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14. Austere All-White Accessories

Arc Jewelry's Statement Necklace Features a Minimalist Design (GALLERY)
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30 Examples of Wearable Tech for Women

1 30 Examples of Wearable Tech for Women

From Digital Projection Watches to Wearable Wrist Payments • 8,694 views
Lightning-Inspired Ear Cuffs

2 Lightning-Inspired Ear Cuffs

Etsy's LUNATICART Shop's Stella Vermeil Design is Daringly Chic • 3,902 views
Subdued Jewelry Collections

3 Subdued Jewelry Collections

The Giant Lion Fall/Winter 2014 Line is Dainty and Simplistic • 3,053 views
Golden Ankle Cuffs

4 Golden Ankle Cuffs

Dress Up a Pair of Classic Black Heels With These Luxurious Gold Cuffs • 1,745 views
Energy-Harnessing Jewelry

5 Energy-Harnessing Jewelry

Naomi Kizhner's Unique Jewelry Collection Line Uses Human Energy • 965 views
30 Statement Necklaces for Men

6 30 Statement Necklaces for Men

From Facial Grooming Jewelry to Masculine Choker Accessories • 955 views
45 Tech Jewelry Designs

7 45 Tech Jewelry Designs

From Illuminating Smartphone Rings to Smartphone-Connected Jewelry • 944 views
Miniature Jedi Master Jewelry

8 Miniature Jedi Master Jewelry

These Yoda Earrings from Etsy's Junylie Shop Celebrate Star Wars • 838 views
Raining Cloud Necklaces

9 Raining Cloud Necklaces

These Adorable Pendant Necklaces Comes with a Teardrop Gem Charm • 454 views
Spy-Worthy USB Jewelry

10 Spy-Worthy USB Jewelry

These Stylish USB Earrings Can Secretly Stash Confidential Information • 367 views
Occult Iconography Accessories

11 Occult Iconography Accessories

This Silver Pentagram Bracelet from Empty Casket is Witchy • 105 views
Accessory Adaptability

12 Accessory Adaptability

Seeking functionality, consumers turn to jewelry that can change form • 0 views


65 Bohemian Bracelets for Hipsters

1 65 Bohemian Bracelets for Hipsters

From Celestial Star Cuffs to Bohemian Woven Bangles • 5,149 views
Modern Gem Jewelry

2 Modern Gem Jewelry

The Maison Martin Margiela Jewelry Collection Can Be Heirlooms • 4,224 views
Minimalist Paperclip Accessories

3 Minimalist Paperclip Accessories

Etsy's AgJc Shop Features Geometric Jewlery Pieces • 3,921 views
Colorfully Personalized Bracelets

4 Colorfully Personalized Bracelets

Etsy's Sweet Auburn Studio Shop Creates Elegant Cuff Accessories • 3,751 views
Abstract Sentimental Jewelry

5 Abstract Sentimental Jewelry

Beth Macri's Secret Message Jewelry Abstracts Letters & Shapes • 3,650 views
Sculptural Concrete Jewelry

6 Sculptural Concrete Jewelry

Designer Mareike Kanafani is Inspired by Brutalist Architecture • 3,471 views
Handwoven Knot Necklaces

7 Handwoven Knot Necklaces

Etsy's Birdie Numnum Shop Features Knitted Jewelry Pieces • 2,856 views
Layered Leather Accessories

8 Layered Leather Accessories

This Bib Necklace from Etsy's BooandBooFactory Shop is Vibrant • 2,558 views
Glittering Gold Shirts

9 Glittering Gold Shirts

An Indian Businessman Commissioned a Pure Gold Shirt • 2,504 views
Handwritten Signature Bracelets

10 Handwritten Signature Bracelets

These Golden Bracelets Come With a Personalized Autograph Charm • 2,317 views
Robot Alien Jewelry

11 Robot Alien Jewelry

The Bumblebee Gold-Plated Ring by Custom Made is Inspired by 'Transformers' • 2,139 views
Raw Meat Jewelry

12 Raw Meat Jewelry

These Realistic Animal Flesh Necklaces and Bracelets are Perfect for Meat Lovers • 1,982 views
Sculptural Sepent Jewelry

13 Sculptural Sepent Jewelry

The Latest Paula Mendoza Collection is Timeless and Rich with Gemstones • 1,968 views
24 Silly Jewelry Designs

