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Sophisticated Bejeweled Style

1 Sophisticated Bejeweled Style

Model Malgosia Bela Stars in the Latest Neiman Marcus Catalog • 3,620 views
Fantastical Ring Creations

2 Fantastical Ring Creations

This Wooden Ring Collection Contains a Variety of Different Wonderlands • 3,130 views
Landscape-Inspired Ring Collections

3 Landscape-Inspired Ring Collections

These 'Secret Wood' Accessories Draw Inspiration from Nature • 2,831 views
Handcrafted Sustainable Jewelry

4 Handcrafted Sustainable Jewelry

Designer Amado Gudek Makes Eco-friendly Jewelry Pieces • 2,080 views
Toy-Inspired Jewelry

5 Toy-Inspired Jewelry

Mariko Kusumoto Designs Accessories Based on Playful Childhood Memories • 2,000 views
Prismatic Jewelry Packaging

6 Prismatic Jewelry Packaging

Edinas Paper Installations Embraces the Edginess of Karman Jewelry • 1,478 views
Gold-Plated LEGO Accessories

7 Gold-Plated LEGO Accessories

Agabag Have Adorned Their Classic Lego Bags and with Gold Plating • 1,377 views
Playful Geometric Jewelry

8 Playful Geometric Jewelry

Tom Pigeon and Durat Creates the Stylishly Artistic Totem Collection • 1,273 views
Combat Cat Rings

9 Combat Cat Rings

These Cat Rings are a Cute Self-Defense Tool and Fashion Accessory • 1,113 views
Disappearing Band Timepieces

10 Disappearing Band Timepieces

The Vitaly Soho x Matte Black Jewelry Watch is Wrist-Worthy • 1,109 views
Relaxing Essential Oil Jewelry

11 Relaxing Essential Oil Jewelry

These Wooden Necklaces are Infused with Fragrance to Calm the Body • 916 views
Elegant Custom Grills

12 Elegant Custom Grills

Jonathan Rashka is a Torontonian Goldsmith Specializing in Urban Accessories • 658 views
Lifestyle-Tracking Earrings

13 Lifestyle-Tracking Earrings

These Information-Tracking Earrings Can Monitor Lifestyle Habits • 369 views
Bejewelled Fitness Trackers

14 Bejewelled Fitness Trackers

The Activity-Tracking Jewelry by Swarovski Brings Bling to the Gym • 362 views
Lucky Penny Jewelry Pieces

15 Lucky Penny Jewelry Pieces

DBL Designs Turn Pennies into Fashionable Jewelry • 320 views
Social Media-Powered Jewelry

16 Social Media-Powered Jewelry

This Horse-Shaped Brooch is Powered by Tweets • 294 views
GPS Security Rings

17 GPS Security Rings

The 'mBand' Security Ring Provides Peace of Mind for Wearers • 246 views
Iconic Emoji Jewelry

18 Iconic Emoji Jewelry

Alison Chemla Created a Line of Fine Jewelry Emoticons • 105 views