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Top 100 Jewelry Trends in 2015

1 Top 100 Jewelry Trends in 2015

From Eco Book Art Necklaces to Upscale Friendship Bracelets • 43,073 views
10 CES 2016 Wearable Devices

2 10 CES 2016 Wearable Devices

From Safety Alarm Bracelets to Female-Targeted Tech Bags • 2,646 views
Cityscape Metallic Rings

3 Cityscape Metallic Rings

These Metropolis-Honoring Rings Feature Panoramic Views of Iconic Cities • 1,467 views
Tablet Loom Toys

4 Tablet Loom Toys

Wooky Entertainment's 'iLoom' Uses Tablet Technology for Bracelet-Making • 1,267 views
Boyfriend-Made Engagement Rings

5 Boyfriend-Made Engagement Rings

Imgur User Jarvicious Creates His Own Custom Ring to Propose With • 1,182 views
Celestial Orbit Earrings

6 Celestial Orbit Earrings

These Silver Studs Showcase the Moon's Gravitational Pull to the Earth • 1,038 views
Safety Alarm Bracelets

7 Safety Alarm Bracelets

Wisewear is a Personal Security Device That Resembles a Gold Bangle • 947 views
Minimalist Spherical Jewelry

8 Minimalist Spherical Jewelry

Illusions Jewelry Collection by Constance Guisset Boast Fun Details • 872 views
Cityscape-Inspired Rings

9 Cityscape-Inspired Rings

Ola Shekhtman Pays Tribute to Cities Around the World Through Jewelry • 833 views
Geometric Resin Rings

10 Geometric Resin Rings

These Transparent Jewellery Pieces are Made with Polymer Chemicals • 799 views
Playful Smart Jewelry

11 Playful Smart Jewelry

The Mira Vivid Wellness Bracelet was Released at CES 2016 • 797 views
Weaponry Bullet Bracelets

12 Weaponry Bullet Bracelets

The Range Master Wristlet Features Two Caliber Ammo Embellishments • 761 views
Meditating Smart Bracelets

13 Meditating Smart Bracelets

The Sona Connected Bracelet Tracks Uneven Heartbeats to Reduce Stress • 651 views
Greek Goddess Earrings

14 Greek Goddess Earrings

Tatty Devine's Goddess Column Earrings Embody Opulence • 367 views
Wooden Fairy Tale Jewelry

15 Wooden Fairy Tale Jewelry

Gemma Arnal Jerico Creates Wearable Whimsical Scenes • 281 views
Skeletal Jewellery Tidies

16 Skeletal Jewellery Tidies

This Personal Ornament Holder is Shaped Like a Realistic Skeleton Hand • 272 views
Charitable Jewelry Collections

17 Charitable Jewelry Collections

These Louis Vuitton and Unicef Accessories Aim to Make a Difference • 265 views
Celestial Composite Jewelry

18 Celestial Composite Jewelry

Constance Guisset's Nebula Accessory Collection Recreates Space Rocks • 136 views
Pop Art Timepieces

19 Pop Art Timepieces

These Unique Watches Pay Tribute to Famous Icons • 40 views


100 Gifts for Florists

1 100 Gifts for Florists

From Dainty Floral Head Wreaths to Rainbow Rose Seeds • 8,740 views
App-Connected Rings

2 App-Connected Rings

The Neyya Smart Ring's Touchscreen Extends the Functions of a Smartphone • 4,602 views
Tactical Survival Jewelry

3 Tactical Survival Jewelry

The 'Sharktooth' Tactical Utility Pendant Provides 12-in-1 Uses • 3,921 views
Resin Wedding Rings

4 Resin Wedding Rings

These Gold Leaf Jewelry Rings are Slightly Precious and Overly Chic • 3,190 views
3D-Printed Facial Accessories

5 3D-Printed Facial Accessories

This Design Studio Uses Computer Algorithms to Make Accessories • 2,418 views
Titanium Tool Jewelry

6 Titanium Tool Jewelry

The Titanium Hex-Bit Driver Ring is Capable of Getting Tasks Done Fast • 1,453 views
Book Art Necklaces

7 Book Art Necklaces

This Crafty Accessory is Made from Recycled Book Pages • 1,256 views
Minimalist Pocket Timepieces

8 Minimalist Pocket Timepieces

The Modern Pocket Watch Updates a Forgotten Classic • 1,125 views
Stylish Sci-Fi Jewelry

9 Stylish Sci-Fi Jewelry

The Kiss' Star Wars Necklaces are Intergalactic Chic • 1,012 views
Sophisticated Paper Jewelry

10 Sophisticated Paper Jewelry

This Artisan Jewelry is Constructed With Repurposed Paper • 907 views
Edible Salt Necklaces

11 Edible Salt Necklaces

These Jewelry Pieces Feature Lickable Salt Pendants for Added Nutrients • 846 views
Stylish Smart Jewelry

12 Stylish Smart Jewelry

Leaf Wearables' 'Safer' Wearable Jewelry Focuses on a Wearers Well-Being • 762 views
Prehistoric Jewelry Collections

13 Prehistoric Jewelry Collections

The Saint Laurent Spring/Summer Jewelry Line Boasts Jurassic Style • 674 views
Bespoke Planetary Bracelets

14 Bespoke Planetary Bracelets

These Handmade Jewelry Pieces are Modelled After the Solar System • 501 views
Gilded Butterfly Necklaces

15 Gilded Butterfly Necklaces

This Luxe Insect Pendant Features a 24-Karate Gold Setting • 418 views
Worldly Locket Paintings

16 Worldly Locket Paintings

These Necklace Pendants Feature Drawings of Miniature Universes Inside • 406 views
Anime Charm Bracelets

17 Anime Charm Bracelets

The Cardcaptor Sakura Jewelry Feature Pendants Inspired by the Characters • 391 views
Feminine Connected Jewelry

18 Feminine Connected Jewelry

The Misfit Ray Health Tracker is Unveiled in Time for CES 2016 • 342 views
Kitschy Champagne Earrings

19 Kitschy Champagne Earrings

These Yazbukey Earrings are Perfect for All Festive Soirees • 341 views
Fitness-Tracking Jewelry

20 Fitness-Tracking Jewelry

The BritKali Jewelry Collection is Designed for the Fitbit Flex • 334 views