14 24 Silly Jewelry Designs

From Naughty Dinosaur Jewelry to Smiley Skull Rings • 1,959 views
Elegantly Monogrammed Accessories

15 Elegantly Monogrammed Accessories

Etsy's Oliki Shop Features Custom-Designed Jewelry Pieces • 1,885 views
Artful Oyster Rings

16 Artful Oyster Rings

Etsy's Arana Jewelry Shop Boasts Organic-Themed Accessories • 1,615 views
Leather Origami Accessories

17 Leather Origami Accessories

Etsy's Brick + Arrow Shop Creates Geometric Jewelry Pieces • 1,482 views
Addiction-Addressing Accessories

18 Addiction-Addressing Accessories

Sweet Cavanagh is a Social Business Supporting Recovering Women • 1,390 views
Seaside Jewelry Campaigns

19 Seaside Jewelry Campaigns

Kate Moss Returns to Pose for the Latest David Yurman Jewelry Line • 1,297 views
Artisan-Focused Warrior Designs

20 Artisan-Focused Warrior Designs

ARTICLE 22 Couples Cool Jewelry with Global Development • 1,263 views


Drug Jewelry Designs

1 Drug Jewelry Designs

Cathedral Collection by Damien Hirst is Inspired by His Famous Installations • 8,798 views
Fidgeter-Friendly Rings

2 Fidgeter-Friendly Rings

Meg Dattoria Created Fidget Rings to Help Control Anxious Bodily Functions • 8,480 views
49 Music Festival Accessories

3 49 Music Festival Accessories

From Floral Head Crowns to Opulent Body Chain Adornments • 7,629 views
Cowgirl Chic Lookbooks

4 Cowgirl Chic Lookbooks

Allie Crandell Sports Rustically Refined Jewelry in The 2 Bandits Lookbook • 5,225 views
16 Healing Crystal Accessories

5 16 Healing Crystal Accessories

From Refined Mineral Rings to Dripping Gold Pendants • 4,745 views
64 Examples of Wedding Accessories

6 64 Examples of Wedding Accessories

From Jeweled Bohemian Headbands to Golden Bridal Flats • 4,651 views
Silly Pendant Divers

7 Silly Pendant Divers

Tanama Diver by Takayuki Fukusawa Turns Breasts into Mountainous Landscapes • 4,478 views
49 Unconventional Statement Necklaces

8 49 Unconventional Statement Necklaces

From DIY Paper Jewelry to Sculptural 3D Print Accessories • 4,371 views
Fashionable Friendship Accessories

9 Fashionable Friendship Accessories

Etsy's OOAK Friendship Bracelets are Stylish and Sentimental • 3,728 views
Holographic Healing Crystal Accessories

10 Holographic Healing Crystal Accessories

Etsy's MarinaFINI Shop Features Spiritually Chic Jewelry • 3,586 views
Morphing Dust Jewelry

11 Morphing Dust Jewelry

This Unusual Jewelry Collection Uses Dust in Place of Precious Stones • 2,904 views
Customizable Hardware Jewelry

12 Customizable Hardware Jewelry

The Clamp Series by Drilling Lab is Industrial Chic • 2,621 views
Alluring Parisian Campaigns

13 Alluring Parisian Campaigns

Jac Jagaciak Stars in the Chanel High Jewelry Ads • 2,503 views
Bohemian Woven Bangles

14 Bohemian Woven Bangles

These Homemade Bangles are Made Using Tapestry Thread • 2,498 views
Decayed Wall Jewelry

15 Decayed Wall Jewelry

These High-End Pieces are Made From Detroit Graffiti and Help the Community • 2,474 views
Netted Crochet Accessories

16 Netted Crochet Accessories

This Bib Statement Necklace from Etsy's EPUU Shop is Artfully Ornate • 2,284 views
Individually Casted Geometric Jewelry

17 Individually Casted Geometric Jewelry

The Rebecca Gladstone Collection of Adornments Are Authentic • 2,243 views
75 Ethical Jewelry Designs

18 75 Ethical Jewelry Designs

From Artisan Art Clinics to Female-Focused Social Enterprises • 2,083 views
Leather Upholstery Accessories

19 Leather Upholstery Accessories

Wet Clay Repurposes Discarded Materials into Laser-Cut Bracelets • 2,002 views
Ice Cube Jewelry

20 Ice Cube Jewelry

This DIY Ice Cube Necklace is a Quick and Easy Way to Cool Down • 1,951 views