2 Exotic Animal Jewelry

The Sloth Ring is the Perfect Way to Celebrate Sloth Week • 7,378 views
Gilded Tooth Accessories

3 Gilded Tooth Accessories

The Dubai Liberty Dental Clinic's Golden Grill Costs a Whopping $153,000 • 4,620 views
Jewl-Encrusted Opulence Accessories

4 Jewl-Encrusted Opulence Accessories

Jolita Jewellery's Braided Collection Embraces Ornate Accents • 4,092 views
Symbolic Pearl Necklaces

5 Symbolic Pearl Necklaces

These Pearl Necklaces Show That the World is Your Oyster • 3,758 views
Fishing Line Jewelry

6 Fishing Line Jewelry

FLIN is a Light Jewelry Collection That Makes Use of Fishing Line • 3,650 views
Smartphone-Connected Jewelry

7 Smartphone-Connected Jewelry

Zazzi Jewelry Relays Phone Notifications and Alerts on Its Display • 3,403 views
Artfully Fragmented Accessories

8 Artfully Fragmented Accessories

Giuliana Mancinelli Bonafaccia Creates Sculptural Jewelry Pieces • 2,963 views
Minute Minimalist Jewelry

9 Minute Minimalist Jewelry

The Another Feather Pearl Collection Features Dainty Pieces • 2,945 views
Living Plant Jewelery

10 Living Plant Jewelery

Susan McLeary Sells Real Flower Jewelry through Her Etsy Shop PassionFlower • 2,829 views
Scented Jewelry

11 Scented Jewelry

Jewels of L’Oeuvre Noire by Kilian is a Line of Perfumed Necklaces and Bracelets • 2,736 views
Smartphone-Connected Cuffs

12 Smartphone-Connected Cuffs

Beacon & Lively's Smart Bracelet Has LEDs & Vibrating Indicators • 2,453 views
Air Pollution Jewelry

13 Air Pollution Jewelry

Smog Ring by Daan Roosegaarde is an Environmental Sourvenir • 2,428 views
Sculptural Rope Accessories

14 Sculptural Rope Accessories

Noquvy's Geometric Statement Piece Line is Artfully Elegant • 2,391 views
Modernized Warrior Accessories

15 Modernized Warrior Accessories

Anisha Parmar's Authorized Identity Collection is Avant-Garde • 2,370 views
Opulent Gypsy Accessories

16 Opulent Gypsy Accessories

Necessary Clothing's It Takes Two Arm Band Celebrates Ornate Styling • 2,175 views
Urban Gypsy Campaigns

17 Urban Gypsy Campaigns

The Renard Jewelry Festival 2014 Look Book is Urban But Wild • 2,063 views
Illuminating Smartphone Rings

18 Illuminating Smartphone Rings

The Ringly Ring Flashes When Your Smartphone Receives a Call • 2,043 views
Luxe Evil Eye Accessories

19 Luxe Evil Eye Accessories

The Panoptes Ring from Lulu Frost Features an Ocular Design • 1,771 views
Hairy Jewelry

20 Hairy Jewelry

Stranded Gold by Sine Marie Harwits is Made with Naturally Fallen Out Hair • 1,672 views