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Minimal Matching Wedding Bands

1 Minimal Matching Wedding Bands

These Rings Connect to Form Various Shapes • 5,446 views
Suprematist Jewelry Collections

2 Suprematist Jewelry Collections

This Ring Collection Was Inspired by a Russian Art Movement • 3,206 views
Heartbeat-Sensing Rings

3 Heartbeat-Sensing Rings

The 'HB Ring' Allows Wearers to Feel the Pulse of Their Loved Ones • 2,685 views
Recycled Circuit Board Jewelry

4 Recycled Circuit Board Jewelry

These Jewelry Pieces are Created to Reduce Tech Waste • 1,357 views
Feminist Political Pins

5 Feminist Political Pins

Madeleine Albright Wore a Hillary Glass Ceiling Pin at the DNC • 1,160 views
Minimalist Copper Jewelry

6 Minimalist Copper Jewelry

The Purchase of These Jewelry Pieces Helps to Fund a Charity • 1,053 views
Socially Conscious Diamonds

7 Socially Conscious Diamonds

This Company Offers Artifically Grown and Conflict-Free Diamonds • 1,002 views
Branded Jewelry Books

8 Branded Jewelry Books

Bunney Jewelry Creates a Book Focused on Contemporary Accessories • 916 views
Childlike Jewelry Designs

9 Childlike Jewelry Designs

These Jewelry Pieces Were Inspired by Children's Doodles • 698 views
Arcade Game-Inspired Rings

10 Arcade Game-Inspired Rings

These 3D-Printed Rings are Inspired by an Old Video Game • 654 views
Hands-Free Smartphone Necklaces

11 Hands-Free Smartphone Necklaces

This Necklace Mount Allows People to Take POV Videos • 535 views
Minimalist 2D Jewelry

12 Minimalist 2D Jewelry

These Non-Traditional Pieces of Black Jewelry Take After Geometric Shapes • 515 views
Modular Jewelry Boxes

13 Modular Jewelry Boxes

This Box Allows For Simple Organization and Safekeeping of Accessories • 499 views
Celebrity Couple Statement Necklaces

14 Celebrity Couple Statement Necklaces

Etsy's Kimye Necklace Celebrates the Famed Romantic Duo • 246 views
Connected Messaging Lockets

15 Connected Messaging Lockets

The 'Purple' Necklace Wirelessly Links to Friends Via Social Networks • 244 views
3D Soundwave Jewelry

16 3D Soundwave Jewelry

These 3D-Printed Ring Jewelry Pieces are Generated by Voice • 217 views
Presidential Candidate Jewelry

17 Presidential Candidate Jewelry

These Celebrity Earrings Feature the Face of Hillary Clinton • 136 views


Bespoke Printed Jewelry

1 Bespoke Printed Jewelry

Boltenstern and Cooksongold are Teaming Up for Direct Jewelry 3D Printing • 1,955 views
Recycled Wire Jewelry

2 Recycled Wire Jewelry

These Eco-Friendly Pendants are Partially Made from Discarded TVs • 1,735 views
Hunger-Combating Jewelry

3 Hunger-Combating Jewelry

This Charitable Initiative Trades Jewelry for Food • 948 views
Educational Necklace Designs

4 Educational Necklace Designs

These Necklaces Feature Translations of Words in Different Languages • 849 views
Zodiac Necklace Collections

5 Zodiac Necklace Collections

These Luxurious Necklaces by Satya Can Be Worn on Both Sides • 808 views
Personalized Light Bracelets

6 Personalized Light Bracelets

This Bracelet Can Be Set Up to Perform Many Visual Functions • 799 views
Wheat-Inspired Jewelry

7 Wheat-Inspired Jewelry

This Chanel Jewelry Collection Takes Inspiration from a Simple Grain • 506 views
LGBT Support Rings

8 LGBT Support Rings

This Ring Was Designed in Response to Homophobia in Romania • 378 views
Illuminating Galaxy Bangles

9 Illuminating Galaxy Bangles

The Celestial Fireworks LED Bracelet Replicates the Colored Explosions • 373 views
Versatile Collar Necklaces

10 Versatile Collar Necklaces

Ice Kates Jewelry is Both Sustainable and Stylish • 189 views
Corporate Culture Social Media

11 Corporate Culture Social Media

Pandora Shows Its Organizational Culture On Twitter • 163 views
AR Wedding Ring Apps

12 AR Wedding Ring Apps

'Say Yes!' Uses AR to Make Shopping for Wedding Rings Easier • 129 views
Synthetic Opulence

13 Synthetic Opulence

Gem alternatives provide affordable luxury with an authentic twist • 0 views
Purposeful Baubles

14 Purposeful Baubles

Charitable jewelry empowers consumers to indulge for a good cause • 0 views
Personalized Adornment

15 Personalized Adornment

Consumers opt for jewels that let them express their unique individuality • 0 views