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Minimal Matching Wedding Bands

1 Minimal Matching Wedding Bands

These Rings Connect to Form Various Shapes • 7,127 views
22 Tech-Infused Jewelry Pieces

2 22 Tech-Infused Jewelry Pieces

From Digital Necklace Pendants to Emotion-Sensing Bracelets • 6,392 views
Heartbeat-Sensing Rings

3 Heartbeat-Sensing Rings

The 'HB Ring' Allows Wearers to Feel the Pulse of Their Loved Ones • 6,158 views
Suprematist Jewelry Collections

4 Suprematist Jewelry Collections

This Ring Collection Was Inspired by a Russian Art Movement • 3,378 views
Recycled Circuit Board Jewelry

5 Recycled Circuit Board Jewelry

These Jewelry Pieces are Created to Reduce Tech Waste • 2,182 views
Minimalist Copper Jewelry

6 Minimalist Copper Jewelry

The Purchase of These Jewelry Pieces Helps to Fund a Charity • 1,962 views
Luxuriously Personalized Pet Jewelry

7 Luxuriously Personalized Pet Jewelry

This Jewelry Can Be Worn by Owners to Memorialize Their Pets • 1,866 views
3D Soundwave Jewelry

8 3D Soundwave Jewelry

These 3D-Printed Ring Jewelry Pieces are Generated by Voice • 1,376 views
Socially Conscious Diamonds

9 Socially Conscious Diamonds

This Company Offers Artifically Grown and Conflict-Free Diamonds • 1,243 views
Feminist Political Pins

10 Feminist Political Pins

Madeleine Albright Wore a Hillary Glass Ceiling Pin at the DNC • 1,223 views
Childlike Jewelry Designs

11 Childlike Jewelry Designs

These Jewelry Pieces Were Inspired by Children's Doodles • 1,123 views
Tandem Choker Designs

12 Tandem Choker Designs

This Choker is the Perfect Combination of Elegant and Edgy Styles • 1,060 views
Branded Jewelry Books

13 Branded Jewelry Books

Bunney Jewelry Creates a Book Focused on Contemporary Accessories • 1,044 views
Arcade Game-Inspired Rings

14 Arcade Game-Inspired Rings

These 3D-Printed Rings are Inspired by an Old Video Game • 771 views
Child Artwork Jewelry

15 Child Artwork Jewelry

Turkish Jeweler Tasarim Takarim Creates Bespoke Jewelry From Kid Drawings • 767 views
Sophisticated Dish-Shaped Rings

16 Sophisticated Dish-Shaped Rings

These Large Wooden Rings Were Designed to Work as Dessert Plates • 760 views
Bespoke Jewelry Services

17 Bespoke Jewelry Services

'Julbox' Helps You Design Your Own Jewelry Online at a Fixed Cost • 709 views
Hands-Free Smartphone Necklaces

18 Hands-Free Smartphone Necklaces

This Necklace Mount Allows People to Take POV Videos • 662 views
Modular Jewelry Boxes

19 Modular Jewelry Boxes

This Box Allows For Simple Organization and Safekeeping of Accessories • 610 views
Connected Messaging Lockets

20 Connected Messaging Lockets

The 'Purple' Necklace Wirelessly Links to Friends Via Social Networks • 568 views