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Top 30 Wearable Tech Ideas in September

1 Top 30 Wearable Tech Ideas in September

From Classic Smartwatch Designs to Wearable Fitness Apps • 12,493 views
Self-Defense Rings

2 Self-Defense Rings

This Ring Was Designed for Women to Wear to Protect Themselves • 5,555 views
Whimsical Terrarium Rings

3 Whimsical Terrarium Rings

HoKiou Creates 3D Fairytale Scenes Inside Bulbous Rings • 1,933 views
eCommerce Diamond Packaging

4 eCommerce Diamond Packaging

The 'Developing Diamond' Diamond Wholesaler Packaging is Experiential • 1,170 views
Refashioned Ancient Jewelry

5 Refashioned Ancient Jewelry

Arsaeus Creates Intricate Handmade Accessories Inspired by Antiquity • 1,148 views
Projected Jewelry Installations

6 Projected Jewelry Installations

Tiffany's In-Store Installation is Engagingly Interactive • 815 views
Ornate Skeletal Jewelry Stands

7 Ornate Skeletal Jewelry Stands

The 'Go to Extremities' Jewelry Stand is Functional and Stylish • 729 views
Love Ballad Jewelry

8 Love Ballad Jewelry

John Mayer's Celebrity Jewelry Line was Made with George Frost's Help • 655 views
Horse Stethoscope Necklaces

9 Horse Stethoscope Necklaces

This Unusual Necklace Adds an Artistic Everyday Device for Nurses • 622 views
O2O Jewelry Campaigns

10 O2O Jewelry Campaigns

The Fall/Winter Pandora Jewelry Pieces are Being Promoted with Tumblr • 527 views
Chic Medical ID Jewelry

11 Chic Medical ID Jewelry

Poppy Medical ID Bracelets Provide a Stylish Solution to Stay Safe • 419 views
Self-Love Commitment Rings

12 Self-Love Commitment Rings

Fred + Far's Pinky Rings Encourage Women to Love Themselves First • 365 views
Mountainous Cartography Jewelry

13 Mountainous Cartography Jewelry

'Waaypoint' Cast Jewelry is Created Using NASA Mapping Data • 321 views
Monochrome Diamond Packaging

14 Monochrome Diamond Packaging

This Packaging Forgoes the Need for Stuffing and Wasted Materials • 155 views
Book-Shaped Jewelry Boxes

15 Book-Shaped Jewelry Boxes

This Secret Jewelry Box is Able to Store and Hide Precious Accessories • 85 views


Luxuriously Personalized Pet Jewelry

1 Luxuriously Personalized Pet Jewelry

This Jewelry Can Be Worn by Owners to Memorialize Their Pets • 2,089 views
Tandem Choker Designs

2 Tandem Choker Designs

This Choker is the Perfect Combination of Elegant and Edgy Styles • 1,924 views
Bespoke Jewelry Services

3 Bespoke Jewelry Services

'Julbox' Helps You Design Your Own Jewelry Online at a Fixed Cost • 1,317 views
Ornate Jewel-Encrusted Eyewear

4 Ornate Jewel-Encrusted Eyewear

Esqape's 'CLARiTii CRiiSTAL' Shades Make a Daring Fashion Statement • 1,293 views
Futuristic Curvaceous Jewelry

5 Futuristic Curvaceous Jewelry

Georg Jensen and Zaha Hadid Designed the 'Lamellae' Collection • 1,245 views
Child Artwork Jewelry

6 Child Artwork Jewelry

Turkish Jeweler Tasarim Takarim Creates Bespoke Jewelry From Kid Drawings • 957 views
Man-Made Diamonds

7 Man-Made Diamonds

Startup Diamond Foundry Makes Their Own Ethical Diamonds and Bespoke Jewelry • 937 views
Insect-Repelling Jewelry

8 Insect-Repelling Jewelry

This Bracelet By Invite Only Wards Off Mosquitos With Bug Repellant Beads • 527 views
Crystal-Inspired Streetwear

9 Crystal-Inspired Streetwear

'Abc.' Released a Colorful Retro Line of Apparel and Jewelry • 501 views
Copper Jewelry Stands

10 Copper Jewelry Stands

This Sophisticated Stand Allows Users to Organize Their Possessions • 377 views
Autumnal Statement Jewelry

11 Autumnal Statement Jewelry

These Tatty Devine Accessories are a Fun Take on Changing Seasons • 346 views
Urban Topography Jewelry

12 Urban Topography Jewelry

Talia Sari Wiener Creates Maps of Neighbourhoods as Metallic Pendants • 274 views
Customizable Scented Glass Jewelry

13 Customizable Scented Glass Jewelry

The 'MAGIEN' Glass Pendant Necklace Diffuses Scents and More • 228 views
Diamond-Accented Skull Rings

14 Diamond-Accented Skull Rings

This Gothic Jewelry from Peanuts & Co. Has Secret Compartments Inside • 158 views